Baldi’s DARK DESCENT into the Woods! (Baldi’s Basics 2 – Camping Theory)

Oh, hi! Welcome to my favorite subject, MATH! [Baldi howl] [Playtime howl: I want to play with someone!] For the past month or so we’ve been getting
some pretty interesting teaser images posted on Twitter in regards to Baldi’s Basics. And it’s pretty exciting because that means
the next installment is just right around the corner. Baldi’s world is about to become a whole
lot bigger… and a whole lot darker… Because we’re going camping. And this camping scenario is going to be huge
for Baldi for several different reasons… But as a quick recap before we dive into theory
land, let’s go over the two posts. The first post we saw featured a forest at
night time with what appeared to be a campfire in the distance. The image itself is super dark, but if we
brighten it up a bit it makes things easier to see. Now this alone caught people off guard because
it’s hard to tell if this was an actual Baldi extension or if it was just a screenshot
of a different project. Nothing was mentioned in particular, but the
bar in the bottom left corner did fit where the stamina bar was for Baldi’s Basics. A few weeks later things were a little more
clear though because the developer shared an image of Baldi in camping gear saying “Let’s
go camping” – thus the stage for Baldi’s Basics 2 was set. But let’s go back to that first image for
a second here because there are some things we can derive from this scene that may hint
at what the gameplay is going to be like. Knowing we’re on a camping trip with Baldi,
which honestly sounds terrifying, one would assume that the campfire we see is probably
our starting location or near our home base. Fires are usually made not far from where
people reside when camping, so it makes me wonder if this will be an area we’ll have
to revisit often. Beyond that, it still looks like general Baldi
mechanics are still in play. The trees that make up this forest are no
different then the walls of the school. Because of their close proximity, they will
act like walls and make a maze. Now the benefit to this is that you can see
characters nearby in adjacent hallways, but I strongly believe this version of the game
is going to be different then the previous one. As a child who is out camping in the woods,
I imagine we’re going to have a light source of some kind that is going to play a large
role in the game. The white bar we see at the bottom could still
be a stamina meter, but it makes me wonder if it is our flashlight’s power supply as
well. The environment is super dark here, so having
some kind of light source is going to be crucial because even having your computer on max brightness
still yields an almost pitch black environment. But based on these things, we can also assume
that not all the characters will be returning. The Principle will more than likely not be
in this installment, alongside Arts and Crafters and Gotta Sweep. They seem very school specific and it wouldn’t
make sense for them to be brought on a camping trip. However, Playtime and It’s a Bully could
very well be in your class so they may also accompany you on this trip. Of course, Baldi appears to be the one hosting
the trip, so he’ll certainly be there – but there’s a possibility your friend may be
there too. He sent you back into the school to retrieve
the notebooks in the first place, but since he’s probably in your class, he may be in
this second installment. 1st Prize is a tossup honestly. But now that we have that covered, let’s
talk about this trip in general. There’s a high chance that this trip we
are on is a weekend math camp. It’s also possible it’s a week long venture
and that this game takes place during the summer after Baldi’s Basics 1 ended. Baldi is more than likely going to be the
villain again. It wouldn’t make sense for Baldi to take
on a different role, and honestly having Baldi roam around in the dark sounds twice as terrifying
as the school. And having all of this take place in a forest
is a really cool throwback to one of Baldi’s main inspirations. If we turn back the clock to 2012, indie horror
games were popping up all over YouTube. Now obviously today isn’t much different,
but back then we didn’t have the trends of today. This was years before Five Nights at Freddy’s
even came out and the plethora of horror games that swept over the platform afterwords. Now one popular creepypasta from years ago
though came out with a pretty noteworthy game… A game where you wandered around a dark forest
with a flashlight trying to retrieve 8 pages from a book… And just behind you was a very terrifying
entity known as Slenderman. Now if you don’t know who Slenderman is,
you’re probably new to the internet. He’s absurdly tall, wears a dapper suit,
lacks a face, and ultimately hunts you down. The stories involving this haunting figure
range from several creepy pastas online, to actual incidents in real life. Some people took the stories too literally
online and decided that stabbing people, burning houses, and all sorts of other things were
okay in the name of Slenderman… Which obviously they are not, and these were
all horrible incidents. But the premise of some tall, faceless figure
hunting down kids in the woods was definitely something that spread like wildfire on the
internet… And that one game I mentioned earlier – Slender:
The 8 Pages – was definitely an inspiration for Baldi’s Basics. That’s what’s exciting about this next
installment of Baldi’s. It’s really diving into its Slenderman inspiration
and taking us out into the dark woods where Baldi will ultimately hunt us down. I’m not entirely sure we’ll have to collect
notebooks again, but if we do, it’d be very similar to Slender: The 8 Pages. Overall I’m excited to see how new mechanics
will be implemented given the new dark scenery, but more so, I’m also excited about the
lore. Yes, the lore. Now many of you would argue that Baldi’s
Basics has no lore, but with additional games coming out in the series, world building is
taking place. We have the school house, a secret dimensional
office, and now by the looks of it, a dark forest. But swinging back over to the secret ending
in Baldi’s Basics, it does make you wonder. In my previous video we took a stab at explaining Baldi’s secret ending. Since Baldi’s is a metagame, this ending
where we encounter Filename 2 could have very well been a ruse. A bunch of random dialogue poking fun at all
the indie games of today that fall into the meta game category. Majority of horror-focused indie games have
this element of storytelling in it where they leave out crucial details to make you wonder,
and Filename 2 touches on that perfectly. He even begins laughing based on the context
of how absurd all of it sounds. But there’s a major problem with that angle
too. What we are told can be interpreted in two
different ways. And even if it was meant to be absurd when
we first encounter it, that doesn’t mean it won’t double back as something of actual
importance when the later installments come out. It’s very similar to the FNAF timeline where
the story was developed by chunks and things were capable of being interpreted differently
between the individual games. If Filename 2’s message isn’t a parody
of typical horror games, then it actually has a darker message. Any time Filename 2 tries to spill the beans
about important details he is interrupted. He says he’s corrupted and his dialogue
is always conveniently interrupted as if he’s being censored from explaining what is truly
going on. As he states, things are classified and he’s
not allowed to say it. So perhaps the only way to talk is to speak
oppositely of what he means. Most importantly out of all of this though
is that this message takes us into the next game. We are told to turn off the game and destroy
it, meaning our character we play as has to have this knowledge. However, we press on regardless. We will boot up Baldi’s Basics 2 and descend
further into madness regardless of the warnings we were given. I think this context is pretty interesting
when we think about the mystery person we play as. We are willingly going to head into the dark
woods after Baldi to retrieve whatever we are told to gather. And that highlights another interesting plot
point with this whole ordeal. If this takes place after Baldi’s Basics,
then shouldn’t Baldi rightfully want us dead? Why is Baldi happily inviting us to go out
on a camping trip with him? It seems so backwards. Regardless of how you play through the main
game, the only way to collect the notebooks is by answering your math problems wrong. Once you do that, Baldi’s instantly trying
to hunt you down and give you the spanking of a lifetime. And by that, I mean kill you. It’s possible that Baldi is a hot head that
turns back into a normal character once he’s had time to sob about the problems you got
wrong. But, with that blood-curdling scream he let
out at the end of the game, I have a hard time believing that he’s simply going to
forget about the math sins we committed. There’s the possibility that the games will
be separate universes too, so there’s that. But if they are linked and this second game
comes after the first… Perhaps our friend will magically forget his
belongings in the woods, or perhaps our mission this time won’t be as silly. Either way, whatever that challenge is, there
is probably going to be a way to make it insanely difficult so that the best players will be
rewarded with another obscure secret ending. Baldi’s waiting for us in the dark, and
it’s up to us to wander through the woods looking for answers. But now that I’ve shared that, what are
your thoughts? What are your predictions for the next installment
of Baldi’s Basics? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And if you liked this video, be sure to subscribe
for more! And with that… Thanks for tuning in to this night time wander
into the woods! Why don’t you check out some of these videos? You won’t be disappointed! Anyways, thanks for watching guys and gals,
and until my next video – cheers!

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