Barcelona Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

Barcelona Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

>>ASHA: Oh wow, I like it up here! There is so much to see here I’m really excited
it’s going to be a good day. Everyone’s been telling me that La Sagrada
Família is a must see so that’s what I’m off to visit next. This is La Sagrada Família and Gaudí started
working on this in eighteen eighty three and continued working on it until nineteen
twenty six when he died. As you can see it’s still being worked on
and you see the old versus the new. Alright lets keep going! I love being able to get on and off the bus
at any time I want so I can kind of just you know see the city
at my own pace. It’s so fun driving around the city because you see the mix of architecture like
the old with the new and then you see the Gaudí buildings It’s really interesting. And now it’s time to go see La Pedrera. I am right in the center of Barcelona and behind me is one of Gaudí’s masterpieces
called La Casa Milá, which is also named the quarry because of
the rounded stone the iron balconies and on top you can see these chimney pots
which look like like medieval knights. I’ve been really looking forward to seeing
Park Güell so I’m going to get off the bus and take a look around. You can’t come to Barcelona and not think
of Gaudí and behind me is Park Güell which is one
of Gaudí’s most famous attractions. I feel like I’m in this magical world of gingerbread
houses and all these brightly colored mosaic tiles and everything is kind of at weird angles
and it’s this very cool style. I’m now standing on the terrace of Park Güell with this incredible view overlooking the
city and these long mosaic benches I’ve never seen anything like it before. This has been the best way to see the city
fresh air and seeing all the beautiful sights.

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  1. I will be joining the Norwegian Epic cruise in January from Barcelona. Do you know where they dock and if Hop On And Hop Off stops at that location? I bought a HOHO ticket to tour Barcelona before boarding. Thank you.

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