Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.3: Osaka Dasoni Tour & Jeju Eternal Grand Place- 2nd half [ENG/2016.06.17]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.3: Osaka Dasoni Tour & Jeju Eternal Grand Place- 2nd half [ENG/2016.06.17]

(Last week, Eternal Grand Place headed to) (the blue sea of Jejudo) (The famous treasure of an island, Jeju) (Folding the map of Jeju in half) (Exploring Jeju in detail) (Local islander, Lee recommended Dodubong) (The best frozen pollack stew) (Even Sim is fascinated) (No more pork or raw fish!) (Jeju’s filefish boiled in sauce) This is really good. (The deeper the night, the brighter it shines) (in this hidden attraction, Seonunjeongsa Temple!) (Hani and Solji are back with Dasoni Tour) (Eating and travelling in Osaka) (To conquer the culinary hotspots in Osaka) (they have to run!) (Fast delivery sushi is just 1 dollar) (Appealing to voters with amazing quality and price) (Dasoni’s crazy eating show is a bonus!) I’m so happy. So happy. (Feeling happy, they’re headed to their lodging) (I was certain I made reservation) It’s chilly! What? Why isn’t the reservation made? I did make a reservation. (Dasoni Tour is about to sleep out on the streets) (Which team will the 100 voters choose?) (Dasoni Tour in Osaka wins!) (First half score) (Eternal Grand Place 45 vs. Dasoni Tour 55) (Starting with high spirits) Trips can be battles. Battle trip. Last week, our team fell slightly behind but I believe we have a chance to turn this around. All we need is 5 people’s change of hearts. 6 would be even better. One should not change minds easily. But people are easily. Their heart changes easily. We’ll see the second half of the trip. Do you have any highlights? Why don’t you boast about it? It’s a little after season but you know cherry blossoms and rape flowers in Jeju. Jeju’s rape flowers are really beautiful. It amazes you. It’s covered with flowers. Sim, you fell silent. Huh? Come on, tell us what you’ve got. I honestly thought we’ll win in the first half. – You were disappointed. / – I feel… It’s depressing. Do you have any comments, Hani? Actually, we didn’t show you much in the first half. No. Then how did you win? – I think it was the sushi. / – I don’t get it. 1 dollar sushi. Because they wanted to experience something new. And I think they really felt like they’re travelling themselves. You almost slept out on the streets. – We don’t know that yet. / – No reservation. You can watch now. Is there a twist? – There is. / – There is a twist. See how we solve this problem. I think that would be fun too. Also, we eat a lot. Again? On first half we ate a lot, and on second half, we see beautiful things. It will be a great view for your eyes. For this we prepared and planned a lot. Okay. We’ll start the second half where there’ll be a great twist. We’ll see if there… I stuttered. He stuttered. Let’s start the second half! (He got Seong) (Dasoni Tour opens with cheers) (Bright) They are adorable. (What made them so excited?) Wow. We saw something amazing here. Yes, yes, wait and see. Solji, the sun is starting to set. The sun is starting to set. You have to hurry. It’s chilly. (When you get there by sunset you can enjoy the most romantic night view of Osaka) What is it? Just going up in a building? Looks like we’re just going to a building, right? Yes. Why don’t we eat this? Come on. What is it? – This looks delicious. / – It does. – I want to eat this. / – Me too. They’re talking about food again. There was so much delicious food. But you have to eat dessert. Japan has a rich dessert culture. (They pass. Maybe next time) – That must be expensive. / – Looks delicious. Let’s go. (Watching the night view 1 at Umeda Sky Building) (Going up to 39th floor on an elevator) (Dasoni, inserting self BGM) Why don’t we follow them? When you don’t know, you can just follow people. Yes. That’s a good idea. Wow. Amazing. Whoa. (This is only the beginning) Oh my god, oh my god. This way, this way. But you know… We have that pass. You can enter for free with Osaka Amazing Pass. – For free? / – Yes, for free. We just saved 8 dollars. That’s a lot. Awesome. (Watching the night view 2 at Umeda Sky Building) (Moving up one more floor on escalator) Wow, this place is killing it! This is so pretty. So pretty. You can see the sunset on Sky Building. This is the key point. I recommend you go there by sunset. Jeju is the place to watch sunset. You should watch sunset at Jeju. It’s amazing. (Hani & Solji got there by sunset) (It’s pretty) (What are you looking at?) (Run, Hani, Run) Where are you going? Is there a problem? We bought the tickets. (Where is Hani?) Hani’s gone. Ice cream. Is it green tea ice cream? In Japan… (Is she angry?) She seems upset. No, she’s not. (It’s good, right?) Should we get one more? You have to pay there. (Grumbling after paying) The prices are too high. (Hani pretends to be serious) (Still they feel great) This is healing. It’s really good. How much did you spend? – 600 yen. / – 6 dollars. I think that’s fine. There were so many deserts using green tea. Japan has great green tea ice cream. Jeju is famous for green tea. Fantastic green tea farm there. Jeju green tea. Shall we eat this watching the view? Shall we? (It’s time to enjoy the night view of Osaka) Wow, it looks like a movie set. Is that a photo? I’ve heard there are many spots in Osaka where the view is great, so I wanted to see. (Since planning, Hani wanted to come here) (Rooftop of Sky Building) (They are speechless) Is that the Ferris wheel? That round thing? There. Yes. Is this for real? It is. (As darkness falls, Osaka’s view shines) I was surprised. – This is nice. / – Is Suk now on our side? This does look nice. You can see the Ferris wheel from there. It’s not blocked by a glass. That’s not a footage filmed by someone else, right? I should go walk around once. I don’t think the camera can catch up with me. Are you running? Yes, I am. (Hani, feeling the night view of Osaka) (Osaka in Hani’s eyes) Wow, I love it. This is really pretty. This is the kissing point. It is. This view is really satisfying. That’s why people go take pictures of amazing views. (Osaka night view filmed by Hani & Solji) I took this photo. She took it herself. I took it myself. (Looking pretty) Flying the national flag. Flying Dasoni. This place is awesome. I was really shocked. (After healing, Dasoni Tour is on the move!) I’ve never appreciated night views of Japan but this is really pretty. Suk is on our side now. She is, she is. I admit, this night view is great. We’d need something strong for Jeju. (Dotonbori) (They have many things to be sorry for) Shopping. What? Shopping here is great because… What, What did Solji spot? (What made Solji this excited?) Let’s go here. Go shopping. You all know this place, right? The running man. That’s the photo zone. – You’ve seen that on SNS. / – Yes. That’s the important part of a trip. That I’ve been somewhere! The most famous spot, that everybody knows. I’m here, too! That’s important. We need to go there. If those things are not important, you go to Jeju. Did you take a picture with that pose? – Sure. / – We did. We did. (Dotonbori – Main street along the Dotonbori canal from Ebisubashi Bridge to Nipponbashi) I can see that! Let’s take pictures under there. That’s how you can show you came to Dotonbori. Whoa. Solji is here. This is amazing. How do you feel? I feel great. You wished to take pictures in front of Glico Runner! Yes, that was Heo Solji’s wish. Now that you’re in front of Glico Runner how do you feel? I’m now looking at the Glico Runner. I feel like I’m dreaming. They’re having fun. It’s amazing to see how the boats pass and the waves flow. God, this is embarrassing. Let’s take a picture. (Just then) (A foreign fan recognized Hani & Solji) (Even in Osaka, the girls are popular) Let’s take pictures. (Solji’s trip motto=All you are left with is photos) Let’s strike up that pose. You have to do the same pose. That’s right. Alright. You need that. Even at night, you can do a lot of things. Let’s go shopping. Let’s go! Let’s go Heo Solji. Let’s go shopping. Is this the right direction? Let’s see there. (What do girls love? Shopping) Eye-shopping is really fun, too. Because you see new things all around you. Just walking around is nice. (Dasoni conquers the streets of Dotonbori) Let’s go to another 1 dollar shop. Osaka really is a shopper’s heaven. (Don Quijote Dotonbori Store – Discount store, selling various cosmetics, food and medications) Japan is famous for medications. Such as medicine to let the gas out! Or a patch for cold sore in your mouth! There’re famous. Must-buy list. Things you can only buy in Japan, but cheap. Things you must buy from Japan. Girls’ trip is nice. You draw up shipping list. We talk about it with each other. Medications and beauty products. I know. There’re all cheap. Why don’t you come over to our side, Suk? You can tell each other what she’s missed. Yes, giving tips. She’s almost on our team. Or recommending products. You’re on Team Jeju. I’m sorry. (Dasoni Tour chapter) (5 products you must shop in Japan) Let’s go see Hani and Solji’s best 5. In this booth, there were many interesting products. Even it’s a country near ours, there are cool things. Recommended product. It’s a steam eye patch. Hey, this is it. What is it? It’s an applying-type bandage. Medicine to get the gas out. I just need to find that! There are stomach medicines. Stomach. (Found the one same as the picture!) Do you want one, too? Yes. The medicine that takes out gas? Yes. This is really important. When you have gas, it’s really hard. Have you tried this? No, I haven’t. There aren’t many medicines like this. Medicine that takes out gas? Medicine that takes out gas… – Stomach? / – Yes, that’s amazing. Late at night, you get gas at night. And that medicine was good. Yes. I guess this medicine is popular among girl groups. (Artificial tears, patch for nasal congestion, patch for stomatitis, fart stopping medicine, applying-type bandage) (When it’s meal time, speed up!) (Let’s go eat) (Japanese home-style food restaurant) Where is this place? Japanese home-style food. Most restaurants in Japan have pictures on menu. I think it’s Japanese home-style rice meal. I think you have to add on menus. That should be expensive. Expensive. Yes, it is expensive. – 13.80 dollars. / – Wow, almost 14 dollars. Then let’s stick to the basics. This looks good too. We’ll have the basic menu and you add natto. Does this menu change daily? Menu of the day is pork. (Pork) Pork and potato. And one natto. I want to try Japanese food. Something like natto. I want to try natto. Natto? Let’s go have natto. I think 8 dollars is a good price for trip. It’s like they sell healthy food here. This is good for an 8-dollar menu. It’s the same as pollack stew. Is it 8.20 dollars? No, 8 dollars. Yours is 9 dollars, 8 dollars. Is natto 1 dollar? Then it’s 17 dollars. But they add taxes later. Right? Yeah? Yes, so the price goes up, more than we calculated. So our sushi costs more than we thought. That’s right. So we should eat less than we calculate. Now we have 34.72 dollars. We didn’t use a lot. See. Isn’t it fun to write account book on trips? Capsule hotel is 30 dollars each. It only costs 30 dollars? We have much budget left. We do. (They still have 270 dollars left) That’s ours. Here we go. Wow, it looks great. That’s a lot. It was a big meal. Looks delicious. It only costs 9 dollars. That does? – 8 dollars. / – 8 dollars. (Neat and full, Japanese home-style food) Natto. (Finally, she meets natto for the first time!) Adding natto makes it 8.80 dollars? (By the way, what is Solji doing?) Do you have hot chili peppers? (Quick, give these people hot peppers) I couldn’t eat without that. (Energetic as always, bon appetite!) Finally, I’m having natto. (Sticky natto, what will it taste like?) It’s good. (Natto should be good too, right?) (Let’s see) You either love it or hate it. Is it good? I don’t think this is for me. (Goodbye, natto) This is really good. She’s devouring it. Wow, they’re really eating well. I’m hungry. That was really good. This food feels really healthy. I think many of Japanese dishes are soft food. Comparing differences were fun. I think they taste very soft. Nothing stimulating! Solji is like a middle-aged man. In the end she needs chili peppers. She looks like she had filefish stew. Maybe I should have gone to Jeju. They really eat well. (With 2 peppers, dinner is over) (Leaving natto, they clear out the meat) – Delicious. / – That was great. (Total cost: 8 dollars × 2 + sales tax=18,20 dollars) (That was delicious) Idols look great in lighting. I know. With the vending machine light, it’s like music video. There are a lot of things. Japan has fun vending machines. I wanted to go try it. The yogurt is really delicious. There is one that drips coffee. – Really? / – Yes. Going in, going in. Hot. Are you chilly? So I bought this hot one. Hold this. No, I’m not eating. No, just hold it. Put it in your pocket. Let’s go. Now we got the hang of it. Are you finally going to the lodging? Where are you staying? (Depressed) What is this? You don’t look good. It’s not the capsule hotel. It’s cozy. – It’s warm. / – It’s lodging. Okay, we’re set. We’ll lie down. Come on, that’s not capsule hotel. What do you want? If you’d just let us in… – We’d be grateful. / – We’d be grateful. What? What is this? (This all began here) Now we go to our hotel and have snacks and beer. (Let me check our reservation) Why isn’t the reservation made? That can easily happen. Yes, it can. It can happen, and it’s dangerous. I want to go to the restroom. For real? I’ll offer a deal. What deal? A deal? If you’d just let us in… – We’d be grateful. / – We’d be grateful. Come on, get out the kimchi. These are ssamjang and peppers. And this is a famous cheongju. kimchi! 75 dollars. Offering all of these to you. Isn’t this a good deal? But college kids don’t have crew members with them. Yes. But you can learn from our mistakes. What is this? But then we don’t have Lee in Jeju for us. (Anyway, they close the deal) Let’s see this. (Finishing the first day watching pictures) Wow, this is good. I like the next shot, too. – I took this one nicely. / – I like this one. I like this one too. This looks like the picture of your life. Good. Really, in the end, pictures are all you’ve got. I love that flag. This feels romantic. (Precious memories, sharing a beautiful moment) 10 years later, when we see these photos… It’ll be touching. It’ll be really touching. It’s gotten chilly. (2nd day of the trip) Today is… The 2nd day of Osaka trip. (Meal. Small breakfast) Today’s menu is… Gyudon. We’ll go eat. That was really delicious. That was delicious. It was really cheap. The prices were great and it tastes good too. 33 dollars? We did our research. Did you add meat? Of course. You have to add meat. That’s how you eat. You have to add meat. Sure. Solji, order this. Breakfast menu. We’ve made a mistake, we were late. So it’d have been cheaper in the morning? Yes, much cheaper. Breakfast menu. We’re late for that. So we can’t have the breakfast menu. For being 30 minutes late. – We’re 28 minutes late. / – But Solji. We have natto here, too. Um, no. Would you like to order natto? No! Why not? It’s not my taste. I’d want to bring this to Korea. Salted pollack roe and mayo. (Here comes the menu) Wow, it’s really fast. (Large meal) (Looking delicious) I’ll calculate later. (Mouth-watering) I should ask. Excuse me. Pepper. May I have pepper? (Okay) Delicious. – I’ll enjoy this. / – That looks great. I’ll really enjoy this. I shouldn’t see that. Wow, Hani and Solji really eat well. – Really delicious. / – You can order 2 different menu and share. We ordered different menu. Gyudon and pork don. – I know. / – Yes. Today I’ll have gyudon. You should try pork don, too. Pork. It always ends with chili peppers. That was delicious. This is fantastic. – With peppers, it’s really mouth-watering. / – Yes. Japanese food are sweet, so Koreans… It was perfect for me, but for Solji… I needed something spicy. You can’t just have food in one place. We’ve had home-style food yesterday and now we have meals here. The prices are great here. Yes. (Finishing the added meat as well!) (I am the fairy of the eating show, Hani!) (I am Solji, eating peppers) (Today they finish their meat well) – All done? / – Yes. How do you say ‘That was delicious’ in Japanese? Gochisousama deshita. (Manager Solji sums up the cost) That was a good meal. Good. Now we have to go see cherry blossoms. They’re really having fun. The sky is really clear. There’s no such thing as yellow dust there. (Osaka Castle) It’s almost like Jejudo. The sky was really clear. Like Jeju. There’s no such thing as yellow dust there. Where is the castle? Cherry blossoms. (Let’s go) Wasn’t it windy? You’re heading to Osaka Castle, right? Yes. With the Amazing Pass, the castle is free, right? – Free. / – Yes. I must visit Osaka this year. (Cherry blossoms welcome then at the castle entrance) Hey! I think this is the place where… In drama “Samsuni”, the stairs from final scene. Hey, that’s right! Now the two of you will do it? – Yes. / – Not kissing. Rock, paper, scissors. Yes! (Solji wins the first round!) Bye. Rock, paper, scissors. Are you coming or what? You really suck at this. Rock, paper, scissors. What do you have? Scissors. Me too. Stay there. Stay! Go back! I won’t take part in this unfair game. (It’s difficult going up here alone) Osaka Castle. I can see the castle. (There are high watchtowers which remain today called tenshukaku, and 12 castles have them) (Admission fee is 6 dollars, free with Amazing Pass!) – Hani. / – Yes. We have snack bars here, come quick. What? I know this smell. This is some sort of squid. It’s either an octopus or squid. As always, my nose is spot on. They have different street food culture. – Great. / – Squid. Squid. Are you going to eat? – Takoyaki? / – Takoyaki! I’ll have takoyaki. We put takoyaki on our to-eat list. Because we thought we must try it. Takoyaki was on our list. It was delicious. Yes. And you crossed off one by one. Yes, we crossed of most of it. How fulfilling. (It always lifts them up after eating) (In here, the cherry blossoms haven’t bloomed) We imagined. How pretty it must be when you get there after our introduction. It looks really pretty when they fall. (A little sad that cherry blossoms didn’t fully bloom) Solji! I spot an ice cream! (Again) (Just after moving a few steps) We couldn’t help it. – Hani, you’re the best. / – We have to eat. (It costs 1 dollar more than the ice cream yesterday) (Then we’ll order with no pressure) You couldn’t pass by that. (Being all cute) That was really shocking. That was so good, right? Fried chicken. I couldn’t believe it. That was the best fried chicken I had. For a low budget trip, you ate well. We still have a lot in our budget. Because… Osaka Amazing Pass played a huge role. Yes. (Even after they saved money with Amazing Pass) (They’ve used it on food) (Dasoni sisters, always getting along) Usually people don’t have ice creams with chicken. It was so good. – So good? / – Uh-huh. (Looking around eating) I think the best part of this trip was… Rediscovery of Japan travel. What kind of rediscovery? When you think of travelling in Japan you’d think the prices are high, but it’s not. Showing people you can travel like this? Yes. I thought you’d get what you paid for and the quality would not be good. But it’s not bad at all. So pretty! Really pretty. (As always, they wrap up with taking pictures) It was really pretty. – Now I really want to go here. / – I know. In the end, all you have is food and pictures. (Root for Dasoni Tour!) (Osaka 2 day trip course – Day 1) (Incheon Airport ->Kansai Airport ->1 dollar sushi ->1 dollar shop ->Sky Building ->Dotonbori & Shopping ->Japanese home-style food ->lodging) (Osaka 2 day trip course – Day 2) (Breakfast ->Osaka Castle) They looked so cute at the end. I’m curious, what’s the medicine taking out gas? I did research on the internet and found out there are many famous medicine in Japan. Starting with medicine that takes out gas. Where does the gas go? When you have gas in your stomach… It doesn’t come out here, does it? The gas goes away. So you have it when you feel gas in your belly? Yes, and pills for stomatitis is famous in Korea. But here they have a famous patch for it. And liquid bandage. There are things seniors tell us to buy in Japan. – Things like patches. / – There are. Patch, stomach pills, cold medicine. There are things you must buy from Jeju as well. Yes, there is. – Yes. / – Too many. – Let’s go. / – Banana. Banana? Isn’t Jeju famous for banana? Come on. You’re on our side! There is no reason to criticize even the good parts. I’ll give you that. I admit. Sim and Lee Jaehun admits the night view of Osaka is good. The neon nights were beautiful. – Romantic, huh? / – Yes. The tip is that you should get there by sunset and watch the night view as well. There must be many couples. Are there? Yes. But also families came there a lot. Grandchildren and grandparents came too. – And married couples. / – Yes. Friends and groups. So many people were there, it wasn’t awkward. All of them must have made reservations for hotels. Maybe. It is likely. If the reservation is not made, it’s not safe. – It feels unsafe. / – Come on. I’ll say it again, without a reservation. That’s not a trip. Lee Hwijae. You have to check in and out. Lee Hwijae. Let’s see where you sleep. Okay, watch. – Wait. / – Hold on. I have a question. Sim, whenever they’re talking about their trip please don’t look so envious. I was just thinking. What? What did we do on our second day? – What we did? / – Yes. Just wait and see. Your trip must have been really not impressive. I’ve just watched their team… Did you feed him alcohol? He was drunk on the natural beauty. Your face has turned pale. I’m worried. – Okay, guys. / – Beautiful island Jeju. 2nd half of Eternal Grand Place, let’s go. Let’s go. (2nd story of 2 men of certain age!) (2 guys dreaming of bromance in Jeju) (Sharing joy and sadness, they explore Jeju) (Starting now) Let’s check the photos. Let’s see. The temple was really pretty. (Memories of Jeju coming back) (Jeju’s morning breeze feels chilly) Where did you sleep? The lodging was great. Right by the sea. So quiet. – There are many lodgings like that. / – Amazing. There are many places like that. Up in the morning. Look at this. Can you see that? Ta-da. Wow. (Jeju’s wide open sea, welcoming the morning) (Eternal Grand Place_Lee Jaehun, Sim Hyeongtak) (2 guys meet early in the morning in a cafe) How have you slept? Good morning. It really is. On which do we must spend our budget on today? Pizza. What do you eat when you’re in Jeju? Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! Pizza? You’re like my son, looking for pizza only! Okay, pizza. You want pizza. And most importantly, rape flowers. Before arriving here, I wanted to see rape flowers. It’s a great place to take photos. You’ll succeed 100% percent, if you go there now. I’ll show you a lifetime’s worth of rape flowers. Whoa! I wanted to do this. The lodging was right by the sea. It’s right outside. Photo time. 1, 2, 3. (Did he jump at all? He is scared) Come on, jump more. It’s scary. 1, 2, 3. (Posing like true 40-year-old guys) (Chicken / Michael Jordan / Jump / Arthritis) We’ve drove along the coastal road yesterday. Yes. Today, we’ll drive across the fields. Driving across the fields. This feels like true Jeju. With wide open fields. Putting animal out to pasture. That was really amazing. – Do you remember now? / – That was really amazing. (Sim suddenly got his lost memories back) I forgot this. I prefer these places to sea. I like the mountains. There are horses. Look, horses are running. I love these places. Look at this. It’s Jeju. Whoa. I love this. The green field you see on commercials. Wait, stop the car! Pull over here. This is Jeju. You can just pull over. You just pull over. Just pull over. This is awesome. (The wide open field is refreshing) (Leaving all their worries behind, 2 men run) It only looks good from above but but seen from the ground, it’s nothing. (This calls for a picture) What? You just lie like that. – It felt so soft. / – Soft. So broad. It’s like a scene from a movie. Speechless. We lost ourselves on that field. This is speechless. You can’t feel this in Seoul. Nothing is fixed there. You can just spot some place and run. (You can’t feel wide green field in the city) Even Hani is mesmerized. She’s dozing off. – Huh? / – She’s dozing off. It looks really pretty when the weather is fine. That’s Sanbangsan mountain. That is? Yes, Sanbangsan. There is a legend about that mountain. Hallasan’s Baengnokdam Crater Lake and Sanbangsan’s circumference are similar. There once was a god in Jeju. One day the god got so angry he chopped off Hallasan, which became Sanbangsan. That’s how Sanbangsan was created. The soil components from both mountains are similar. Wow, I’d believe that legend. I want to have wheat nangmyeon near Sanbangsan. You’d want that, right? Yes. (They went over to wheat nangmyeon restaurant) (It’s almost lunch time) Is there somewhere to eat here? Yes, wheat noodles. What do you eat when you’re in Jeju? Pizza! Pizza! First, pizza! Why would you want pizza in Jeju? Is there a famous pizza place in Jeju? There’s this long, square-shape pizza. There’s here. That was really delicious. You have to have it with boiled pork. It was really delicious. (I want to have pizza) Large size is 8 dollars. But small size is 7 dollars. Boiled pork is 13 dollars. It’s cheap. That’s cheap. Boiled pork for 13 dollars. How can it be so cheap? 13 dollars is really cheap for boiled pork. Thank you. Is this the large size? Wow, look at the size of it. It’s huge. Look at this boiled pork. I’ve never had that. It just melts in your mouth. That was really delicious. Look at the size. (The local recommends wheat nangmyeon and boiled pork) Let’s try one piece each. This one. You take this and put red pepper paste on pork. – Like this. / – Yes. And take this radish kimchi. – That’s right. / – Okay. I love radish kimchi. 2 pieces of radish kimchi. – That melts in your mouth. / – So good. Take one piece. (Putting boiled pork in mouth) The oil… Really tasty. (I surrender) Wow! You can’t help but get drunk during the day in Jeju. How can you have that without a drink? Unbelievable. What would I have done if I hadn’t had it? It melts in the mouth! You guys really had amazing meals. Add to that a cool rice wine! Look at the size. There is a lot. A lot. It’s enough for 2 people. That’s good. The noodle is great. If I order one large size, I can’t eat it all. You can’t eat it all. So it’s better if 2 people share it. Order one large size. – Looks great. / – One large noodle, one boiled pork. That’d be fantastic. I like eating it in wraps. Every staff members had it too and nobody said it was bad. They all said it was delicious. (This flavor calls for some noise) Goodbye pizza. Really goodbye. You have to try the soup. There’s soup. – Go ahead. / – You go ahead. May I? How do you like it? Wow, it’s fantastic. – God. / – Looks amazing. I’ll drink this all. The soup can be refilled as much as you want. (Bottoms up!) Even the spice is not stimulating and hot but it tastes refreshing. I have to try it! This place looks great. I must try it in Jeju. Now let’s move on. Seong… They only showed a short amount of our gyudon and look at how many times you suck on noodles! You’re not doing an eating show. Sucking on is such a strong word. This noodle tastes amazing. Where do we go now? Well! We should go see rape flowers. Let’s see rape flowers. Rape flowers. Let’s go. Okay, okay. I’ll show you a lifetime’s worth of rape flowers. Pay for it. Got it. Let’s go. (He can’t put down his bowl) That was so good. 21 dollars, for boiled pork in the menu. You have to eat pork in Jeju. 8 dollars for a large size is cheap. – One large noodle and one boiled pork. / – Yes. I’m sorry. For what? I’ll have to have pizza in Seoul. You giving up on pizza? Yes, it was so delicious and I’m full. I never was going to have pizza anyway. (We’re going to see rape flowers!) Everything you see on the left side is rape flowers. There they are. Along with the sea. It looked magnificent. Rape flowers along the sea are really pretty. Great to take pictures. Some places even charge you for that, right? – Yes, / – Yes. Pretty flower fields do. If the field is full of them, they charge 1 dollar. And you can take pictures there. Wow, pretty. This is giving me goosebumps. Look how pretty Sim looks. 1, 2, 3. Wow, the picture looks great. – So pretty. / – Look at the sea. Nice. Let’s walk the flower road. Now it’s time to see another rape flower field. Great. Let’s go. It’s like flowers are growing out of your head. Scary. You’re the rape flower itself. Wow, look at them. They’re taking selfies. Let’s take photos for them. We should. We’ll take pictures for you. You need the sea in view, so put me on your shoulder! The angle… Up, up. Amazing. You look amazing! 1, 2, 3. We need the sea in the frame too. A little forward. Careful, careful. Lee Jaehun knows his camera angles. Sure. He’s a local. Poor Sim. 2, 2, 3. (Both men volunteer to suffer) Thanks to their suffering, they got a great picture. Could you take our picture as well? You should put her on your shoulders, too. What are you doing? I want to be dipped in flowers. This guy is creepy. 1, 2, 3. (2 grown men in rape flower field) 1, 2, 3. The picture looks great, however you take it. I love being in flowers. Let’s go. Now you’ve seen enough flowers? Sure, I’ve seen my share. Great! For 2 days, we’ve folded the map in half and looked around anti-clockwise. And now we’ve reached half. Usually we go around the outskirts, not the middle. Jeju is larger than you’d think. So to divide and conquer is good. – For 2 days. / – Yes. This place looks different from the other places. It’s more organized. Set only for tourists. Look! Surfers! Yes. (Jungmun Saekdal Beach – Holds many surfing contests Many surfers visit here from home and abroad) Cool. Look at this view! It’s different, right? Yes, this looks completely different. Not like the calm ocean we’ve seen so far. It looks wild. How much do we have? Follow me! Let’s spend the entire left budget. – Yes. / – Let’s go. We have to spend the leftover budget. You’ve missed one food in Jeju. What is it? What is the one food we missed? Tteokbokki? – Raw fish. / – Ah, raw fish. They sell what female divers catch. Isn’t that expensive? No, no. It’s cheap and simple. You sit there. This taste is priceless. Because… This backdrop is expensive. If you have it in a regular diner… This is it. There are many things other than the main menu. 20 dollars per dish. That’s too expensive. – No, it’s not. / – You have all sorts of seafood. Considering the great view, it’s not expensive. That’s 20 dollars? Yes. We have sea squirt. Octopus, sea squirt and Jejudo topshell. This is topshell? Yes, it is. This is it. Let’s try. You should at least have these in this setting. Eating raw fish. Now you’ve had it all. About every great menu Jeju can offer. (How does Jeju’s sea squirt taste?) Yes! Sim is chewing on sea squirt! Wow! Now try octopus. This is really fresh. (How does Jeju’s octopus taste?) It all tastes like sauce. You dip it in too much sauce. But that sauce was great. Made by the local grandma. Really? So good you almost want to drink it. It’s like chewing seawater. Seawater! Now try Jeju topshell. (How does Jeju’s topshell taste?) So chewy. It’s nothing like a boiled topshell. This one is raw. – Good, huh? / – Yes. Nice setting, nice price. Anything would taste good in that setting. Even noodles will taste good. Collaboration. (Sadly, Jeju tour is almost over) How much per pineapple? 1 dollar. Let’s have one. They have lots of tropical fruit. – Ah! / – Hallabong. – That looks amazing. / – Looks delicious. (The local tries hallabong) Too sweet, you try. What is this? Hallabong. It’s not hallabong season, right? The season starts now. It needs to ripen so that the acid would be out. Yes. Try this. This one. But you can’t take this rough stone with you. You can’t take it outside Jeju. Is there a size limit? 10cm. This one is processed, so you can take this. This one’s processed. You can take it. You can’t just take stones from the road. Not outside Jeju. Not the ones on the beach. (During March~April, you can see beautiful cherry blossom garden in Jeju University) We’ve had tours for 2 days in low budget. One can say we missed a few things. No, not for me. – We ate just about everything. / – Sure. We enjoyed views as great as the ones abroad. Jeju has a lot of things to watch and eat. I love it. This is the highlight. (Common view of Jeju Makes any photo artistic / Welcome) (Full of mouth-watering food to eat) The boiled pork. The Korean food is great. Now it’s almost your flight time. I should get going. – Take care. / – Yes. Thank you. (Eternal Grand Place’s Jeju Tour) (Day 1 – Gimpo Airport ->Jeju Airport ->Dodubong ->Pollack stew diner ->Gwakji Gwamul Beach ->Chagwido ->Filefish boiled in sauce ->Seonunjeongsa ->lodging) (Day 2 – Lodging ->Aewoneup field ->Wheat nangmyeon ->Jungmun Saekdal Beach ->Jeju University ->Jeju Airport ->Gimpo Airport) That was great. Today’s theme was the lowest budget trip but Osaka and Jejudo are also the two most searched keywords in travel. They are rival tour spots. It was low budget but really efficient. They weren’t being cheap. Just getting on the boat, not catching one fish… This is embarrassing. I should let this one go. This is embarrassing. (Sim finally collapses due to sea sickness) We ate seafood so that was some consolation. Were there highlights in the 2nd half? That was a huge tourist attraction. But 20 dollars for that much is expensive. But you can’t eat seafood for 20 dollars. Jeju female divers are decreasing. So for them, this money is not too much. I loved rape flowers but also I loved how you lied on the green field. I’ve been to Jeju enough times, but never knew that. If you go to Jungsangan area there are many broad pastures. So that’s a common sight there. That was so beautiful there. Once you get there, you can’t help but run. – You become a horse. / – Like a horse. You just run like a horse. Whether you’re man or woman. You just run. That was fantastic. And you lie? Then it becomes your bed. What if you’re with a girl friend? (Shy) – Suk. / – Yes. You’re on our team. You have a house in Jeju, too. Right? Yes, a deserted house I have surrendered to nature. I do own a house there. But why won’t you go down there? You can’t sleep in that house, right? I have a snake living there. And rats. I know I shouldn’t ask this but in Jeju, you can’t take out basalt, right? No, you can’t. What about fruits? That’s why I’ve brought a plastic bag with me. The plastic bag! No, don’t. Finally, we get to see that. I missed the timing to give you this. – Because… / – What is it? Have some hallabong. (Jaehun brought hallabong) First, we should have some. Thank you. We’ll have some but… How can you give this to the audience? No, regardless of who wins. (Regardless of who wins, here comes hallabong!) Come on. No, I’m just passing by. – Just passing by. / – Then do pass by. Share this to everyone in the audience. (We lost!) Lee Jaehun, Lee Jaehun. – Thank you. / – Thank you. How generous. You just didn’t bring a few. Do you have something, Hani and Solji? That’s right! What did you bring? Here we go. But we only have enough for emcees. For emcees. Not for everyone? No… (Pretending to be sorry to hear that!) We went shopping. We don’t eat natto. Isn’t that natto? – I can’t eat natto. / – No, that’s not it. Not the leftover natto? You can keep this for the rest of your life. – Rest of your life. / – Yes. Let’s see. This is a necessary item. Yes. 1, 2, 3. Ta-da. (What is this?) What is this? What is this? What’s this? Ah! A back scratcher. It extends. This one extends. It extends. This is good. You’ll need this. It extends. I was surprised. Fight, fight. This is good. What are you doing? Come on, what are you doing? It has many functions. What function? This one is popular. Million seller! Yes, million seller! We’ve seen both tours. Now let’s go over their budgets. That’s what travel is about. Yes. Let’s check transportation fees. We’ll reveal one by one together. The transportation fee is 54 and 41 dollars. Why? Because we rented the car. And gas fee. Gas fee is included. Jeju doesn’t have subway. You have to rent a car. You do, so the rental fee is cheap. You need a driver’s license. Osaka is a big city so there are many transportation systems. Next, is food expense. Jeju, 44 dollars. Osaka, 54 dollars. Dasoni did eat a lot. We’ve had all we could eat in Jeju, too. Yes. Let’s see lodging expenses! Lodging expenses. I have a question. Where did you sleep, Jaehun? I slept at my own house. That’s not fair. You own a home there. Should you guys sleep together? But I have my own house. That’s cheating! I was the guide. How much lodging for Jaehun, then? My house? My house is not open for business. Take that into consideration. Total cost except plane ticket prices. 140 dollars vs. 180.63 dollars. For your consideration. Not much difference. Due to our schedule we bought the tickets last minute, but if you purchase in advance, it’d be much cheaper. The same goes for Jejudo. We have… 10 dollar tickets, too. – 10 dollar price range. / – 10 dollar price range. Avoid weekends, and you’d get lots of discounts and go there for a cheap price. Yes. There are tips to buy cheap plane tickets. Watch out for early bird promotions. Second, when you log online delete your previous records. Because your search records for plane tickets still remain on the internet and they’d offer the price according to those records. So you need to pretend as if it’s your first time for them to offer you the lowest price. The best thing is to marry someone in airline company. That’s an important tip. Then you can go to Europe for 10 dollars. Or 20 dollars. I should marry a pilot. Then you’d go almost for free, rest of your life. That’s great. Statistically, buying 6 weeks in advance is the cheapest. In average, tickets for Tuesday and Sunday are the cheapest. So please take that into consideration. Okay. First half result was… 55 vs. 45. – We were leading. / – We were. (Jejudo’s Eternal Grand Place) (Osaka’s Dasoni Tour) (What is the result of the 2nd half?) When you get older, you’ll have workshops. – You’ll have many opportunities. / – To go to Jeju. Because it is a beautiful place. So I’d recommend Osaka to you guys. As for me! If you go to Jeju after you’re 30 years old you can appreciate its beauty. No way. After 30, the filefish tastes great. Now, though. Now, you can’t tell between flatfish and filefish. Jeju is best in April, May and June. Osaka is best in April, May and June. I’ve been to both places. Jeju and Osaka are both nice. But for me, 2 days in Osaka is too short. – I know. / – Too short. I’ve asked Hani, ‘2 days would be short, right?’ And she said yes. How long did it take from Kansai Airport to downtown? Under 2 hours. – Right. / – 1 hour 58 minutes? If you stay somewhere in Jungmun, Jeju, then it’d take an hour from the airport. It’s the same. If I drive, I can get there in 35 minutes. Then you’d drive above the speed limit and get fined. – Too fast. / – No, no. Stop. Why did you sing “Jeju’s Blue Night”, then? (That’s right) I’ll make one last offer. Lastly… Lastly let us sing Seong’s “Jeju’s Blue Night”. (Using Seong for their victory of Jeju?) (Huh?) 1, 2, 3. (Let’s leave, the two of us) (Leaving everything behind) Osaka! Osaka! (I am Seong Sigyeong!) Let’s vote. Time for the final vote. Final choice. Which trip do you want? Vote now! (Voted by 100 people) (Which trip do you want?) Let’s see the result. (The results are in) It’s all about what you eat. 3 meals and 4 snacks a day. Hani and Solji’s Dasoni Tour. Is it Osaka tour? Pure, 40-year-old Lee Jaehun and Sim Hyeongtak’s Eternal Grand Place. Is it Jejudo tour? Let’s see the result! Let’s see! – The result! / – The result! Please, please. The result! The result! The result! (The winning team is Dasoni Tour in Osaka) We didn’t win. It’s not us. It’s them. Congratulations. Now I can say honestly, both teams were great. Amazing. I actually loved both Osaka and Jeju. – I know. / – I loved them. But Osaka was on our side. But I love Jeju’s restaurants. Filefish is amazing. You showed the wheat noodle for too long. For too long. If the age group was over 30 or my age then they’d have picked Jeju. Jeju would’ve won. That was a good fight. I know. So now you and I lost 2 times in a row. That’s a good sign. Final vote was 54 vs. 46. We have one more vote. Yes. We won one more person over. If it were for 3 days, we’d have won. Let’s just keep it at that. Let’s hear from the winning team. You’ve made time in your busy schedule. No, the Jeju team showed a great tour. So we were worried a lot. Thank you so much for voting us. It was our first time in Osaka. It’s such an attractive place. So much delicious things to eat. Go there, try out delicious food. And see many nice things. Thank you. And check if you’ve made reservations. Don’t make mistakes. That way you won’t mess up. Let’s go! As promised, for the voters of the winning team 54 of them. We have travel pouches for you. And plane tickets. – Wow. / – Let’s vote. Do we have a winner? – We have a plane ticket. / – What? I don’t hear any screams. No one? (Congratulations!) (You won!) Number 42. What does it say? Congratulations. You’ve won a travel fund. Many amazing tips for those who want to take off. The optimized program for battle trip travellers. We’ll come see you on Friday nights. Yes, you sit back and enjoy the view. That’s our program. Please watch us. Life is a travel. Battle Trip! Hani’s team. I liked travelling abroad. I’ve never been to Osaka. I want to go there. The food they ate looked so delicious. Osaka was good but the boiled pork looked great, so I changed my mind. Food is a huge part of a trip. I wanted to eat filefish and pollack. There were some places I didn’t know. So there were many useful tips. Thanks to battle trip I got travel information. I want to go on a trip with the travel fund. (This time, it’s snack tour in Seoul!) You can come with your girlfriend or with your boyfriend. You’ll be surprised. (They’ve discovered this course on their own) (Temptation late at night) Go! (Take off with Battle Trip) (To be continued next week) (“Haneul Baragi” / Jeong Yunji, feat. Harim)

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