Barbie Travel Doll & Puppy playset – Dolls Toy Review

Barbie Travel Doll & Puppy playset – Dolls Toy Review

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel today I just bought this playset Barbie its so cool its has some, Barbie of course with her cute little puppy it had headphone a little nice pillow for your neck a pretty backpack I love it and she also have some bathroom supplies I don’t know what that is, i think thats barbie spray the toothbrush her toothpaste her sleeping mask, her phone, a little bag her camera and last of all her suitcase I’m too excited, I’m just gonna lets just get on to the openning guys look at the back then we can just start pulling the cover off and look at that barbie we have her suitcase and some sticker and then this is the suitcase so guys, I’ll see you back when I get Barbie freeeee guys this is Barbie and her suitcase and her stuff and her cute little puppy so first I’m gonna start with getting out all her stuff here’s the sleeping mask my favourite the bag look it can open and we also have the earmuff and we they have this nice pillow for Barbies neck cute and we also have this nice headphones so she can listen to here video, that she watches I think Barbie will like this lots so she can take pictures wherever she’s going so she can go with me when I’m on my holiday but I think she likes for her bathroom a little case that she can put her bathroom stuff it opens it can open look and its orange and then we can take out, this, her phone coz you always need to bring that along on your holiday it wont be a holiday if you dont have your trusty phone I think she also have some a dog spray in case her dog get fleas a toothbrush and some toothpaste I’m gonna pop the toothpaste out pop here some Barbie blue toothpaste going out and her camera guys, here’s Barbie standing I think I’m gonna put all the stuff in her bag and then her suitcase and this little baggy so first we need her toothbrush ok, there finally toothbrush is in now her toothpaste I’m just gonna slid on ok so thats soap here holiday wouldn’t be complete without this two her phone and her camera, pitching, peep peep so now we gonna put all her stuff in her bag you are gonna full Barbie yaaahhh ok Barbies down lets get Barbie ready for her holiday guys her pillow her sleeping mask her, her um bathroom case headphone and spray then we close it up then her phone and her camera will go in her baggy backpack and then she can wear it whenever she want to take a picture or when she want to have her phone she can just reach into her backpack poop and there’s one thing you must have on your plane ride passport so we can have some stickers here is the passport sticker so guys, I cut out her passport and this is her ticket she has a nice little magazine she’s gonna put those in her bag coz she’ll need those to get on the plane so I’ll stick those in maybe she like to read the Magazine right now while she’s waiting for the plane I’m gonna put Barbie’s bag on her and that’s her ready for her holiday look at Barbie she look so beautiful for her holiday yeahh twirl common Barbie lets go party and there’s one more for you one more sticker I’m gonna put that on the front of her suitcase the suitcase look so cool she’s ready to go to vacation byeee bye guys. I’m going on holiday and dont forget my sunglasses bye guys, hope you like this video subscribe to my channel, give me a big thumbs up hit that bell byee

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