Basic Korean Travel Phrases (feat. REAL South Korea + GO! Billy Korean!)

Basic Korean Travel Phrases (feat. REAL South Korea + GO! Billy Korean!)

Hey if you clicked on this video, congratulations! I am proud of you for showing interest in another language That way you can show respect to its culture and its people If you’re new to my channel, welcome! Just a little background info on me I’m an American that’s been living here in South Korea for almost five years now This is a little tip video from me to you Hey it’s me, Abby P! What up, MY P-PLE! Alright, basic Korean phrases for traveling So we’re gonna start really basic “Yes” and “no” “No”, that’s an important one And “yes” And the cool thing about this “yes” is If there’s a lot of Korean coming at you Say you ask a question and they’re like “blah blah blah [so much Korean you don’t understand]” You can use “n/de” to be like “what?” Like “I didn’t understand what you said” like “what?” “n/de?” “Can you say that again?” (speaking Korean) What? Another really simple yet very powerful phrase is “thank you”, right? Now “thank you” and a lot of phrases actually can be a little tricky in Korean because In Korean there’s so many different ways to say the same phrase based on who you’re speaking to Their age and whatever You’ve got 고마워요 (koh-mah-woh-yo) 고맙습니다 (koh-mahp-seuhm-nida) 감사해요 (kahm-sah-heh-yo) The one that you can get away with in pretty much any situation and the safest one to use is You get a gift from someone You ask somebody for help, for directions or where something is – they help you You drop your pen somewhere on the street and some random creepy guy picks it up for you The next most important but powerful phrase is “I’m sorry” And again in Korean, there’s a couple ways to say “I’m sorry” 미안해요 (mee-ahn-heh-yo) Or 미안합니다 (mee-ahn-hahm-nida) But the one that you will use most often in most situations is Whenever you travel you’re gonna meet a lot of people, see a lot of people Possibly run into some people So it’s important to keep this expression handy Wtf? Speaking of running into people This next one is another really useful one Especially if you’re taking transportation and you’re on a crowded subway or a bus and you’re trying to get out Or you’re trying to get somewhere and someone’s in your way Now this phrase directly translates to “Just a moment, please” But in these sort of situations you’re using it as like an “Excuse me” Now there is another word for “Excuse me” but I’m gonna give you this one because this one’s a lot more useful So it’s a very appropriate and polite way of saying “Get out of my FREAKING way” The next one is “Hello” Again in Korean there’s a couple ways to say this based on the age and the status of you’re talking to But this is the one you’re gonna get away with for most situations And I know some of you might be wondering Abby what about 안녕 (ahn-yuhng) That one is for friends, close friends that you already know and you’re close with Or if you see like a little kid Or um, a cute cat or puppy that you see You could say 안녕 (ahn-nyung) And now for “Goodbye” Now in Korean it depends on Who’s leaving, who’s staying Because you’re gonna say something different for each situation Now if I’m leaving, and I’m saying goodbye to someone that’s staying like You’re saying goodbye to the people in your guesthouse that you stayed at YOU’RE the one leaving In this case you’d say That’s what it sounds like if you just say it naturally and quickly Now if you’re the one STAYING and they’re the one leaving, or you’re BOTH LEAVING Getting off of the taxi, and you’re saying goodbye to the taxi driver You would say Another really important phrase when traveling in Korea is how to say “please” You could use this in a lot of situations When you’re at the restaurant and you’re ordering, and you point to this thing that you want But you don’t know what it is because it’s in Korean – you’re just gonna point to it You could just say “This, please” “something 주세요 (joo-seh-yo)” You can add whatever you want in front of the “주세요 (joo-seh-yo)” Like, if you want water If you want soda If you want soju If you want beer ANYTHING in front of 주세요 (joo-seh-yo) Now we’re going back to the taxi driver situation again And when you go into a taxi Say wherever you want to go, the place And then we’re just gonna add one more syllable in front of that 주세요 (joo-seh-yo), that “please” We’re gonna add a 가 (kah), which means go So “Go please” So better yet, have wherever you’re going ready before you go into the taxi And how to say it in Korean too – that’s very very important So say you want to go to Seoul station That’s 서울역 (suh-ool-yuhk) You can tell the taxi driver Usually it’s more helpful if you give them a specific landmark or building, or some place You know, not just the area like “Please go to Myeongdong” or “Please go to Hongdae” “Please go to Gangnam” Because that area itself is quite big also So give them a specific landmark Next one: “That’s okay”, “I’m okay” Are you okay? Or you know, somebody offers you something that you don’t really want you could just tell them Say you’re at a restaurant and there is no little “ding!”, there’s no little bell Because usually in Korean restaurants, there’s like a little bell that you can call the server to come over But in some cases there won’t be that little bell So you’re gonna have to call them over manually yourself So to do that you would say Yes, ma’am? So this next phrase is very useful You can use it if you go into a market, a store, a phone shop, anywhere And you want to ask if they have something Do you have tissue? I don’t know lol Do you have a bathroom? Bathroom is 화장실 (hwah-jahng-sheel) Or you wanna ask “Where is this thing? Where is that thing?” Where’s the bathroom? “blah blah 어디 있어요 (uh-dee ee-sseuh-yo)?” Where is the subway? Subway is 지하철 (jee-hah-chuhl) I know you’re wondering Abby, but how do I even introduce myself or talk about myself if I meet someone for the first time? Well for one you could say “hello” And then you could say “I am blah blah” I’m Abby And then if you want to say where you’re from Because a lot of Koreans will usually ask you “What country are you from?” “Where are you from?” So you would say So you should also learn how to say your country in Korean Mine is USA, so I’d say 미국 (mee-gook) I’m from the U.S. If you’re from Canada I’m from Canada I’m from America If you’re from the Philippines It’s such a…I don’t know why they say it without the “s” but I’m from the Philippines If you’re from Germany I’m from Germany So now when you meet someone first time, you can put all that together and impress them And they’ll be so proud of you Hello. I’m Abby. I’m from the U.S. Wow!! They’ll be like And you could be like So the next phrase I had written down was “How much is this?” like if you’re going shopping Which is a very useful phrase, I know But then I thought, ehhhh It’s not gonna be so useful if you ask “How much is it?” How much is this? If you don’t understand Korean numbers If you haven’t learned how to say Korean numbers For example, you’re shopping and then you use this expression and you don’t know any Korean numbers (speaking Korean) So my advice is just to say “How much is this?” in English And they will most likely respond in English too And that’ll be a lot more helpful because money is a very important thing and you don’t wanna mess that up But if you do know Korean numbers then by all means And finally if you just want to breeze through without using any Korean Then you could tell people who do speak to you in Korean You could tell them “I don’t know Korean” “I can’t speak Korean” I can’t speak Korean, sorry (speaking Korean) And then you can ask them if they can speak English Oh yeah, well I’m from LA! Where are you from? Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed another collab video with “Go! Billy Korean” What’d you think of today’s video? Well see ya next time! Is there any.. do you wanna like promote anything? What do you wanna..? Learn Korean, guys! Yeah Winners study grammar Grammar, yup (Laughs) This is so lame Don’t do drugs Winners don’t do drugs lol Stay in school Yeah, I don’t know Buy his book I don’t have anything to promote “Korean Made Simple” I literally don’t have anything I need to promote right now If you don’t already know me, come check out my channel too And he does more Korean videos so Yeah my stuff is more like Korean language stuff Yeah if you really wanna learn Korean, head to his channel, okay? Okay now, cut to the bloopers! Woo! Ummm yeah yeah… okay Okay, perfect Crikey! Exploration! Wow, would you look at this one? Wow it’s a… (Laughs) Crikey! I haven’t seen one of these in ages Would you look at that there? It’s missing part of his brain Goodness gracious! What? Would you look at this? (Gasps) Aboriginal weapon Alright do a quick outro Like you’re a wild animal Did ya hear that? (Laughs)

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  1. YOOO it's been a while, fam! NOTE: As much as I hate, HATE English romanization of Korean because it just looks super awkward and not 100% accurate to how it sounds in Korean, I wanted to be able to help viewers/travelers out who can't read Korean or have any knowledge of Korean pronunciation. Hence the way I literally spelled out each syllable/pronunciation of each phrase in the video lol! Hope this helps! Thanks to Billy again, and DON'T FORGET TO 'LIKE'! <3

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