Bad Lip-Reading Holiday Special! ? “Guess the Gift?” | Nick

Bad Lip-Reading Holiday Special! ? “Guess the Gift?” | Nick

[cheering] I’m a ghost sipping on habanero,
let’s eat the day’s existence! Over here from Checker Print, Wisconsin,
we have Fried Pepper Jack. Fresh! That season never gets old! Me bad talking to boys. Food-tastic, happy holidays! I’m looking for my fruit cake
and with some red cabbage. Trick. What’s a pin dressing nail for a point? – Don’t ask her!
– That’s plastic, I’m crazed. It’s time for gift-wrapping! Remember, move fast and stay nimble. Dad’s the elf, check out. [music playing] Ooh. Feed me, please. That’s enough. – Ishkabibble.
– Rocking! Woo! That’s it, let’s get some tasty shrimp
and feed yourself! Uh-huh! Time to roll! [music playing] – Er… that’s a new car.
– Snow, snow, snow! [laughing] – That’s freaky!
– My boy! Wrinkles? [music playing] Ooh! – A flapjack teepee!
– That’s right! [cheering] Oh… what’s left for me? Frankly, there is nothing left for you. [laughing] This is a great job. [laughing] Roll out the bagels! That’s some cool bubble wrap! Are you a fan of Prancer? Yep, I love my sweater! Oh my, it’s time for chocolate chips! – Chips!
– Yummy cake! [buzzing] [laughing] Wait, what?
Exhausted game! – They’re all different but the same.
– Yeah, I eat a lot! [laughing] It’s a known fact
that I’m half elf, chips? Ooh. Egg if you’re giving it a very sick tape, selling nine lungs
to a group of white feet, a couple feet pie and the green oven
made after a wild card. – Sure is!
– Yeah! Ooh, aah! How could you possibly have said that? [laughing] It’s her! I’m so looking forward
to cooking with you one night. – I smell.
– Yes, you do! Right, I’m a red Christmas ball,
I sparkle. [laughing] Food-tastic, I care, ready? This is your last chance
to give some gifts today. Shall I? Ooh, aah! Glee, I dunno,
are you food obsessed again? Oh, no, no, it’s a guitar. [laughing] [gasping] Happy, happy, everyone. – He gives olives to me.
– Yeah. – Where’s your Christmas socks?
– They’re plain white. Thirds perish, poor tum tum. [laughing] I need a bonus sandwich and a bonus gift! And gifts, that’s nice,
let’s see if it quacks like a duck! [laughing] You mars lying chicken pox, right? Judo chop, I’m taking it all
and I can’t coming back! [laughing] – Pettle angel!
– But it’s tea time! – Trust no one!
– Oh, alright. [laughing] Canned fuzzy foods! Fantastic, everyone!
Let it snow when you are outside and game on! – What’s the present?
– What’s the present?

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  1. “And now, it’s time to play the “Bad-Lip Reading Holiday Special”. Now, joining us are Riele Downs, and the stars of “Game Shakers”. And now, please welcome your host, the main star of “Henry Danger”, Jace Norman.”

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