Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.33 : Dara Tour [ENG/THA/2017.01.29]

Battle Trip | 배틀트립 – Ep.33 : Dara Tour [ENG/THA/2017.01.29]

2016 KBS Entertainment Awards. Top Excellence Award for Talk Shows. Kim Sook! Congratulations! Congratulations. Battle Trip would normally be on at this hour. However, Entertainment Awards is on right now. I’m on both so it doesn’t really matter to me. Thank you so much. I couldn’t say much because I was worried I’d cry. I had so much to say. Thank you. (Numerous great tips on trips) (Lee Hwijae, San E) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travelling is a war! Battle Trip! We changed our outfits for the new year. – Black and white. / – You’re right. Aren’t we supposed to wear something bright? – My gosh, Sikyung. / – What’s wrong? You’re getting more handsome. I caught a cold. Did you lose weight because of it? – Yes, I did. / – I want to catch that cold. It’s true that I had gained a lot of weight. – Until now? / – Battle Trip was the main reason. While I was monitoring the show, I realized that I shouldn’t live that way. On Battle Trip, there are many eating scenes. I can’t sit still after turning off the TV. – It’s not easy. / – I want to eat too. – That’s right. / – After shooting Battle Trip… Sikyung goes somewhere to eat early in the morning. I go and look for the last dish that appears on Battle Trip. I say I’ll eat every dish I see but I always end up choosing the last dish. Please look forward to Battle Trip in 2017 as well. Let’s find out what kind of trips… – Are in store for us today. / – It’ll be a special start. For the first episode of Battle Trip in 2017, we prepared a New Year’s special. – A special? / – It’s a special because… These two teams have been with us before. They were the hottest teams in 2016. They are legendary. You won’t find it anywhere else. It’s a big match of travelling masters. The list of today’s guests will give you the chills. I can’t wait to find out where they visited. They’re the VVIP of our show. We really wanted to meet them again. Here are our trip planners today. Please come out! They are legends. Welcome. – My goodness. / – Your prop… Did something happen to him? Is he on his way? What’s this? During the shoot with us, Lim Hyoungjun kept complaining because he wasn’t on camera enough. He’s in Thailand for extra shooting. Really? – Did the three of you travel together? / – Yes. Minkyo is very familiar with Thailand like a local. He might as well be Thai. How many times have you been there? I visited Thailand 28 times. – The same country? / – 28 times? It’s difficult for a person living in Seoul to visit Busan 20 times. When you went on the MK Tour, didn’t you draw a lot of attention? Some people thought that I was Thai. On SNS, many people contacted me to ask how to get to certain places. – Really? / – Yes. What happened to Lee Jonghyuk? He couldn’t join us due to his schedule. We were happy because he was quite useless. You and Jonghyuk worked well together. Last time it was, ” Where Are You Going, Friend?” It was a trip with university friends. We played baseball. He’s my university junior. That’s why we planned a trip together. Last time, MK Tour travelled all over Thailand. Were there more places to visit? Of course. – Really? / – I have 5 episodes prepared. – 5 episodes? / – You have that many? – Of course. / – Will today’s trip be amazing again? People told me that today will be a match between the champions. – I felt sorry. / – Do you feel sorry already? I’m her fan, but I was worried because… I’ll win again. Sandara hates losing. Are you fully prepared? Yes, but I’m a little… – Worried. / – Are you worried? I’m worried and it feels like deja vu from last time. Did you compete with Kim Taehoon? – Yes. / – She lost by 2 votes. – They’re so good at talking. / – That’s right. Sandara, did many people ask you about Dara Tour on SNS? – I’m sure there were a lot. / – It was incredible. It was one of the most searched keywords. Dara Tour was the first related keyword to Battle Trip. It was the first keyword. Travel agencies told me that many of their customers asked for the exact itinerary of Dara Tour. I believe today will be a big match. It’ll be another match. MK Tour has won once. Dara Tour of Sandara has lost once. Sandara, where did you travel to? We came again… – To win. / – The Philippines has many islands. There are about 7,000 islands in the Philippines. We visited the most beautiful island among them. The most beautiful island? It’s the best one among 7,000. What’s the name of the island? 7,000? It’s one of the Palawan Islands. It’s called Coron and it was absolutely beautiful. – Coron? / – Yes. It’s where the emerald sea and the blue sky reflect each other. A fantastic island. How about MK Tour? – MK Tour… / – Same sea? We visited a place with a dazzling body of water. – Dazzling? / – Was it tap water? Hwijae… I was about to take my revenge on you on TV. You’ll see. We saw the best waterfall in Thailand. You’ll see. Dara Tour, did you go elsewhere beside the island? We got the best of both worlds. We visited Coron and the Philippines’ capital city, Manila, once again. – Manila. / – Manila. They went to amazing places. Okay… You’ve been to the Philippines before, but what makes this trip different? For those who visit the Philippines for the first time, we introduced beginner and intermediate courses. This time, it’s an advanced course. – Advanced? / – Yes. How about MK Tour? We decided to be authentic. You must show Seoul to introduce Korea. We’ll show you Bangkok first. Then, we’ll show you the beautiful places in the vicinity as an advanced course. It’s a match of the masters. Also, please welcome our judges, 100 people in the audience. – Welcome. / – Welcome. – Thank you. / – We ask for your fair judgment. They’re the most important. This is Dara Tour, the advanced course. I can’t wait. This time, they want to defeat MK Tour. Please enjoy Palawan. What is he saying? Everyone, let’s go. Let’s go! Here’s Part 2. We received many requests for Dara Tour. People must’ve really liked it. Dara Tour was very popular back then. Let’s make it more advanced than last time. (They had endless conversations with staff members) It’s an unfamiliar place. So many people rewatched Dara Tour, you know. The number of views was incredible. I made Dara Tour t-shirts. I gave them to the customers. I gave out the shirts. There’s Palawan. What kind of place is Palawan? Palawan is… (Palawan, the hidden treasure of Asia) Celebrities like Brad Pitt have visited here. Do international stars visit there? It’s a famous vacation spot. – Did Brad Pitt visit there? / – Yes. It’s not as fancy as Boracay. – Is the nature preserved? / – That’s right. You can find everything including the ocean, cliffs and caves. The color of the water is different. It’s so beautiful. Amazing. (Hidden paradise, Palawan) – This is too good. / – What is that? – This is too good. / – What is that? Are you really laughing or are you worried? It’s because it’s pretty. (We invite you to paradise) I heard that we’ll be competing against strong opponents. Kim Minkyo. (They will compete against MK Tour) I watched their trip. He seemed like a local like me. Hasn’t he visited Thailand over 20 times? – Wasn’t it 200 times? / – I think so. He’s only been to Pattaya many times. So if they travel somewhere else this time… We have more chance of winning, right? People stop in Bangkok first before going to Pattaya. That’s true. (Incheon International Airport, 6 a.m.) Hello. Ta-da, we’re back with Part 2 of the Dara Tour. Welcome, welcome back. Here’s a flag for you. It’s like what we said before. Ta-da. As an advanced trip, we’ve prepared flags. And this… – Did you have matching shirts? / – Yes. – It’s pretty. / – Without me, it’s not Dara Tour. I made these shirts for you so be careful of imitations. We’ll fly to Manila. After a stopover in there, we’ll head to Palawan. Then after enjoying our time there, we’ll fly back to Manila and tour around the city. I expect… – An amazing itinerary again. / – It’ll be great. Let’s go to Manila. What time was the flight? Our flight was at 8 a.m. How long does it take to Manila? – It takes 3 hours 20 minutes. / – 4 hours? – 3 hours 20 minutes? / – Yes. We’ve arrived in Manila. The airport in Manila is divided into three terminals. You’ll need a ride to get to the terminals. Plan to spend about 2.5 hours to transfer. It’s really great. – Going to a warm place in winter… / – It’s the best. First of all, you don’t have to pack much. – You pack light. / – Yes. (Coron) (It’s a 55-minute flight from Manila to Busuanga) We’re here. We’re on Coron Island in Palawan. Did they recognize you in Coron, Sandara? – They did. / – Of course. – As expected. / – She’s a celebrity there. Among the 7,000 islands of the Philippines, there are over 1,700 in Palawan. – Just here? / – Yes. The main destinations are Puerto Princesa, Coron and El Nido. El Nido is very private. For friends travelling together… – Is it better here? / – Coron is a lot more accessible. I chose Coron because there are more places to visit and more food to eat. Many people take New Year’s trips to Palawan. Because this place is great? – Hello. / – Filipinos are greeting her. Here we go. Go, go, go. ($3.50 for a 30-minute ride to the city) – It only costs $3.50 for a mini-van ride? / – Yes. Coron! We will start with a full view of Coron. – A full view? / – Then we’ll head to dinner. It’s beautiful. We can see the view if we climb the stairs. The sun will be setting by the time we get up there. I can’t wait to see how lovely it’ll be at the top. – It’s so cool. / – Yes. – The weather’s so great. / – It’s nice. The best visiting months start from… – November to January. / – Really? It’s pretty cool and not rainy. – So that’s the best time. / – It’s a little less hot. I heard there were a lot of Koreans in the Philippines. But I didn’t see a lot of them. At this place, I haven’t seen a single Korean besides our staff members. It seems like a secret spot. How far have we climbed? (Her body can’t keep up) I climbed up Gatbawi when I was younger. I might be the first to collapse. Are we really climbing to the top? I think so. I need a cable car. I don’t have the strength to speak. What’s that? It’s perfect for the new year. It’s so beautiful. It’s so pretty. It’s sunset. – The sun is going down. / – It’s purple. I can feel the good energy. I think 2017 will be great. Let’s push for the top. All the way up? I should’ve brought water. I can’t see the end. Dinner awaits us later. Let’s replenish ourselves afterward. It’s so beautiful behind them. Don’t you want to go there? – Isn’t it beautiful? / – I got chills. – It’s amazing. / – They’re applauding. – Let’s applaud. / – They’re applauding. – This is the view at sunset. / – It’s so picture-perfect. It’s really beautiful. – It’s so beautiful right now. / – Yes. There are so many lights at night in cities. – But it’s not like that here. / – Seriously. – It’s so natural. / – Right. What will you wish? Hit the jackpot in 2017. Hit the jackpot. Look at that. Palawan looks like a CG image. It’s the most beautiful sunset so far on Battle Trip. Right? They must’ve been so hungry after all those steps. It’s time to eat. – What will they eat? / – You can’t forget… – About food. / – Now it begins. (It’s their first Christmas in summer) It’s finally time to eat dinner. I’m hungry. Look at the Christmas decorations. Is this what we’re eating? Everything looks good. This is traditional Filipino cuisine. This is painful to watch. – I’m hungry. / – Let’s order. We ate sinigang last time. (It’s purple?) (The sinigang’s purple color surprised her) It feels similar to fast-fermented bean paste soup. – It’s so sour. / – Right. Are we eating something different this time? This time we’ll have bulalo, which all Koreans can eat. What’s that? – Bulalo? / – Yes. It’s a famous dish. – What’s that? / – It’s a health food. It’s similar to beef bone soup because it’s made from bone marrow. It’s like rib soup. Let’s eat well so we can enjoy our day tomorrow. It’s like rib soup? (She orders in Tagalog) Can we have garlic rice? What are you saying? – I want to order everything. / – Right. I can even eat rocks right now. – I want to order everything. / – Come out quick. (I will eat you up!) Last time, we ordered an entire table of food but it was really cheap. – Right. / – Will it be that cheap again? How much is the bulalo? It’s $9.40. (It costs $9.40 for 2 servings of bulalo) – Even though there’s so much meat? / – Yes. Here it is. This is beef and this is pork. It’s kind of like… This is beef tapa. It’s the two trademark dishes here. This and that. Like black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodles. This is what you eat for breakfast in the Philippines. – Breakfast? / – Yes. – So basically, it’s beef and pork? / – Yes. Like black bean noodles and spicy seafood noodles. I get it now. Here’s the bulalo. Here is the main dish. Thank you. Is there a strong scent? – Not at all. / – No. – Koreans can easily eat it. / – No scent. I’ll taste the bulalo soup. It tastes… Just like rib soup. All Koreans can eat this. They even make bulalo instant noodles. – Oh, really? / – Yes. Koreans really like it and buy it in bulk. This is like pork spine soup because you can dip the meat in a sauce. The soup is incredible. – Let’s make the sauce. / – Yes. (The sauce master is ready) The sauce gets so flavorful since you’ll be making it yourself. – Cut this yourself. / – Half of a calamansi. It has to be spicy. – Cut the pepper. / – That looks good. – For the meat? / – Yes. It looks delicious. The meat is on the bone. (She’s excited) Dip it in sauce. How is it? (You have to try it to understand) The sauce looks good. It’s really soft and… Instead of eating rib meat, the texture is more like pork hocks. But it tastes just like rib soup. It’s slightly sour from the soy sauce. It feels really nutritious. It’s pork hocks. The texture is like pork hocks. There are… Many people who can’t adjust to foreign food. – Anyone could eat this. / – Right. What was this called? Tosino. – What do you dip it in? / – Ketchup. – Ketchup? / – That… – It’s the best. / – That… You break the egg yolk… – Right. / – It’s so good. It’s so interesting. It doesn’t seem like it’d go with ketchup. It’s like jerky. (How is it?) – You’re so smart. / – Why? I thought it’d be spicy since it’s red. – But it’s not spicy at all. / – It’s sweet. It’s like thick and soft jerky. It has a familiar taste, right? It tastes like jerky. I ate this when I was a student. It’s so delicious. Dipping it in ketchup makes it tasty and unique. It’s good. That’s my favorite food in the Philippines. – That was the best? / – It’s a classic. It’s a common food in the Philippines though. That’s why I didn’t order it before. I had no idea that she’d love it. What was this called? – Beef tapa. / – Beef tapa? You dip it in vinegar. (She dips it in vinegar) – It’s beef. / – It probably tastes familiar. It tastes like mom overcooked it slightly. It’s chewy and it tastes like expensive beef. You know that delicious taste? Honestly, this tastes like something you could find in Korea. This tastes like something mom would make at home. This is really delicious. – This? / – This. This is it. Order this! It’s really amazing. The Korean staff members ordered this for breakfast every day. – The soup is amazing. / – It’s amazing. What are we doing tomorrow? We’ll go island hopping. We’ll go snorkeling. We’ll play in the water. We’ll go to a restaurant on an uninhabited island. – A restaurant on an island? / – Yes. That’s too tough to beat. There’s the sea and a lake. We have to take pictures. For dinner tomorrow, we’ll go to a hot spring. – Will we spend all day in water? / – All day. We ate well, so let’s play hard tomorrow. – Please look forward to it. / – It’s kind of unfamiliar. (Second day, 8 a.m.) The weather is so nice. It’s the second day in Palawan! I don’t have to do a sun dance. It rained so much yesterday but the weather today’s great. She did a dance in case it rained. We went up that mountain. We climbed really high yesterday. We got quite a workout as soon as we arrived. What are we doing today? We’ll rent a boat in Palawan and go on an island tour. – Isn’t renting a boat expensive? / – Here and there. It’s around $60 to $70. – $70? / – Yes. – Is it $70 a day? / – For the entire boat? – For an entire boat. / – Wow. It’d cost more than $70 an hour in Korea. We’ll start with Kayangan Lake. It’s the lake that’s always on postcards or in books. We are going to Palawan. (The symbol of Palawan) (The water is clean and green) – It’s beautiful. / – Look at the color of the water. (Kayangan Lake) (To the wide ocean after enjoying the lake) (Even beginners can experience ocean adventures) (You can also enjoy snorkeling) (It’s a perfect place to visit at the end of your day) That’s how life should be lived. – Right? / – Seriously. – It looks so relaxing. / – There are a lot of foreigners. (Maquinit Hot Spring) (Kayangan Lake, snorkeling, Maquinit Hot Spring) We’ll do all of that in a day. (Let’s go) I’m one with nature. – Do the “Titanic” pose. / – Okay. It’s completely… (Something’s off) I can’t pole dance. You can’t. That’s cute. We got a good shot. This is great. The view is so pretty. When people visit Coron, they don’t follow a schedule. – Why? / – It’s like the Dara Tour. Dara Tour or Hyoni Tour. You can go wherever you want. – You plan your own course. / – The way you feel. We’re going where you feel like going today. (Thousand faces of the volcanic island, Coron) It’s so beautiful. (Dreamy atmosphere created by limestone and waves) All photos look good. It can’t be captured in photographs. It’s like being in a movie, on an adventure. The shapes created by nature are so beautiful. Look at the colors. It looks like paint was poured into the water. The beauty is breathtaking. – It has an Eastern feel. / – It does. But it also feels Western. There are many animals and fish. – It’s so natural. / – It really is. It’s so beautiful. I think we have to pay. Entrance fee? Does it have an entrance fee? – The lake has an entrance fee? / – Yes. We bought 2 tickets for around $7. The cost depends on the exchange rate. The entrance fee for Kayangan Lake… We’re going in. Kayangan Lake was chosen as one of the top 10 view points in the world. It’s like entering a jungle. We have to sweat since we’re here to see nature. It’s like Baengnokdam Lake. (Their breathing grows more ragged) (Wow) The color of the water is awesome. (It’s the place they saw in the photo!) (They have to take the exact same shot) It’s amazing. When you see it in pictures… – It’s disappointing in real life. / – It’s disappointing. – Look at this. / – Seriously. – You can’t capture it all. / – Compare with our pictures. We have to take it there too. (It’s the universal pose) – The background… / – You have to take it there. But I can’t see your face because of the lighting. You look like a stick figure. 1, 2, 3. I’m going to become a photographer. Okay. The water color is amazing. It’s the color you see in TV commercials. I’ve lived in the Philippines since 1995. It’s been over 20 years now. – I still haven’t gone everywhere. / – So many islands. There are still many places I haven’t visited yet. The lake is pretty. I could jump in. (Wow) – It’s really pretty. / – It’s amazing. – It’s amazing. / – Amazing. – Put on rashguards. / – Put them on. – It doesn’t look that deep. / – Look at the color! The lake is just below. – It’s freshwater. / – Yes. – The water isn’t salty. / – It’s not the ocean. You can go diving there. – Look at that. / – That’s awesome. – What’s that long fish? Hello. / – Goodness. – Awesome. / – Look at how clear it is. Goodness. You don’t need to go snorkeling. – You can see everything from above. / – That’s right. The mystery of nature. I wasn’t good at that subject in school. I liked history better. Hey, Sandara. They recognized her even from afar. How did they recognize her? I must have prominent features. Palawan has a lot of tourists right now. It’s usually like you have the whole place to yourself. (Like this) It’s so cool. – You can jump in like that. / – The tube stands out. (Sandara attempts to go in despite her fear of water) It’s nice being in the water. That tube really stands out. The temperature is just right. I can’t handle cold water. (Prepare your own swimming gear) People who can swim in deep water like that are amazing. It’s much deeper than it looks. Did you taste the water? – It’s not salty. / – I drank some just now. It’s like lukewarm drinking water. – Where do you want to go? / – Away from the people. Let’s go. – Look at the color. / – Seriously. It’s really that color. (There’s a sad legend at this lake) (A baby bird practiced swimming to become a swan) (However, the long-legged swan walked in the water) (No, I’ll go as far as the swan) Can’t you swim? – I can’t. / – I don’t swim well. But I know how to swim. The water is really deep. – It’s the butterfly stroke. / – It seems so deep. – Butterfly? / – Yes. Sandara isn’t a good swimmer. But she’s trying really hard. It’s so pretty. (I can rest if I get tired) (They enjoy nature’s peace) (Kayangan Lake is a hidden paradise) They look so peaceful. (Kayangan Lake, snorkeling, Maquinit Hot Spring) (The Dara Tour’s boat crosses the ocean) And their next destination is? After enjoying yourselves, you take the boat somewhere else? – Wherever you want. / – Right. – Your own schedule. / – The boat hire is all day? – Yes. / – But it only costs $70? – Is it your own boat? / – Yes. We’re going to Skeleton Wreck. What’s in there? – It’s a shipwreck. / – Amazing. – How scary. / – I’ve never seen a shipwreck. I can’t believe I’m seeing a shipwreck. I regretted not seeing Nemo last time. There were a lot of them. We saw 7 sea turtles back then. You can see a shipwreck while snorkeling. You can see a shipwreck in the Philippines. – For $70? / – That’s insane. Look at the color of the ocean. – It’s an uninhabited island. / – Yes. – It’s like a painting. / – Most part of Coron is uninhabited. You have to whole place to yourself. (Brave Hyoni, cowardly Sandara) Goodness. I’ll take it slow. Enjoy yourself. Minkyo, we have things like that too, right? (MK Tour’s second trip will be just as good) – Don’t worry. / – Alright. Why am I so worried today? (Screaming) There are too many of them. I can’t even see ahead. (What is that? I’m scared) You have to see this. (What is in the water?) – I love snorkeling. / – There are too many fish. – It’s like an aquarium. / – I was surprised to see that. (She finds the shipwreck) (She explores the sea freely all by herself) (This is the best) It’s amazing. – Do they have scuba diving there? / – They do. And there are diving spots. But unfortunately, I couldn’t do it. It’s so beautiful down here. It is even more beautiful than the last place. Aren’t you swimming yet? What’s wrong with me? – I can’t wait any longer. / – No, no. – Come here. / – I will dive into the water. I will do that. Wait. Okay, okay. Good job. You will have fun in the water. She’s afraid of water. – Finally. / – It is beautiful. It seems like they own the place. What was the water temperature? – It was not that cold. / – Right. – It wasn’t cold. / – Was it lukewarm? Yes, it was lukewarm. (The fish is so close that it feels like she can reach it) ♪ Under the sea ♪ The difference between this place and Balicasag… Would be the beautiful background. – It’s beautiful. / – Balicasag is a small island. So it doesn’t have those views. If I were there, I’d swim for 12 hours. I’d keep swimming after eating some snack. Dory. It was there. (It looks darker than Dory) There were four of them. The water is clean. I’m Reporter Sandara at Coron of Palawan Island. The place has a picturesque view. You’d think it is too expensive to go to Palawan Island. But after watching Dara Tour, you will realize that you can enjoy a fun trip at an affordable price. This has been Sandara Park for KBS News. We had a lot of fun. You can bring some food to the boat, choose your island and eat there. This is Smith Beach. I rented the island. We chose Smith Beach on the way. I got sunburned. I got a sunburn except my feet. Now… Wait. I can do this. 1, 2, 3. – It’s pretty deep. / – It’s not knee-high for me. 1, 2, 3. It’s pretty deep. That’s strange. Is this a restaurant in an uninhabited island? You can’t cook on this island though. They don’t allow you to cook… – To protect the environment. / – Right. – Let’s sit over there. / – That’s good. This is romantic. It’s tasteful. It looks delicious. Did you buy the food? They prepared it on the boat. – They have some snacks too. / – Enjoy. This is my favorite. It’s tortang talong. Talong means eggplants. – Tortang what? / – Tortang talong. – It looks delicious. / – It was really delicious. – Is this your favorite? / – Yes. It is a flat eggplant. They fry it with egg. Dip it in soy sauce. It tastes like eggplant wrapped in egg. It tastes just like that. This is banana petal. I thought it was a crab patty. (Mmm) It tastes like pancake. Like on national holidays. It tastes like vegetable fritters. That’s right. (In fact, they look similar) It’s good. This is lapu lapu. (The lunch tastes even better after swimming) It’s less pungent. This is really delicious. – This is so tender. / – It’s a good side dish. This is nice. It’s amazing. Let’s go. – What’s that? / – This is for you. It’s not big. Take a look at this. Wait… – You brought it. / – Yes. It’s the air sofa. – What’s that? / – I love it. I want to lie down on it. Let’s go the other way. (They keep running) It’s big. I think it’s done. Right now. – Close it quick. / – Is that how it’s done? – Yes. / – Close it. – Is that how it’s done? / – Close it. You have to capture the air. My bottom… – This is nice. / – That looks great. This is nice. I love the weather. Me too. It’s beautiful. (Go on a trip to a hidden place right now) Imagine eating then lying down there like that. – That’s heaven. / – Yeah. (30-minute car ride to Maquinit Hot Spring) – Are you going to the hot spring? / – Yes. We’re going to relax at the hot spring. We’re here. This is Maquinit Hot Spring. To tell you about this place… It’s one of the few saltwater hot springs in the world. – The mountain close to here… / – Saltwater hot spring. It was really good. The admission fee is so cheap. – $3.50 to enter the hot spring? / – Yes. It is a hidden tourist attraction. We’ve had a rough day. – Let’s get some rest here. / – It will relieve our fatigue. It’s hot. This relieves my fatigue. – There are pebbles on the bottom. / – Wow. It is good for relieving fatigue. There are pebbles on the bottom. They poke your feet. Seriously, it’s my first time here. This is the most popular attraction of Palawan. There are a lot of young people in this hot spring. A lot of people come here in summer. How was the water temperature? – It feels hot at first. / – Hot? – It feels hot at first? / – When you enter. – It’s a little hot. / – I like hot water. 1, 2. It feels weird. We are in a hot spring in a hot country. Let’s see how hot it is. They even have boiled eggs. Amazing. It’s too hot for me. What should I do? (Surprised) It’s hot! What is this feeling? (It is a perfect finale for their trip) It smells like boiled eggs here. Smell of sulfur. – This is an ironic harmony. / – It feels weird. (First time enjoying a hot spring in summer) The sun is setting. It’s hot but we’re in a hot spring. There are mangrove forests around us. And there’s the sea over there. I really want to go there. They are open until late night. It is more beautiful in the evening. (A clear sound echoes around the hot spring) It looks cool. – 24 hours? / – So pretty. It’s beer! You can’t do that. That’s a foul. You can’t drink beer in a hot spring. We did a lot of things in a day. I had a lot of fun today. It was a real advanced course. – Right. / – Much harder than last time. I’m sad. What are we doing tomorrow? We will go to Manila and tour around the city. You can look forward to something special. From nature to a city. I know. We are moving from nature to a big city. It will be better than Bonifacio. I found out a lot of famous places. I keep a firm grip on Manila. I can’t wait. We’ll be on our return flight tomorrow. Do we have time for that? If it’s a night flight at midnight… – Can we do that? / – Yes. We will take the plane at around midnight. I do that all the time. – We have almost 12 hours to tour. / – You’re right. So we can make the most of our time before we leave? I don’t want to spend the whole time at the airport. We will get the most out of our time. – Tomorrow? / – It’s tomorrow. Go, go, go for Manila! It is beautiful. If a friend like Sandara joins you… – She’ll be a perfect interpreter. / – Of course. – I admit it. / – I admit it. – Sandara prepared a lot. / – Well… The color of the water was the best. The sunset and the color of the water were the most beautiful among the ones on Battle Trip. You can watch the sunset outside. It was not the common sunset. It’s the most beautiful sea in the Philippines too. It’s more popular to Europeans rather than Koreans, right? – You didn’t meet any Koreans there? / – Not one. It’s all over for that place now. Dara Tour will succeed. Dara Tour will be hot on the internet again. Since the last battle, I got many commercial deals from the Philippines. Although you lost the battle, you gained a lot. – You’re right. / – Everyone… – Next is the hopping tour? / – Yes. What’s that? Hopping tour is popular in Palawan. It’s not the boring tour courses that travel agencies planned ahead. You can go to the places you want. – By renting the boat. / – Yes. You choose where to go. You decide the places you want to go. Then if you spot a beautiful place, can you just tell them to stop? That’s right. It’s a open trip. You looked like you enjoyed the food. Was it bulgalo? – No, it’s bulalo. / – It’s bulalo. Is it beef ribs? Yes. It tastes like rib soup. When you miss Korean food overseas, this is something all your family members can enjoy. – There is rice too. / – Everyone likes it. Was the food that you said it was like pork jerky… – Tosino? / – Isn’t it tough? – Not at all. It’s so soft… / – Right. It’s like jerky you can chew on it easily. His mouth is watering! – No. / – Is it like thick jerky? – Thick jerky… / – Right, and it’s not tough at all. – That would be delicious. / – With the soup. If you go on a trip to the Philippines, it’s hard to order food just by looking at the menu. So you mess up your order a lot. Give us some tips to order the right food. The Philippine menus have a lot of Spanish in them, so it’s hard to understand. There are a lot of sizzling dishes among them such as sizzling seafood, meat and vegetables. – Sizzling means stir-fried. / – Sizzling. Sizzling dishes are always delicious. I was a little disappointed when I went to the Philippines… because there’s no traditional food there. – It’s hard to find… / – Wait… There are traditional dishes like bulalo. Oh, there are. Not as many as in Thailand though. It’s hard to find fault with them… – We’re trying but… / – Sure. Okay. I look forward to see more of this tour. Though you are our opponents, it’s hard to find fault with you. What can we expect in the second half? The second half will be contrary to the first half. We enjoyed the nature. But this time, for an advanced tour, I picked up some nice places that even locals don’t know very well. – City? / – Yes. – Downtown. / – City. Most people spend time having coffee while waiting for the departure. – There is nothing special to do. / – Right. – Nothing. / – Or you just sleep at a hotel nearby. But I prepared a lot of information about what to do. I’m looking forward to Dara Tour Part 2, the advanced course. – Let’s watch it now. / – Okay. Let’s watch. (The second half of Dara Tour Part 2) – The city! / – Mabuhay. We’re back in Manila. What does “mabuhay” mean? It’s a greeting like aloha. – In Filipino. / – Mabuhay. Welcome to Manila. Half Manila, half Palawan. Are we going to Manila again? We have to stop by Manila anyway. There is no direct flight. (Manila was already introduced in Dara Tour Part 1) You’ve just been to Bonifacio. You are right. I didn’t get to see the downtown. The flight departs at midnight. So, if you take this course all day, you will enjoy it to the fullest. – You can enjoy to the last minute? / – Exactly. – Dara Tour Part 2. / – Advanced course. Follow, follow, follow me. Go, go, go. – Going to your favorite restaurant? / – Yes. Last time, I think I lost because… – We didn’t go there. / – We’re going there? We didn’t go there last time. – Crab. / – Oh, crab. We could have won if we had gone there. We missed that place. If there is chili crab in Singapore and… – Poo phat pong curry in Thailand. / – That’s right. There is alimango in the Philippines. – Alimango? / – What is it? I already fell in love with it. We are here. I wanted to come here in Part 1 too. “Alimango” means mud crabs in Filipino. – Let’s get in. / – Let’s get in. – Come here, customer. / – Okay. Long time no see. – I don’t have to see the menu. / – Customer. I already know the menu but let’s check it out. – I want to see the menu. / – Okay. We must order crab dishes. – There are a lot of crab dishes. / – There are plenty. – They look delicious. / – What does “pika pika” mean? Something like appetizers you can pick up easily. – Something you can pick up… / – That’s what it means? Then, what is “sinabawan?” – That means soup. / – I see. Soup? It’d be fun to be go there with someone like her. – She knows everything. / – She can tell you all. These are sinigang. – She hates sinigang. / – Gosh. – It’s purple. / – Oh, it’s the purple soup. Will it be okay? Is it okay to eat purple soup? Okay. Let’s order sinigang. I didn’t enjoy sinigang last time… – So, I want to try it again. / – Yes. Try regular sinigang. – This is regular sinigang, right? / – Yes. Which of the crabs do you want to order? Let’s order this one as usual. When you order crabs, you order male crabs so you get more meat. And the roe. They have more of that too. That’s what you order. Goodness. Hello. (Fresh alimango) Hello. – They are black. / – Right. – They just feel like crabs. / – They are… Not as big as king crabs… But they’re delicious. – They are quite big though. / – Yes. Do they turn red if they are cooked? – Yes. / – I see. This is the first time I saw black crabs. We picked crabs with garlic sauce. Garlic sauce? – The food is here. / – It is. You’re here. This is marites and it’s garlic here. – That looks delicious. / – It does. – It will go well with rice. / – My gosh. I don’t know. It is named after the person who developed this dish. – Marites did a great job. / – Right. Though I come here every week, I don’t know how to shell them. There is a tip in this case. If you ask them, they’ll shell them so nicely. – They shell them for you? / – Yes, they do. If you ask them. – Is it free of charge? / – Yes. They do it for us, right? People don’t know so… They struggle a lot and find it hard to eat. We just have to eat. They prepared them all. (Cheering, dazed) They are all ready to eat. Like this… This is delicious. Thank you for shelling them. It’s delicious. – Sikyung. / – That looks appetizing. You fell for it already. – I should eat crabs after the show. / – How could I not? Every dish with garlic sauce is delicious. The garlic flakes are not only crispy but also moist at the same time. Garlic is spicy at first but it becomes sweet if you cook it. Along with the soy sauce, it tastes like biscuits. – It’s hard to beat that. / – Put the flakes on top of it. If the rice comes out, I will mix it with the rice. Thank you. Finally, the rice is here. – It’s garlic rice. / – Thank you. You must eat garlic rice in the Philippines. Because I like garlic rice, I always order it for my guests. I don’t ask them and just order it anyway. You eat chewy rice with garlic flakes, so it’s delicious to eat. – You want to mix it in the shell? / – Great. Just like soy sauce marinated crabs? – I’ll pick this one. / – Okay. – Mixing rice in the shell is great. / – Right. Put your rice and garlic flakes in it. – Just like marinated crabs. / – Looks good. Goodness. – Goodness. / – This is it. This is it. It will taste like mud. – Look at this. / – My manager loves it. This is so good. You sure have to try the crabs but you should also order this garlic rice and try it. Don’t just eat the crabs. Sinigang is here. (Will she be okay this time?) She has a bad memory about sinigang. This is just vinegar. It’s thick vinegar. Is sinigang similar to kimchi stew in Korea? – No, bean paste stew. / – I see. (Another encounter with sinigang) Look at her face. – Look how worried she is. / – I love sinigang now. This is it. – It’s so… / – It’s this color. The soup we had was purple. – What? / – It isn’t purple? – This is the color of sinigang. / – Though we explained… Clearly last time, people think it’s purple. Sinigang’s actual color is that of bean paste soup. I wonder how it tastes. Finally… To resolve your misunderstanding, I’ll try sinigang again. It smells savory. The charm of sinigang is… As you eat… Well, sinigang is still sour… It tastes like bean paste stew added with vinegar. You’re not ready for sinigang yet. It’s addictive though. It’s a bit similar to tom yum goong. It’s a bit shocking at first but it keeps getting better as you eat. – You want more. / – That’s right. You thought about Thailand a lot there. That’s right… I know. It arouses one’s appetite. – You’re right. That why… / – It arouses appetite. I’ll want to have it when I catch a cold. You lose your appetite when you catch a cold. With this, my appetite will be aroused. It’s a bit tough at first, but once you get into it, it’s irresistible. That’s right. I’m full now. – We’re both really full. / – Where are we going now? We’ll go eat something. A three-course dessert. There are some desserts we couldn’t have. Many Filipino desserts. We’ll go have a Filipino three-course dessert. – Dessert time. / – This must be captured. – Manila’s really nice. / – Where are we? – It’s Manila Bay. / – Dara Tour is good with food. (Manila Bay) (Known as the best bay in the world) (Lots of popular places for young people) (Central and popular area of Manila) It’s a bit like Hangang. It’s like Hangang. Where you can see water in Manila. Hangang is a place where families go out and where couples date. – Is it similar here? / – It’s a popular spot for dating. Many local people date here. It’s always prettier at night. There are bands playing live at night. It’s quieter now because it’s the daytime. I want to join the Dara Tour. I used to come here a lot. – There, there. / – Oh, there. It’s a very famous restaurant. It’s been there since 1936. – It has tradition. / – They have many kinds of desserts. – This is a dessert? / – In Manila… This place is known as one of the oldest restaurants. We’re here. It was open in 1936. – It has its tradition. / – 80 years… – If you look… / – Hi, Sandara. Here comes Sandara’s popularity. – So popular. / – If you look… They’re all families here. Many people get married at Manila Cathedral. I guess they hold receptions here after the wedding. I’m looking forward to the three-course dessert. Dessert, dessert. First, you have to try leche flan. – I haven’t tried it. / – Then, we’ll get buko pandan. Where is it? Hi, halo halo. I won’t have you this time. – Explain each dessert for me. / – They’re here. This is leche flan. I love this dessert. It tastes a bit like caramel. – Is it a pudding? / – It’s like an egg pudding. – It tastes like caramel. / – You must try this. It looks delicious. – Alright. / – Let’s try. You know what it tastes like. – Is that so? / – It’s a pudding. It’s a pudding. It’s a combination of caramel and egg. It’s extremely delicious. It’s really sweet but not too sweet. It’s good. When I’m in need of sugar, I eat this instead of halo halo. You can intake sugar at once with this one. We’ll give this a pass. The second one is buko pandan. – What is this? / – It’s coconut… – And green jellies. / – Look at the color. The flavor may be a bit different for each restaurant. – In fact, this… / – The color is… It’ll be better than you think. Koreans like it. – They do? / – Yes. – How would it taste? / – Coconut is delicious. (It’s hard to predict the flavor because of the color) (How is it?) – This is… / – She doesn’t look well. – She doesn’t look well. / – She looks… This is… Just a combination of jelly and coconut. It’s not familiar to us. There are some people who like coconut beverages. – That’s right. / – Those people will love this. I thought of my grandma. It’d be good for elders with… – Chewing problems. / – It’s soft. – This looks a bit like rice cakes. / – That’s right. Puto bumbong. Christmas is the biggest holiday for Filipinos. – September to January? / – Yes. – It’s really festive now. / – We eat this at Christmas. – This is no joke. / – You should use a knife for this. I can’t believe that I’m eating a purple rice cake. There are many purple dishes. They must like purple. Mix it with sugar and coconut powder. I think it will be really sweet. First, I want to taste just the rice cake. I don’t think there will be any flavor. – It’s rice cake! / – Exactly. It’s like the bar rice cakes my grandma used to grill for me on holidays so I’d dip them in sugar. It’s similar to that. It’s a rice cake coated with sugar and coconut powder. – It must be delicious. / – It’s delicious. It’s got to be delicious. It’s a rice cake dipped in sugar. Look. You must cover it like this. Add some more on top. Wait, is it okay to dip it… – In sugar? You’re a model. / – Of course, yes. – It’s so good. / – I’ve never dredged so much sugar. Some people dredge this much sugar. It may seem unfamiliar but the flavor is familiar. I hope people will come try this dessert. It’s familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. It’s very traditional too. I really liked it. – I want to try it. / – It’s something new for me too. – What’s next? / – It tastes familiar. We’ll go visit Intramuros near here. It’s a place you must visit when you go to Manila. She thinks that we lost last time since we didn’t talk about history. That’s why she prepared it with ambition. – She’s so cute. / – It’s time for history class. Great. There’s food, vacation spots and even history. The Philippines was a colony of Spain for 3 centuries, so there’s a castle where Spanish people used to live. The Spanish streets from the past are still kept. My friends visited there and posted pictures. I’d like to go there and take pictures. That’s one of my bucket list. The Philippines was colonized for 3 centuries? Yes, so the Filipino language is very similar to Spanish. This is Intramuros… I told you about. All the buildings that Spanish people used in the past have been preserved. – They’ve been here since then? / – Yes, all of them. – They’re all very old. / – My goodness. Rich Spanish people used to live here. This is the famous Manila Cathedral. Oh, this was a cathedral. Almost 100% of Filipinos are Catholic. – 80%. / – Over 90% are Catholic. It’s one of the oldest cathedrals. (Over 80% of the population being Catholic) (A central cathedral of the Philippines) There are a couple spots to take good pictures. – Photo zone. / – Yes. Dara Tour. – 1, 2, 3. / – My goodness. (Manila Cathedral and Intramuros with Dara Tour) We’ll go around this village on a carriage called a kalesa. We’ll go around this neighborhood? Yes, the horseman over there will explain everything in Korean. Use an official kalesa. It’s a fixed rate of… It’s written there 500 peso, $11 for 30 minutes. – There are carriages for 2 to 6. / – Here we go. You can pick the one you want among different kinds. – It’s supposed to be like that. / – It is? I thought it was because I’m too heavy. Goodness. – I’m sorry. / – Here we go. There are different courses, a 30-minute ride or an hour ride. You can stop and see the places you want. You can look around? That’s nice. Let’s go. (They go to visit Intramuros on a kalesa) Manila is pretty. (They feel the vibe of Spain in Manila) It seems like Europe. The horseman will explain well. He really speaks Korean? – Really? / – As we go, he’ll explain. This used to be a city hall in the past. – What? / – That’s how he explains? – He spoke very clearly. / – “A city hall in the past”. There’s a distinct vibe in this neighborhood. (It feels quiet and peaceful) I’m amazed how cars wait for you. Look back there, those tall buildings. It feels ironic. You can see the past and the present of the Philippines. You’re right. As you go on, you’ll find historical places with traces of the war. – History… / – It totally feels like Europe here. This is an old Spanish house. It’s an old yet rich Spanish house. (Casa Manila) There’s a spot where you can take good pictures. How pretty. I’ll show the spot to my customers. No matter which period it was, rich people have lived so well. – This is the spot to take pictures. / – A photo spot? This is one of them. There should be sunlight… – Nobody lives there now? / – Right. – It’s just preserved. / – Yes, it’s used as a museum. Intramuros. Intramuros means “inside the castle.” Inside the castle. (This place was most turbulent during the 20th century) This is a wedding hall. It used to be a Japanese prison, but now… Japanese prison. This used to be a Japanese prison but it’s now used as a wedding hall. – How ironic. / – The police wear Spanish uniform. You still get that classic feel. – There are bullets in the walls. / – Right. What is that? – A cannon. / – A sweet potato roaster? (He tries his best to pick on Dara Tour) Was that the sweet potato attack? Sweet potato. – What could be here? / – I can’t imagine. (After climbing the old stairs of history…) We’ve travelled to the past. (A tower was here before the war and earthquake) What is this place? Was this the prison? I think so. – Doesn’t it look like something? / – It looks nice. It looks very similar. A place like this is still left in the city. It’s amazing. It’s preserved really well. They carried all these by hands in the past. Unbelievable. Hundreds of years have passed. – Exactly. / – It’s preserved so well. It’s amazing. You’ve walked around Intramuros today. How was it? It’s my third time in the Philippines, yet it’s my first time learning the history of it, so I am really amazed. I feel as though I gained much more knowledge of it. – Dara wanted to explore history. / – Where do we go? Yes, she really did. We’ll go to the hottest modern place these days. It’s not over yet? – No. / – What? You’ll go somewhere else now? They make good use of time. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Gosh, they went clubbing. She’s so adorable. This isn’t a club, everyone. – It’s not a club? What is it? / – Sky view… A sky view lounge? I’m so excited. Since I like old music… (The trip planner is excited) This place is really hot nowadays. You must visit places like here when you’re on a trip. So pretty. If you don’t make a reservation, there won’t be a table. It’s a really hot place these days. You can get the whole view of the city like that. Shall we sit here? I didn’t know that Manila had such night view. Exactly. It’s hard to see the night view in Manila, as there aren’t many skyscrapers as tall as this one. Seeing the view makes me realize that this is the last night. My goodness. (Surprised) This is like to thing used to break ostrich eggs. – What is that? / – A cocktail. I should break it well at once. Here we go. – My goodness. / – Harder, harder. Bang, bang, bang. – My goodness. / – You’re crushing the ice. – It’s a fun drink. / – I crushed ice… Then the emerald green sea came out from it. – Exactly. It’s like the Palawan. / – My goodness. – Cheers. / – Cheers. Say something. For the success of Dara Tour Part 2! For the success! What if I get drunk on my way to the airport? No way. If you drink a bit of wine or a glass of cocktail… – You can sleep in the plane. / – Right. You can. The second tour was much harder. – What was the most memorable one? / – Amazing view. It felt as if we rented the whole island for lunch. – That was… / – There! – When I saw the island as we left… / – Unbelievable. I couldn’t believe that I had fun at such beautiful place. It was a very good memory of mine. This country has endless charms. I really liked it. Cheers! I thought about the third tour. Only this town in the Philippines has a cold climate. It’s Baguio. Baguio. Local Filipinos go there for vacations. – I’d like to take you there. / – That’d be wonderful. I love you, Battle Trip. (Please love Dara Tour) The audience seems to like it. Even though I want to attack them, I can’t do it… – It was perfect. / – There’s nothing to pick on. Except that it was a bit boring at the end… The history part… One must visit historical sites at one point. In fact, Intramuros is a very important place for Filipinos. Since it’s an important part of history, students learn about that place in school. The Philippines was discovered by Magellan. Its name came from the Spanish king at that period, Felipe. That’s how the Philippines was born. – Really? / – Felipe became the Philippines? – Really? / – Sandara has changed a lot. – She studied history for here. / – I liked history… When I was in school. It’s the most important time. The video footage and the content were very solid. What I’m worried about is, Dara Tour Part 1 only cost $230. – Their expenses were really low. / – That’s right. This time, they actually spent quite a bit of money, for example with the hopping tour. For your trip of 3 days, not including plane fare, how much money did you spend? We each spent $202.40. – My goodness! / – My goodness! It got cheaper? – You spent less this time? / – We did. You ate more and visited more places though. Did they get discounts there because they are celebrities? Not at all. Coron’s hotels were cheap. The dishes were cheap there too. Coron is not yet developed much… – So everything is really cheap. / – It’s so cheap. I should’ve known about Coron. – Lastly, say a few words. / – Say a few words. The charm of travelling is that you get to escape from the repetitive and boring daily life. If you will escape anyway, it’d be more meaningful to do so by going to a new, unknown place. That place is Palawan in the Philippines. They sound like a TV commercial. Come with me on the Dara Tour. Go, go, go! Did they come up with it in advance? – I guess so. / – They practiced it. Everyone, Dara Tour Part 2… Will you follow this itinerary? Please vote. (Dara Tour designed the tour for the Philippines) (What will the judges choose?) How many judges will pack… – Their bags for this trip? / – Her heart is so cute. – How many judges voted for them? / – I’m scared. – What’s the result? / – They’re already… – Hot spring. / – They said they’d be happy… – If they get over 80 votes. / – Food. Let’s do this. – 3, 93! / – 9! 9! – 8? 83? / – 9! – 9? / – 7, 8? If it’s 9, we can’t win. – It’s over. / – 8 is pretty good too. – 7, 8! / – 83… Better than last time… – Unbelievable. / – My goodness. – That was high. / – They’re really objective. Sandara was really cute. I was looking at her. I guess she wanted to get 93 votes. As soon as she saw 83… She seemed relieved but also disappointed… – She seemed complicated. / – Yes, it was complicated. Are you satisfied with the result? Thank you… That was a lot. Congratulations on 83 votes. Look forward to the MK Tour next time! (Next time) MK Tour Part 2. 40-year-old adventure! This is the best and biggest in Thailand. It’s really big. (Activities are a must for MK Tour) MK special. I’m a natural person! (Will they be able to win against Dara Tour?) 40-year-old adventure! (Battle Trip) (“Excuse Me” by AOA)

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    Me and my family have been traveling here since I was a kid… My mom even told me to make a travel blog/vlog since we've been traveling every summer.

    P.S.: They should visit Camiguin; it has 3 springs (Hot Spring, cold spring and soda spring), eat raw sea urchin, a waterfalls, ruins and more. Also, visit the sunken cemetery in Camiguin. The foods there are really great and delicious.

  23. Sorry but just my opinion. I don't like how Dara's friend made the trip so Boring. I know that Palawan is more than that. She's too picky even when it comes to food, knowing Koreans is a big eater and always have a big bite. I know she's not enjoying the food since she gets very small part and giving the strange feels. I felt bad for Dara. She really prepared so much for this trip not just for the viewers but for that friend to enjoy. I felt like she's very ungrateful. I understand since you are a foreigner but since it is a variety show and battle, atleast have some life appreciating what surrounds you. I just felt really bad for Dara given a reaction like that. I don't really feel the excitement in her with the trip. One factor to win in that trip is to be excited about everything and that is how you gain people to come to that place. Looking at Dara's reaction she is not satisfied with 83 score. Yes ofcourse will really feel sad, Palawan is so nice place and you can't even compare Palawan to other beaches it is the place where you will really appreciate nature but watching there trip gives it the boring vibe. Poor Dara, she deserves better. I hope next time she bring other people who's happy and appreciative to other's culture.

  24. Hindi ka na iba sa amin Dara, kahit Koreana ka tinuturing ka pa rin naming pilipino. Kuddos sayo Dara! 😊😊😊

  25. Its my first time watching this and their presentation for thailand is somehow common in the Philippines tho. Its just that its not easy to hike mountains for super cool waterfalls. Even a small waterfall here can defeat that. Well.

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