Bangkok Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go

Bangkok Travel Tips: 13 Things to Know Before You Go

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  2. Excellent video, I learnt so much about Bangkok. Great information on Thailand customs and do's and don'ts. I loved your description of how hot it was there. lol

  3. Good video as usual. Some additional points from my experience:
    1. Sadly, there is no longer a "cool season" in Bangkok, as of the past 4-5 years…it's really showing the effects of global warming. I lived there from 2002-2008 (and I travel there every Dec. now), and yes, the weather used to "dip" into the low 20s in December….but no more. Or only VERY rarely.
    2. Anyone who knows better only takes those motorcycle taxis when absolutely necessary…those drivers drive like maniacs, and many of them are drunk and/or high on methamphetamine while working. Trust me on this.

  4. omg !!! ha ha ha…. you look totally toasted Chris ! Thanks so much for the vid ! I got a little of that myself last week in Vegas… 112 degrees, and we were trying to walk on the strip 🙂

  5. You always made a nice video, and i will be honest to you, american person like you has been inspiring me, you teach me how to appciate other coutries, i must say thank you to american people, thank you american people, you has been inspiring me.???

  6. These are some really good things to know! I can sweat very easily in humid climates, so I probably would be doing the same thing by wiping my face with a towel. I also like how you included some tips toward the end about different customs such as not touching the top of someone's head although that is generally discouraged anywhere. Thank you for the great tips!

  7. I'm a big fan of your videos so thanks for this one on BK. The only Con is it showed me why I'd be best never visiting the city :). (Seriously, everything you showed made me go, "Hm no thanks!" ?)

  8. Hey Chris. If you don't mind me asking how do you get the money and time off to go to all these cool places? I love traveling and I would love to find a job that allowed me more time off to travel. Love the videos!!!

  9. yo what up Topher & chris, new subbie here #150,258, i enjoy your travel tips and intelligent analysis. I've travelled the world too and still feel there is so much to see.
    Thanks for the support too.

  10. Excellent video, like all your videos. I congratulate you. Bangkok is a destination I've always wanted to go to, and now I'm getting more excited watching your video so I might finally decide to go 🙂 so thank you for all the information, and this video so interesting and at the same time fun ¡¡¡ 🙂 I have a good time watching your city videos. so thank you very much for making these videos that I imagine require a lot of dedication, editing, and a lot of hours, etc., so I really appreciate your time and dedication, and I'm sure a lot of youtubers, because they are videos to enjoy not just to get informacion, really, they are great¡¡¡ Thanks a lot again. best regards 🙂

  11. When you've visited Bangkok there's no point in going anywhere else, First visit was in 2004 and still going back for more in Nov 2019 the greatest city on earth

  12. Fitting, I just released a story of a time I got scammed in bangkok for $900 USD on YouTube!
    Wish this video was out so i would had been more aware

  13. I like this Guy, the way he shows everything for us visitors to be prepared before we go visit a city. Thank You So Much.

  14. Great Thailand videos! Did you plan all of your trip to Thailand yourself or did you go through a tour group? I look at a few tour groups online and none of them stop in Chinatown, food courts, shopping malls or do any cooking classes or do anything with street food 🙁 Please help me , I want to go to Thailand and do all these things 🙂

  15. ขอบคุณที่ชอบประเทศไทย หวังว่าคงจะมีความสุขจากทริปนี้ครับ ของคุณครับ อาจมีการใช้แกรมมาที่ผิด ผมใช้ กูเกิลแปลภาษา
    Thank you for like Thailand Hopefully there will be happiness from this trip. You may have misused the grammar. I use Google Translate.

  16. It is a very diverse and affordable city. You can go with limited budget or experience the five-star of its kind in just a few blocks away. The best way to get a cab is using GRAB app. As a Thai people, I never get a local taxi, like.. never. Local taxis are not worth the hassle (I can change my mind if there’s a significant improvement). I’d rather take a train, drive myself, or Grab. Don’t talk to strangers who offered you any services. Plan your trip well, so you don’t have to expose to the hot weather. It’s like any big cities in the world that once you figured that out, you will enjoy the rest of the trip.

  17. Thanks for the great video. I am going there with my brother since he is going back for more dental work there which is 1/5th what it is in the USA. Your video is a great help on the city while he is getting his teeth worked on. Thanks!

  18. Excellent video. My only comment is you should have emphasised more the bit about being respectful towards the Royal Family. It is very serious and you just don't expect it to happen. While I was there the airport got blockaded by some protestors because a tourist with mental problems did something to insult the King and the court convicted her and sentenced her to deportation back to her homeland.

    The protestors were upset that she was being sent home rather than sent to prison so they blocked the airport so she couldn't go home. That's just crazy. Don't insult the Royals! Ever!

  19. Ladyboys from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and girls working in spa in India from these countries are not trustworthy.

    They steal Gold, Cash, Mobile phone from tourist coming to thailand just to fund their plastic surgeries. Keep away from them when they try to be physical in public places or in private places. Their ultimate aim is to extract money from you either by convincing you or by cheating you.

    All are not same but 90% ladyboys and girls from these countries are like this only who spoil name of other good 10%. Best of Luck. I love thailand but i hate criminals, theif ladyboys and fake thai girls. Be careful. Be safe.??

  20. Very informative but actually the raining season start from late May/June through October, April will be very very dry and hot, it is the peak summer time

  21. I have noticed that u r saying "Bangkok has the worst traffic City in the World"..My question have u ever been to India..?? Come to Chennai & Kolkata in India then u will understand the definition of the Word " Hot & Humid" " Worst Traffic"..Pls Come to India , Chennai/Kolkata and make a Video.

  22. I agree with everything you said in this video. But I recommend using ATM’s connected to banks. Not randoms on the streets. If you have any issues with your card being taken or not getting your money. It is the absolute biggest headache trying to get it taken care of. Where as one at banks someone can help right away if during banking hours. Or next day once they open.
    I prefer Thai bug repellent over US products. I swear their stuff works way better than anything from the states.
    Your video is full of extremely useful info that definitely needs if you have no idea what to expect.

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