Barbados Tourism Features St.Nicholas Abbey Heritage Package

Barbados Tourism Features St.Nicholas Abbey Heritage Package

The settlers beach villa holiday package for
independent travelers includes a complementary tour to the magical
and mysterious Jacobean plantation – St. Nicholas Abbey Nestled in the think wooded hills above the
raging Atlantic ocean in Bathsheba, St. Nicholas Abbey is the only surviving jacobean
plantation in the world Hhere machinery like the old steam mills still
grind sugar cane as they did 300 years ago, and sugar and rum are made
in the ancient tradition, by hand and time and with with technology that simple is not
used anywhere else anymore. First of all we started with an amazing 18,
19 century mill from Fletcher in England. And this mill is really remarkable in that
that it still exists today, their used to be many in the Island and now it is pretty
much the last one in the English speaking Caribbean. Wherever possible we try to do things by hand.
We try to minimize mechanization and equipment. Aging rum is a patient undertaking, you almost
have to look at it that you do the very best you can and you make sure that the spirit
you put into the barrel is the best it can be, then it is all about time now. People that come to see a bit of history and
also a bit of technology that does not exist anymore. For more information on this complementary
tour and the settlers beach villa holiday package – just go to
and we” see you there

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  1. Great history, this is one of the most important historical plantations in the Caribbean – its recent archeology digs show it was used from the time of the Amerindians, long before sugar!

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