Bali – Camping Inside a Volcano

Bali – Camping Inside a Volcano

Of course, there’s the main volcano here but around it is another volcano.
Batur is a volcano within a volcano! Hey everybody. In Bali again and I am meeting up with some friends of mine We are going to go camping near Batur, one of the highest volcanoes here in Bali Yes, camping. Overnight. Bonfire and everything. It’s going to be awesome We’re going to take our scooters there. Gonna have a lot of fun. Let’s do the thing! Are you ready? Hey, pup Stopped to get some food here in Ubud What is all this? I think he wants you to drop more food I don’t have more food She dropped her cake It’s a free cake So this is 9 Warung in Ubud, Bali It’s a vegetarian restaurant where you can come and if you can’t afford your meal, you don’t have to pay Cuz people pay for vouchers for people like that but you wash your own dishes and serve yourself They all gotta be on their phones before we leave Cool statue More rice terraces Kinda stuck in a traffic jam now Putting more clothes on? Putting more clothes on. It’s getting colder It gets cold up in the mountains in Bali Well, this is interesting At least they’re building new roads just right in our way So on the main road to this place which was just back there There’s a checkpoint where they were asking 150,000 Rupiah just to pass through. That’s like 12 US Dollars which is a complete ripoff here in Indonesia So we took another road and went around That’s the one you saw with the heavy equipment so we had to turn back around for that and go on another one But we made it past and didn’t have to pay anything Take THAT checkpoint people But, he look. This is what we’re looking at right now Oh yeah. Mt Batur Of course, there’s the main volcano here But around it is another volcano. Batur is a volcano within a volcano Volcanic lake there. This is gorgeous Time to pick up some snacks. We’ve got some cassava chips… tempe chips… Asian snacks are awesome And like clockwork… here’s the rain Got some hot drinks Oh, that’s good Sugary Pretty cool view, though The clouds and the mountains Taking a turn here Oh, we’re parking here? if you get to see the whole view, more scarier This is where we’re parking our bikes. We’re walking from here We’re walking up this random hill Through the weeds and jungle We can put it here and put it here That looks like a good spot Good job, you guys Tents are set up. Let’s go look at the view What do you see? oh my gosh Sit down, please, everyone But don’t make it dirty Haha, and no sprinkles We’re actually inside a volcano With a volcano inside it. Yeah, crazy So I’m… dog… Just taking a stroll here and just looking at the farmers working their land They certainly don’t see many foreigners this far out in the boonies so they definitely like to give a smile and a hello even though they don’t speak English Indonesia is truly the land of smiles Why not a little hike This is like extreme firewood fetching on the side of a cliff The sun’s going down over the volcano And it just turned all orange and purple and pink out here Ah, that’s great Ooh, Mt Agung The locals just brought in food for us It’s been so long I almost forgot about food It’s really dark here right now so there’s not much else to show you tonight I want to see if I can catch the sunrise in the morning, though. Good night Good morning It is sunrise and it does not disappoint Even better than the sunset last night You probably can’t hear this on my microphone but I am literally hearing the chorus of a thousand roosters from this valley here It’s like every rooster is crowing at once. It’s crazy Ah, here is even better You can see it right alongside Mt Agung there Definitely a beautiful spot So all that’s left to do is pack up, maybe get some food and head back to the city Thanks so much for watching. If you like the video give it a thumbs up Let me know in the comments below what adventure I should do next and where.

14 thoughts on “Bali – Camping Inside a Volcano

  1. Hi Dave, so enjoy your videos and your way of sharing your life with us, my young friend. Do you ever do a night sky video, in some of the places you go, that would be cool. I love the that you get close to the locals.

  2. Chose whatever adventure you care for. Don't ask me, take me along.

    But I'm groovin' on Bali right now. I had a cousin who lived there for 20 years ending about about 20 years ago so it's nice to see what he saw.

  3. Loving the concept of that one restaurant. Love the compassion of that.

    I am guessing with how many people are living in that volcano, that it must be extinct now. What a cool experience though, and beautiful an area.

  4. LIke Here Be Barr says "a volcano within a volcano!!! That is pretty mental! The vegetarian food looks good, and the concept of not having to pay if you can't afford it is nice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I can't believe they tried to charge you at a check point. This is the one thing that really bothers me about Bali. It just seems like so many people are trying to squeeze every cent out of you. So, did you hike to the top of Mt Batur on this trip?

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