BE HEALTHY ON VACATION ‣‣ easy tips & tricks

BE HEALTHY ON VACATION ‣‣ easy tips & tricks

– Hi, friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. I am coming to you from
the Netherlands right now. We are in a hotel here in Rotterdam. I’ll show you a view in an overlay clip. But I wanted to film a video
for you today and talk about, well, so I wasn’t quite sure
what to title this video. I think I’m gonna title it “How Not to Gain Weight While Traveling” because I know that that’s something, well, at least I was really worried about it coming over here. And I’m sure that a lot of people who are about to go on vacation
or a big trip like this are potentially worried about it too. So this is kind of like
that, but it’s also about how I’m staying healthy
while I’m traveling. I feel like I’ve kind of found a groove, but still every day’s different. So it isn’t a set routine
like I have at home. So let’s, I think, just
start with the food because that’s what this
channel’s mostly about, and then I’ll talk about
some of the lifestyle things which I think actually
have more of an impact on how I’m feeling than
potentially the food, but food-wise, I feel like I’m trying to stay as healthy as possible, and I’m also not
restricting myself very much while I’m here. I’ve really kind of let go of some of my, I don’t know what you
call it, rules, I guess, that I had at home, like always having a
smoothie for breakfast or making sure I had greens in the morning every single morning. A lot of that stuff I’ve
just kind of let go of, and I’ve just kind of let
each day happen as it happens, and I’ve tried to make healthy
choices at restaurants. So typical breakfast for me is I’ll usually have a little
bit of a bar in the morning, matcha, which I have right here. I make my matcha. And then also I’ll try
to have something on, if it’s earlier in the day, like if we’re not doing brunch,
I’ll have something lighter. Match it’s a smoothie. Smoothies have been really easy to find in every place that we’ve
been so far, so that’s great. They aren’t necessarily as veg-forward, so I might have to make
adaptations when I’m at the place. But you can always get greens. You can always get fruit. You can usually get vegan protein powder. So smoothies are a great option. Also, gluten-free bread has been really easily available for me. So I’ll do avocado toast
with a poached egg, maybe a side salad. And I would feel like (laughs)
those are the main two things that I probably have in
the mornings most mornings. Then I lunch-wise will
usually try to find something that is mostly plant-based. So most of the restaurants
that we go to for lunch, I think, are mostly vegan,
which have been great. And vegan restaurants,
you’re typically able to find pretty healthy food, whether it’s veg-forward things, hummus, chickpeas, falafel, tofu,
something like that. So lunch and breakfast are always kind of, I would say pretty much healthy. And then dinner is where I tend to have a little bit more flexibility. I really wanna make sure
that I’m eating good food, and I don’t want to skip out on things. I don’t wanna get home
from this trip and be like, I wish that I had done this. I really just wanna be in the moment and eat whatever I wanna
eat, in moderation. So we’re trying to find
healthy restaurants that also are really highly rated. And if you’re interested
in learning more about how I’m finding and how
we’re finding restaurants, let me know in the comments
and I can create a post or a separate video on that, because I feel like there
are a lot of questions about how do you find the
restaurants that you go to? So let me know if you’re
interested in that. But basically dinner-wise,
I will just eat whatever. Last night it was pizza. Sometimes it’s Asian food. Sometimes it’s fish with salad. Sometimes it’s a curry. Really it’s whatever I find and whatever sounds good on the menu. As you guys know, I don’t eat meat, so I’m not eating chicken or red meat. I do tend to eat more
fish when I’m traveling, just because I find
that it’s more difficult to find plant-based protein options, especially if I’m not at a
specifically vegan restaurant, so I do have fish, and then
I also have eggs in my diet. And so I’m not really worried
about the protein content. I definitely get enough protein. But I would say that if you
are going on a trip like this and you’re, or even just a vacation, and you’re trying to have a strategy for how to approach your meals, my health coach before I left
had a really good tip for me. She said, “Try to have two of your meals “be your healthy meals of the day, “and then have one meal be
whatever you want it to be.” So I’ve kind of had that mindset, and I think it’s helped me with making healthier
choices at the meals. The other two things
that I wanna talk about are sweets and alcohol. So sweets, I in the beginning of trip was
eating more of, I would say. There was really great vegan treats at the grocery stores in London, gelato, vegan bakeries, things like that. So I was definitely eating
more of that in the beginning. Now I feel like I’ve kind of
settled into routine here. We’ve been here for a month, and I’m not craving that stuff as much. I might just have a piece of dark chocolate I’ll carry with me or just not have anything at all. So I don’t feel like sweets
have been as much of a thing for me now that we’ve kind of settled in. But if I was to be going
on a two-week trip, I would say just have one dessert a day. Just don’t (laughs) go overboard. That’s kind of standard. And then alcohol. Alcohol is definitely something that I was trying to think
about before leaving. I don’t drink a lot when I’m at home, just basically on the
weekends, a couple drinks. And we don’t really drink during the week. And so I was trying to think, well, are we gonna keep that
up while we’re over here? I wasn’t really sure. So I think that I’m
definitely drinking more than I typically do at home, but I’ve also come to the conclusion or the decision that that’s okay. This is just four months out of my life. I want to enjoy every
single minute of that. And if that means that I’m having a glass
of wine every single day, then that’s that, and I’m okay with that. I know that alcohol can
be a touchy subject, so I really don’t want
any negative comments in the comment box. I don’t want this to turn into a thing. My personal opinion, my
personal way that I’m living. Not saying that you should do that. I just kind of wanted to just bring it up and share how I’m feeling about it. So let’s not (laughs)
make this a big thing in the comment section. So that’s pretty much how
I feel about food-wise. And then I said in the beginning
that the lifestyle aspect of this trip or what
I’m doing, I feel like, is actually helping me stay regular, thin and fit, I guess
you could say. (laughs) And it’s really because
I’ve incorporated exercise into my day every single day. So I’m actually gonna be
filming a whole separate video to be talking about the
workouts that I’m doing while I’m here. That’s coming for you next week. So we’re not gonna dive
into the specifics. But basically I’m moving every single day. I have an Apple Watch, which really helps me
keep track of step goals, but also move goals and
exercise and things like that. So I have mental goals that
I use with my Apple Watch that I try to hit every single day. So at home, I was trying
to hit 10,000 steps. Now I try to hit a minimum of
15,000 steps every single day. So it actually ends up being really easy. I haven’t hit it every single day, but I would say probably 96% of the time, I’ve gotten at least 15,000. Usually it’s around 20,000
steps every single day ’cause you’re just walking a lot. You’re exploring the cities. You’re walking from place to
place, different neighborhoods. I really recommend that if you are coming to a city like this, whether you’re going to
Europe, wherever you are, try to pick a place to
stay that is fairly central to all of the stuff that’s going on because it helps you walk more. If you were to stay outside, you’d be taking public transportation in, or you’d be driving in. And you’d just rely more on
that, rather than walking. So we always try to stay fairly central, which helps us navigate
the rest of the city. And you also get to explore more. So minimum of 15,000 steps, which I think is about seven miles of walking every single day. And then I also work out every single day. So if I’m in a hotel that has a gym, I’ll get up and go to the gym. I’ll run outside if I
don’t have that option. When I was in London, I was still going to SoulCycle
a couple times a week. And then if you are somebody that loves yoga or Pilates
or barre or bootcamp, most cities in Europe
that I have found so far have a boutique fitness scene somewhere. There’s definitely yoga
studios everywhere. There’s definitely, not
running studios, (laughs) HIIT studios that I’ve seen. I’m sure there are cycle studios. If you’re going to a place
that is a different language, I don’t know if they would have. I haven’t gone to a yoga class yet, but I’m thinking about Italy. It would probably be in Italian, and I’m not sure I would know
(laughs) what was going on, but you could just watch the
teacher and figure it out. So, yeah, I guess my main two things are that I’m moving every single
day, I’m walking a ton, and I’m trying to still eat healthy. So, yeah, pretty much is an overview of how I feel like I’m staying fit. I don’t really know what to say. I don’t wanna say staying thin because I just am staying normal. I’m not gaining weight
and I’m not losing weight. I’m just staying at my
regular weight (laughs) that I don’t feel like I have
to work extremely hard at. It’s just kind of my, I
forget what they call it. Whatever, my happy weight. And I think that a lot of
that has to do with the food, but it’s also incorporating exercise. So if I could leave you with two things as you walk away from
watching this video is if you are going on even
just a small vacation, like a week vacation, or if you’re doing something
longer like we’re doing where we’re abroad for a couple months, just try to make sure
that you are still trying to eat as close to how you eat at home without putting extreme
restrictions on yourself. So just try to make
healthy choices, basically. And then move. So exercise is gonna
help you no matter what. It’s gonna help give you a
little bit more flexibility with the food, especially
if you’re walking a lot, if you’re running, if you’re hiking, if you’re swimming, things like that. If you’re doing active things
while you’re on vacation, you’re not just going to the beach and sitting down for the whole day, it’s gonna give you a
little bit more flexibility with the food side of it. So I hope you guys found this helpful. I feel like I was kind
of all over the place, but it was kind of just a stream
(laughs) of consciousness. But if you have questions for me, let me know down in the comments. Like I said, I’m gonna be
sharing my workout routine in next week’s video, next Friday. So I’ll include some
of the things that I do when I got to the gym. I’ll include things that I
do if I don’t have a gym. And then running is another thing. So stay tuned for that. If you have any other
travel-related things that you’re interested in learning about, whether it’s budgeting, planning, packing. I’m gonna do more “What
I Eat in a Day” videos. I’m gonna definitely do some vlogs where we’re in a certain location. We’re going to Greece next week,
and I’ll do a Mykonos vlog. And things like that. So just let me know what you guys like. I wanna make sure that the Friday videos
are more travel-related and kind of keep you
up-to-date on the trip stuff, and then the Tuesday videos are still gonna be regular old recipes. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to give it
a thumbs up if you did. If you don’t already subscribe, there is a red button
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and that will subscribe you. I also have a whole travel playlist, so I’ll link that down for you in the description box below
so you can watch vlogs, you can watch packing things, things that are related to this trip. So thank you guys so much for watching. Thanks for being here. I hope you have an
awesome rest of your day, and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye!

25 thoughts on “BE HEALTHY ON VACATION ‣‣ easy tips & tricks

  1. I honestly believe in a world with so many forms of eating disorders, this is seriously a messed up way to approach a holiday. I get what you're trying to do but this isn't something that a big health and wellness channel like yours should be encouraging. In a way it encourages disordered eating and thinking abroad. You might not realise but it does, coming from someone who is recovering from an ED. People: enjoy your damn holiday. It's called a holiday for a reason: to get away from your usual lifestyle. Of course you can practice healthy habits but worrying so much about gaining weight on holiday is such a waste of your time. I really wish more youtube channels like yours would do better and think of the message they're sending out rather than trying to make a quick buck off of vulnerable people.

  2. Definitely a hot topic – healthy eating and living are an extremely important part of my life – at home or when traveling. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your feelings and experiences. I hope you are having a fabulous time ❤️

  3. The word is " maintaining" your weight and that alone is a great accomplishment. Especially while traveling. ☺

  4. I use the app Happy Cow and it is very useful for finding vegan restaurants though reading the menus outside the restaurants was both a sport / interesting challenge as some of my European languages are a bit rusty.

    I take a Mason jar with us and make overnight oats for breakfasts and keep it and salad things in the hotel room fridge!

  5. Going to France for two weeks here in a couple days and this really helped! I’ve been nervous about gaining weight while I’m there. I love the idea of having 2 “healthier” meals and then being a little more lenient with dinner or something. Thank you so much!!

  6. Hey friends! I just wanted to write a quick note and say that I by no means meant for this video to be triggering for anyone ❤️I'm sorry if this came off as insensitive in any way. My goal was for it to show how you can balance having a blast on vacation and enjoy every minute of it, while still being healthy. And I've decided to update the video title and thumbnail to reflect that.

    I agree with all of the comments here that vacation should be a time to let go and cut loose, and I talk about that in this video, but I personally also want to still feel healthy and happy while I'm traveling. These are the tips that I'm using while traveling for 4 months that are helping me do that. I love you all and again, I'm sorry to offend if I did! Definitely not my intention!

  7. Looking forward and try not to worry about your rules …As you say sensible choices and you are pretty smart 🙂 *

  8. I was in Spain for a month this past summer, and I actually ended up losing 3 pounds! We went for a morning run every day (which we always do), but also hit almost 30,000 steps a day with all of the extra sight seeing and walking. Food-wise I shopped at the local produce markets and kept it super simple. Starches, vegetables, and fruit for the most part.

  9. This is an interesting video. I’m quite healthy in my day-to-day life but do tend “live it up” on vacation because I have the mindset it is a time to splurge and enjoy. However, my vacations are typically just a week or less. In this video she says she’s been gone for over a month!!! That’s a big difference. If I was traveling for an extended time or living abroad I would definitively keep these tips in mind because it’s more long term.

  10. I think it’s perfectly normal to want to feel healthy while traveling. Of course treat yourself but if your constantly eating heavy and unhealthy meals you’re just not gonna feel your best and you want to be able to enjoy every moment ! Ignore the haters, you’re fabulous ❤️❤️

  11. Thank you! I was just in Italy, before this video was out and intuitively, I pretty much did what you suggested. I thought you stated things very clearly and said that this was just your opinion and suggestions. Thank you again!

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