Barcelona city – a sightseeing tour

Barcelona city – a sightseeing tour

Barcelona, the capital of the province of
Catalonia of Spain, is located at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from the
French border. For clear reason, Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe.
Barcelona offers a large and varied entertainment program. Starting point of most visits to Barcelona
is the Plaça de Catalunya. A popular meeting place for people and pigeons. La Rambla is a 1.2-kilometer promenade from
the Plaça de Catalunya toward the harbor with an average of over 200 thousand visitors
per day. The market halls of the Mercat de la Boqueria
is one of the most beautiful markets of the Iberian Peninsula. The artists meet at the lower end of La Rambla. The Plaça Reial is a meeting and resting
place of many visitors to the city and the starting point for excursions in the Ciutat
Vella, the historic center of Barcelona and the surrounding shopping streets. Barcelona is full of architectural discoveries.
Outstanding are the buildings of Antoni Gaudi, which has strongly influenced the face of
Barcelona. The greatest work of Antoni Gaudí, the Sagrada
Familia, is a Roman Catholic Basilica. The in the new Catalan-style designed church is
not jet finished. The construction was started in 1882 and will probably be completed in
2026. Who wants to visit the interior of the church,
will also be surprised at 9:00 clock in the morning, when the church opens. The queue
is any time of day as long as the queues at the elevators at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. A nice day trip leads up to Tibidabo Mountain.
From there you have a wonderful panoramic view over the entire city. Up there is the
church Sagrat Cor and the TV tower Torre de Collserola, designed by the famous architect
Norman Foster. The Parc Güell was created by Antoni Gaudi
in the years 1900 to 1914 and is because of its architecture and its views over the city
one of the main attractions of Barcelona. The old port, the aquarium and the nearby
beaches are other attractions of Barcelona. The funicular railway from the harbor up to
the mountain of Montjuïc, is a “must” for all visitors. Only a few hundred meters further is the Telefèric up to the
Castell of Montjuïc. From there you can enjoy the evening-view over Barcelona.

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  1. Great video 🙂 please check out my recent barcelona attractions video! all the best x

  2. The architectural style of the famous buildings in Barcelona is unique, beautiful and impressive.

  3. Flamenco is not the traditional music of Barcelona/Catalonia!!! Stop puting it in touristic videos!! this music doesn't represent us!!

  4. Hey, great video with a lot of good advice!
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    I was there too recently and even built my own beach furniture there.
    I love this city so much!
    Geetings, Johannes

  5. there is nothing today in barclona only thinking about there great football team lucky city Barcelona nice day thank you freinds

  6. I visited this city this year in may.and I am in love with it.Spanish people are the most hospitable and the least racist people in Europe. they are so polite,so nice always there to go an extra mile to help you.I hope to visit this amazing city again.lots of love from Pakistan.

  7. Amazing video! I have a tip that may help tourists that want to go to Barcelona 🙂 Last time i went to Barcelona i used an app called Yumm! and it was really useful to find restaurants. Also when communicating at the restaurants, because I found all the allergens and ingredients information translated in my own language 😊 Great video!

  8. Thank you very much for sharing your advise.
    I traveled half of the world and never lost a penny until last year in Madrid inside of a four star hotel during the breakfast my shoulder bag containing some money, passport, check book, some credit car was stolen by a thief who acted having breakfast with another guest in the same salon.
    We were very furious and sad. Could not even transfer to another hotel or buy a local sim card w/o a passport.we reported the theft to district police station , they were very polite and sorry about the incident.
    Luckily i had a copy of the credit cards, passport, driver license in a separate area.
    inside United states embassy we noticed few people who lost their purse containing money , passport and other valuables. the vice counsel issued a new passport within two hours, i spend all day to contact the banks to report the theft . upon arrival in Madrid, T-Mobile sent me a message the every minute of phone call with cost 20 cents and Text are free but it ended to be over $3.50 per minute.
    Police found my shoulder bag next day, the thief only took the money equal to $200.
    luckily I had divided our cash money in couple of different area.
    The hotel manager was very nice and refused to charge us for three days fare since it happened at their property.
    I leaned a great deal about the gypsies in Europe thieving from the tourist. The thieve was recognized by the police from the hotel camera and immediately apprehended as we left the hotel.
    Upon arrival to us, I received a message from T-mobile that my phone bill exceeded $650 dollars due to the roaming charge .
    After explaining the situation, they were nice enough to give me a break and reduce it to $330.
    I hope you will never have to deal with that kind of situation as I did.

  9. I visited it in 2016
    It was my best life times
    I love barcelona so much
    Hope visit it again oneday
    Greeting from egypt

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