52 thoughts on “Basic Supplies, Part 1 | Camping

  1. don't just talk show the items to make your video effective. You talk of important list but i tend to forget them since you simply talk with no demo.

  2. I agree with the 1st comment. my 1st camping trip in over 20 years was a night mare ranging from bringing too much stuff and bringing the wrong stuff   now I can set up the tent  blind folded

  3. "You should take the stuff off that you brought and never even touched" this means i have to remove my water purifing tablets,first aid kit, compass and whistle ecc. What she said is the dumbest thing i've ever heard, things you never use are for emergency and dont need to use them every camping trip. Good luck for the day your lost in the forest or you have a wound

  4. Camping Gear List
    1-A Good Waterfproof Tent
    2-Sleeping bag (Polyster or down depending on the area and climate conditions)
    3-Sleeping Mattress (Air Mattress is Good )
    4-Camp Light
    5-Field Stove
    6-Folding Camping Chair
    7-Folding Table
    8-Water Bottle
    9-A Cooking Pot
    10-Backpack (70-80 Ltr )
    11-Waterproof Boot
    12- Waterproof Jacket

  5. I'm sorry, but really basic! I never read comments first, but if you do this is mostly for rank beginners. Also a video of the different items to take would have helped the video, basic or not.

  6. I'm going camping with my fam..starting friday afternoon Saturday.and Sunday..leaving Monday back home.first timers..what do we need to take?? it would be me and my 4 kids and wife..we buying a tent..food..radio..lamps..batteries..

  7. One thing I like to do when I prep for a camping trip is to take more of a few things than I need. I always put a knife and a pill bottle full of matches in my backpack. I also carry a lighter and a big knife on my belt

  8. Thank you! I loved making my camping list… but I'm going to a psychedelic music festival in the forest so its 70% fabulous outfits ?

  9. What kind of safety gear should I bring for example if a wild animal shows up? I obviously don't want to harm it but I want to be safe.

  10. I highly suggest some snack food. Sometimes the fishing/hunting doesn't pan out. Also, sometimes the fire doesn't work out, even with a stove. Better to have a nutrigrain bar, jerky, or chips, than eat nothing. Another thing people keep forgetting, is the booze. Fire, friends, and booze make for a good time. If it's raining, and you're alone… still got booze!

  11. WHAT?????? No pooper paper??????????? How barbaric. I've been camping/hiking/bushcrafting/, etc. since I was 12 and the longer I do it the less I carry. Experience made it so.

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