Bear Safe Hammocking 20 feet High Up A Tree Solo Overnight Camping (87 Days Ep. 32)

Bear Safe Hammocking 20 feet High Up A Tree Solo Overnight Camping (87 Days Ep. 32)

100 thoughts on “Bear Safe Hammocking 20 feet High Up A Tree Solo Overnight Camping (87 Days Ep. 32)

  1. To prevent bear attacks: One must whip approximately 3 bacon strips near his buddies campsite away from your own tree campsite. True story!! Can’t verify but sounds right.

  2. “Learn from books, don’t watch someone on YouTube do it wrong” Couple minutes later, “ Its proven that bacon is healthy, I googled it.”
    Google owns YouTube

  3. Good idea, Up until a bear climbs up a tree and nicks a a rope on accident then you become a punching bag for the other tree lol jk awsome video by the way!

  4. This wouldn’t be bear proof where I live. While it’s not super common to see a black bear, it’s not impossible, and black bears have hooked claws that are great for climbing.

  5. Dude awesome video.
    I would suggest carrying a few little sticks of fire crackers 🧨💥not to hurt the bear, but if you threw just one little stick, the sound should scare it off. Or, at least a sling shot with medium sized metal balls to hit it.
    This is your life and you must do whatever it takes to protect it. Best of luck!

  6. What kind of bears you got that can't climb up that thing before you can get a defensive position?
    Fun? agreed. Safe… I beg to differ!

  7. Had me until 38:20 then the whole…"god/Jesus, blah,blah,blah…" Sky spirit nonsense is always so disappointing coming from people that are obviously intelligent.

  8. 😂 thought it was funny when he grabbed the “HOT” coffee and said ow that’s hot.😂 but no doubt he can build that tree house hut. He is a great architect. Love your vids man

  9. He is my favorite YouTuber but you have to survive by catching food not bringing food and wepons and good stuff but okay

  10. Friend I have never seen your videos before, but… Not only the the coolness of being high up in a tree, but that prayer thank you God for bacon and coffee in Jesus name. Well I'm hooked keep up the faith, camping, survival, and bacon and coffee. God bless you and yours brother!!!

  11. just wanted to say i've seen a few of your videos and i love the way you edit they gathering of trees thank you so much

  12. Do you have any book recommendations for Survival etc. ? Also who needs stick bread when you can have stick bacon 😛

  13. Hae you said you Did Not bring Food so i exspext you you had To suffer to git Bacon eggs and cheese

  14. I really love your show I love the fact that you go step-by-step so everybody can learn easily and I think it's pretty cool that you stop to pray I do to God bless you brother

  15. Some of that tech looks like the Filipino guys from Primitive Technology that build hilarious mud structures. Lots of cutting and lashing two-inch branches to five-inch branches.

  16. All you have to do now is practice on jumping down 20 feet!!! Maybe a rope to swing on once you realize the bear is really coming..

  17. How do you know those mushrooms are good to eat . And how do you know which one that are not good . So you don’t get sick .

  18. Great, lets go into the woods, cut down a bunch of live trees, lash them to other live trees and wreck a bunch of the natural forest so you can camp 20 feet off the ground. Hell, why you are at it, why don't you carve your initials into the trees with an axe and screw up some more of the forest. If you were caught doing this where I live, you are going to jail. Probably after someone kicks your ass! Pathetic!

  19. The tree house I built when I was 12 years old there is no way I will go up there today. It's 45 feet high what was I thinking and I used to sleep out in it. I can't believe I survived childhood.

  20. Mostly just to get off the mucky ground, but likewise, high enough to catch ample breeze to confound the voracious predator lurking there. A dense cloud of hungry skeetoes.

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