Bangkok tourist traps: 8 places to avoid in Bangkok! 🎯

Bangkok tourist traps: 8 places to avoid in Bangkok! 🎯

Welcome to the fifty-third video of Bangkok
Unmasked! The YouTube channel that helps you get the
most out of your visit to Bangkok city! If you’re new here, please consider subscribing! In this video I’m going to list a number of
the key Bangkok tourist traps and give you suggestions for alternatives should you want
to give them a miss! Let’s get started. First off, I want to make it clear that all
of the Bangkok tourist traps are interesting in their own way. That said, there are many people out there,
myself included, who want to try and avoid tourist traps if possible! I’m of the opinion that you should try most
things once. However, in the cases below there really are
solid alternatives that have just as much value and are off the tourist trail. Bangkok Tourist Traps #1. Khaosan Road Khaosan Road has been a must-visit backpacker
destination for literally decades. As an aside, the euphemistically named ‘Khaosan
Palace’ is where I spent my first few nights in Bangkok 19 years ago. You’ll see backpackers lugging massive rucksacks
up and down the road literally 24/7. While Khaosan Road can be a great place to
meet other travelers, and party, it’s way commercialized. The place is nothing like it used to be. Now you’ll find Starbucks, Boots, convenience
stores and chain bars and restaurants. To make matters worse, the government has
even made moves to try and remove street vendors from the pavements of Khaosan Road! If the place had any charm, this was one of
the primary reasons. Ultimately, with the Internet, and a general
improvement in English language skills amongst the Thai, it’s debatable whether there’s a
need for Khaosan Road any more. If I was you, I’d seriously consider heading
to one of the trendy areas of Bangkok such as Ekkamai or Thonglor. Here you’ll be able to rub shoulders with
the locals instead. My guess is that you’ll have a much better
time as the locals around Khaosan Road are nowhere near as friendly as they used to be. Frankly, these days I go to great lengths
to avoid Khaosan Road! Note. If you Google ‘Hostel Thonglor’ you’ll find
plenty of really cheap places to stay. Bangkok Tourist Traps #2. The Grand Palace The Grand Palace is a beautiful place. It really is. The problem is that it’s now overrun with
hoards of Chinese tour groups. No exaggeration, when I went there last year
there were literally thousands of Chinese and more tour buses than I could count. The beauty of a place like The Grand Palace
is hard to take in if you’re constantly being elbowed and shoved at every turn. There’s also the issue of having to pay a
THB500, or around $15, entry fee. While one ticket also includes entry to the
Vimanmek Palace (this is the ‘Teak Wood Palace’) and Abhisek Dusit Throne Hall, THB500 per person is a bit much if you’re
traveling as a family, or a large group. If I was you, I’d seriously consider visiting
some of Bangkok’s other amazing temples. Most of which are free, and a damn sight more
peaceful. I recently covered the top 10 best temples
in Bangkok in the video; ‘Why visit Bangkok? 13 reasons why!’ Click on the i-icon above to check it out. Bangkok Tourist Traps #3. Chatuchak Market Chatuchak market is the biggest open-air market
in Thailand. For that matter, it’s got to be one of the
biggest open-air markets in the world. To me, this fact is a negative as much as
a positive. Fully exploring the market is a mission. A major mission! You’ll get lost. Trust me. If you’re lost in the heat of the day your
experience will really suck. When anyone asks me to go to Chatuchak Market
in hot season, it’ll be a very short conversation! If I was you, I’d head to the Rot Fai Market
(or Train Market) in Srinakarin, Bangkok. This is an authentic open-air bazaar which
sells an incredible array of vintage collectibles and memorabilia from yesteryear. Where else in Thailand can you find a pristine
1950s Cadillac next to vintage leather jackets, French chandeliers and 1960s action figures
from Japan? Combine all this with cool restaurants, bars,
and snack stalls and you have a fun night out from sunset to midnight, Thursday through
to Sunday! Note. There are three sections to the Rot Fai Market. Section #1. Market Zone. Here you’ll find everyday products like shoes,
in trend fashion, children’s toys and homeware. Section #2. Warehouse Zone. Here you’ll find everything from household
goods, old electronic appliances and used auto parts to second-hand clothes, shoes,
and fashion accessories – all vintage in style, of course. Note. It’s not uncommon to see hobbyist items such
as old cameras, bikes, Coca-Cola collectibles and Japanese anime toys on sale as well. Section #3. Rod’s Antiques. Here you’ll find a treasure trove of antiques
and vintage items including classic cars, motorbikes, antique and kitsch furniture,
and even a life-size Elvis mannequin. Bangkok Tourist Traps #4. Ping pong shows in Patpong If you’re invited to an upstairs bar in Patpong
to see a ‘free’ ping pong show, just don’t. What’ll inevitably happen is that you won’t
be allowed to leave until you pay a massively inflated bill for drinks. The prices of which are nothing like was promised
downstairs by the tout. If you want to see some shows, head to Soi
Cowboy instead. The shows at Soi Cowboy bars aren’t nearly
as ‘colorful’ as they used to be, but they’ll almost certainly be far more extreme than
anything you’ll see at home! Several Nana Plaza bars also have shows, but
these days it seems that Nana Plaza is getting overrun with ladyboy boys. Note. Sometimes there can be long wait times between
acts. I’d check out the following bars if you’re
looking for a great time! Number 1. Baccara at Soi Cowboy.
Number 2. Cowboy 2 at Soi Cowboy.
Number 3. Crazy House at Soi Cowboy.
Number 4. Tilac at Soi Cowboy.
Number 5. Rainbow 4 at Nana Plaza.
And number 6. Shark at Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy is where many expats head
to party. Bangkok Tourist Traps #5. Sky Bar I really do love this place. That said, since appearing in The Hangover
Part II, Sky Bar is now one of the most popular attractions in Bangkok with tourists. Frankly, who can blame them! Enjoying a cocktail on the 64th floor with
some of the best views in all of Bangkok takes some beating. The problem is, however, that you’ll be sharing
the view with hundreds of other people who all had the same idea. It is hard to enjoy the experience when you’re
literally shoulder-to-shoulder and finding it impossible to get the right picture for
social media. Bangkok has plenty of rooftop bars with amazing
views – most of which are far cheaper than the Sky Bar too. I recently covered the best rooftop bars in
Bangkok in the video; ‘Why visit Bangkok? 13 reasons why!’ Click on the i-icon above to check it out. Bangkok Tourist Traps #6. Wat Pho Like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho also suffers
from massive overcrowding which really ruins the experience. If you want to check out a giant Buddha statue,
don’t despair! There’s an alternative that most tourists
miss; the solid gold Buddha statue at Wat Traimit. This is the largest gold Buddha in the world
weighing in at hefty a 5.5 tons. One other thing; entrance to Wat Traimit is
free! Bangkok Tourist Traps #7. Tailors and gem shops Regarding gem shops, just don’t. You will get ripped off unless you really
know what you’re buying. Even experts get ripped off in Bangkok gem
shops, so to reiterate, just don’t! Regarding tailors, this is also a mine-field. While some Bangkok tailors are legit, none
of the legit shops are particularly cheap! The most common scam is to produce your order
in much lower quality fabric than you chose. Note. Most of the cheap tailors all have their goods
produced in the same factory so the quality won’t differ much between them. For what it’s worth, I rate ‘Roberto Reggio’
next to Nana BTS station. The shop is owned by a Sikh chap called Bobby,
and I have been using his services for nearly 17 years now. All the friends that I have introduced to
his shop were pleased with what they got. And his prices! Bangkok Tourist Traps #8. ‘Tourism Authority of Thailand’ (or TAT) shops The Tourism Authority of Thailand (or TAT)
is a governmental organization that has no retail stores. However, you’ll come across many touts encouraging
tourists to get cheap travel or attraction tickets through their suggested TAT ‘approved’
shops. These shops are all bogus, and the tickets
you’ll buy will either be counterfeit, not as advertised or most likely much more expensive
than elsewhere. If I was you, I would walk away from these
shops. I’d run. A final piece of advice The tourist trap that most new visitors fall
into is the first one they’ll likely visit. Suvarnabhumi Airport. Whatever you do, don’t go to one of the counters
inside the airport to arrange transport to your hotel. Go outside to the taxi rank on level 1 where
you’ll pay the metered fare plus a small additional fee. Note. Tolls and expressways fees are not included
in the metered fare. Also, there are large 6-seater taxis available
for families who have lots of luggage. One other thing; if I was you I wouldn’t arrange
hotels or tours within Suvarnabhumi Airport either. You’ll almost certainly get ripped off. The only thing that I would do in the airport
is buy a sim card and possibly change some money. Check out a video that goes through changing
money in Bangkok titled; “The best money exchange rates to get Thai currency in Bangkok; Super
Rich” through the i-icon above. Anyway, that’s it for this video. Expect a new video next week. For all you techies out there, this video
was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and edited using HitFilm Express. To check out details on arranging a bespoke
Bangkok tour with experienced tour guides, please click on the link in this video’s description
section. Finally, please don’t forget to subscribe
to this channel through the button below! Also, I’d like to hear from you if you have
any questions or comments regarding Bangkok tourist traps. Maybe you have some suggestions of what to
avoid in Bangkok. Please do reach out to me through the comments
section of this video! Thank you very much for watching. I’ll see you next week. Goodbye.

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  1. You've said a few alternatives to the Chatuchak Market, yet due to your accent I'm not able to understand the names of a single one. Would it be much trouble to include your alternative suggestions in a written list, the same as you've done with the tourist trap list?

  2. Is it best to have your hotel arrange your tours? Where do I find the best tour guides. I'm traveling with someone disabled would like the ease of a guide.

  3. I'm travelling to Thailand for 4 months in October, first stop Bangkok and your videos have been very informative. Keep up the good work!

  4. Going to Thailand Bangkok /泰國曼谷 I recommend that do not eat on streets. Always eat at restaurant or Hotel buffet restaurant because their food safety standard requirement are very soft and low compare to Singapore ,USA ,Australia ,England ,UAE Dubai . Any one can operate street vendor. it has very high chance that food is not cooked or clean. you may get sick!

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