#BattleRaina – Pizza Hut Picnic Eating Challenge w/Raina Huang, Wayne & Katina

#BattleRaina – Pizza Hut Picnic Eating Challenge w/Raina Huang, Wayne & Katina

91 thoughts on “#BattleRaina – Pizza Hut Picnic Eating Challenge w/Raina Huang, Wayne & Katina

  1. 5 dólares lá ele compra uma pizza. Aqui não sai por menos de 30 reais. Que doideira, quero ir morar nos Estados unidos

  2. Wayne Algenio is the other competitive eater. Couldn’t see the egg tho lol. Great time BOB. You really are a legend

    Found the egg next to the oven I think lol.

  3. There you go Notorious… With your Personal Pan Continental Pizza. Awesome flavor , one of my favorites. Wonderful job.
    Cheers from Brazil.

  4. Great job! You slaughtered my time (as expected). Though I probably messed up with my flavor of wing, and slowed myself down with picking the cookie.

  5. Hey Bob! Great video as always!
    I have two questions if you can answer: do you work on a normal job during the week? What do you do?

    Greetings from Brazil!

  6. I spoted the Easter egg pic: It's on a water cup (one behind the first one facing the camera) it is of Brandon Da Garbage Disposal Clark

  7. The naked wings looked SO much yummier than teriyaki haha. Envious! Smoking fast time as well! Love it man. Thanks for joining us for all of the fun and shenanigans!

  8. BOB BOB BOB! Howdy if you see/have time to answer. What are your favorite sports and sport clubs? Do you follow some sport a lot? Would love to feel the athmosphare of a giant stadium that you guys have in USA. We have only 1 in here (Capacity i think 60k) and i am not a big sports fan. Biggets groud i'v been has had about 12k people in a icehockey arena and it was AWESOME to be in athmosphare like that. It was hockey final games back in the days when Selänne, S. Koivu etc. Played still played here. Full arena. So different when the place is full or half empty. Great video again and probably too late to say that picture was around 9.00. Take care big guy!

  9. Excellent time!!!
    You thought people would complain about the spoon opposed to the fork? I’m saying…why use either? Lol. Fingers baby.

  10. the food looked awesome in this challenge and i love pizza hut, pity i cannot eat fast as i would give it a try, thanks for the video b.o.b was cool ❤❤❤

  11. "I normally don't have leftovers" hahaha. You know he grew up in a household that believed in the "finish your food, there are starving kids in Africa" motto

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