Bangkok Don Mueang Airport, GUIDE: Free Wifi, Free bus, Maps, Tourist Sim, Money Exchange, ETC.

Bangkok Don Mueang Airport, GUIDE: Free Wifi, Free bus, Maps, Tourist Sim, Money Exchange, ETC.

Just landed at the airport On the right is the Information center This is the free Information center I was not able to use the free Wifi. So I need their help Free maps and other information are available here Feel free to take their help in case of any problem at this airport They helped me in getting the Free Wifi connected to my mobile phone Tourist SIM are available that side There are 3 mobile operators in Thailand There were no phone charging points in the Washroom There is another Information center and few Money exchange points Phone charging points are over there I’ll charge my phone here and have my breakfast This is a hotel Buses are available from 5 AM till midnight This service is only meant for the transfer passengers. You must have a boarding pass of the next flight Most of the time the bus is available after every 12 minutes Passengers from India flying with Air Asia will land at Don Mueang Airport, others at Suvarnabhumi airport For any tourism related information you can contact Tourist information center I have got the desired information. Now I am ready to ‘take off’ I am going to visit Ayutthaya, Sukho Thai and Chiang Mai on this visit

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  1. what is recording equuipment,,is it a phone,,,,and stand is selfie stick?…..if it is a phone,,its on selfie video option,,or is it rear camera video


  3. Vishwas nahi hota hai ki log Apne passion Ko follow karte karte Apne aap Ko kitna nikhaar lete hain.

    Great work.

  4. How much did the entire trip cost you? Including Airfare and Busfare(if any). Inspired by your videos. Planning to go Thailand soon.

  5. sir you must have to make a little bit long videos
    its tooo shorts you have to do 15-16 min videos

  6. Are airport transfer shuttle allowed for everyone or is it only if you have a flight in the other airport ?

  7. Thank u sir for this info video, mujhe bohot help hua hai iss vdeo dekhke,
    and can u plz give us info of Andaman trip! I'm from Kolkata.

  8. very detailed and informative. its a learning that when you visit a new city, the exploration begins from the moment you step out of your aircraft or train etc. I've been to Thailand 13 times, but never have i spent such time inside the Airport. Probably my patience level is to blame here…?

  9. Good vlog.keep it up.Could you plz tell me how much time one need to get a visa on arrival in Bangkok?thanks in advance. 🙂

  10. What I say about it its don't look like a vlog its just pure real experience really love to watch these .

  11. one of your video just poped up ,I just give it look i like it so much i just searched for playlist of these and watched all in one shot really amazing work keep doing we here to watch you

  12. Hi brother, your travelling experiences are so amazing will like to get help for my Thailand trip pls provide your mail id so i can post u.

  13. Varun Vai Delhi me a o to baat jarur karna I am your big fan my mo no 9999704411 so call me please My name is sk kurban Ali thanks

  14. Very helpful Video Bro. Good information for travelers. You have explained very clear. It would also be great if you can explain where to obtain Visa and other bus schedules to Pattaya etc. But nice information provided. Thanks for it.

  15. I love that channel ,Thank You Thank You..Very much sir.can I get your personal contact information please I want your help about travel…please

  16. Hi Varun!
    You have a very polite accent and nice way of talking with a very clean pronunciation. Keep it up.

  17. very positive and classy decent this yutuber is dont know his name but he explains very stablely not hurry and he speaks in meduim speed so that we can understand well …keep it up bro!!!!

  18. Am I right this is the old airport, which has now been renovated? Thanks. BTW did u see how long the bus ride to SUV?

  19. @mountain trekker , dear varun, is it necessary to buy new sims? my airtel sim works fine there on international data plans of 1155 rs for 10 days ? when i went in dec 2018, i activated the international plan, and it worked fine there ! you just have to restart your phone once when you touch down at BKK , and voila ! it works fine there too ! they have business ties with thai service providers ! why take a 400 to 600 bhat sim when it is possible on our basic indian sims ? do reply please , as i might be missing something 🙂

  20. Hello sir. You said, you start traveling without any plan means without hotel booking. How it affects during visa process?

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