Beautiful Arizona Boondocking ~ Free Camping

Beautiful Arizona Boondocking ~ Free Camping

good morning everybody we have left
Quartzsite Arizona just made a pit stop here spent the night here overnight in
Parker Arizona at the blue water casino very welcoming to RVs and parked near us
close to us is a 1999 coachmen mirada it’s got South Dakota plates yeah
they’ve been making these Marauders for a while lots and lots of people still
camping in Arizona in April look at these views out here with the mountains
and palm trees and little ducks coming out to see us in case you’re wondering
so yes the solar project is completely wrapped up and last night it was really
our first boondocking experience with solar and I am happy to report I think I
don’t know if I’ll ever run my generator again for any needed use we ran the air
conditioner for six hours and only brought the batteries down to 98% yeah
and this morning I brewed coffee and it never left 100% infinite battery
available actually I’m gonna make a video here really soon and kind of talk
about the entire solar finished product just because I feel like that needs to
get done after all this but you know it’s just been a lot of other stuff
going on so we’re gonna go up a little bit farther north and enjoy more of this
beautiful nature that is here in Arizona right now and I will do my absolute best
to stay out of California but yeah let’s see the water looks really inviting down
there oh yeah we get we got to get back on the road here soon so solar video
wrap up coming soon guys nice scenic little Drive and we got here
to Lake Havasu City with the London Bridge over there I’ve been here before
so but I did finally get a chance to film my my solar video here so that will
be my next video when I get that updated we got trapped in here which happens a
lot to RVs but this place in particular if you come to this little park here no
matter what kind of vehicle you’re in um they want all the RVs to park in the
gravel lot with one way in and one way out only and it’s that little driveway
right there and we were sitting here and I watched that big white f150 pull into
the driveway and stop right behind that other white try like literally pulled
into the driveway and part and blocked the dry the randomest thing yeah you
kind of gotta know where your your exits are in an RV because you can’t drive
over curbs and over branches and stuff like that so we’re gonna go look for
some camping now and I’m gonna do some editing Chelsea look at this place we are just north of
craggy wash which I heard some bad stories about so we avoided that one and
came out here to lone Hill lone Hill BLM camping and again other 14-day max stay
and I gotta be honest with you it’s pretty nice out here
boondocking in nature this one has cell phone reception where other people were
saying cranky wash can be kind of spotty now we’re like four miles from the
Verizon and AT&T tower so and still a lot of people out here and guess what
I’m boondocking in the Class A which for some reason everybody says was never
gonna happen not granted some of the roads in here are not fantastic for
driving any kind of an RV you just got to be careful you got to be slow but
it’s keep surprising me how when I when I got the Class A going from the Class C
that most of my viewers are like well kiss boondocking goodbye Erik’s just
gonna be at RV parks for now on I think know what does eight feet longer and six
inches taller have to do with unable to boondock anymore as I love it I am
loving I’m going to continue to love it and in the RV right now we are
surprisingly getting lots and lots of solar I’m still at a hundred percent
here kind of on an overcast hot and muggy day here in Arizona and I know if
you can hear it but I got my top AC fan going throughout the RV with the windows
open that seems to draw you know enough am said it’s just kind of unlimited
whereas running the air conditioner even on a bright sunny day I still feel like
there’s gonna be a limit whatever that limit is you got ten hours before we got
to turn it off or or whatever now I’m really enjoying the whole
boondocking aspect of it you know Angela’s
still getting over the loss of her fur baby and you know these things are
things are tough still on both of us but we got each
other and we got jacks and well we got the desert that could be worse we won’t
be in Arizona very long though when I first pulled in pushed the automatic
leveler buttons and to get us level it actually raised the front tires some
seven or eight inches off the ground and I’m just not comfortable with that so
when we pulled around I made it so that the bottom half of the RV was on level
and then what happened is it has the front ones first and as you can see
there actually popped back up so in order to get level those just had to
come up we’re on the front two tires and then the rear Jack’s are down to get us
level so that’s probably better in a Class A or any any RV that has Levellers
if you have to be front to back on level try to make it so that the back needs to
be raised more than the front so that’s the way the jack the leveling system
likes it yeah and we’re boondocking with with the slides out because it’s
comfortable and we’re gonna be here a couple nights no biggie
I did pick up a $20.00 bicycle this blue Schwinn back here so I need to get a new
inner tube for the front the valve is broken but with a rubber meet where the
valve meets the rubber so I need to get a new inner tube for that Angela needs
and don’t need a new one too but I don’t want to say water problem is solved but
we didn’t lose any water on this particular trip up here and that’s
because I took some of the advice of some people that we’re saying just put
shutoff valves and open and close as you need it now do not do what I’m doing
please because I’m not saying this is a good idea but right now it’s working so
you can see one of the shut-off valves that was just an easy cut an inch out
and then put the sharkbite valve in there and while we’re traveling
I’m keeping it closed so that we don’t lose the water and then when we park I
have to come out here and I have to open at least one of them I should I should
probably open the other one on the other side but I’ll show you what happens when
I open it because the tank is a little compressed right now because it had no
pressure so by doing this you hear it gurgling it’s bringing air into the tank
because it was a little collapsed if I ever forget to do that what’s gonna
happen as I go to try to turn on the water pump but it’s not gonna be able to
pump fluidly correctly until you give it some air to also suck through that line
to fix the problem so it’ll be pretty obvious when I first forget but for
right now until I’ve jerry-rigged this system in the back with the loop up
higher this um this seems to be kind of working
so thanks guys for that and yeah we got our TVs that are not smart well we made
the front one a temporary smart TV in a sense by adding a chromecast to it so
now we can stream Netflix on YouTube from our phones although we are just
kind of sitting on the couch turning our heads like that right now so
something something in that area will change in the future obviously not a big
huge concern of ours just yet you guys will see Jax I want to show you Jax Jax
man hey buddy there you are hey yo little
guy little tiny guy yeah oh you’re gonna roll around on the dusty rag alright
buddy yeah right ain’t wrong either chillin alright man
so gonna relax here and I’ll check back in later guys kind of a quiet peaceful
time out here except for the occasional semi truck out there we’re about a half
mile from the highway but other than that it means ok you’re right yeah
that’s nice we’ve had worse and this is really only
our second night with the solar and that is working really well
it’s fun exciting night knocking hey feelin I’m good I just I really want to
say thank you to everyone who has given us a lot of love and support over the
last few days it really means a lot we sincerely appreciate your kindness no we
do I do we’re gonna relax a little bit more and then probably be heading north
here soon so we’ll be back with you soon guys think tight ok you

100 thoughts on “Beautiful Arizona Boondocking ~ Free Camping

  1. Glad to see you guys are hanging in there. I know how tough it is to lose your Kitty; they are like members of the family. Prayers.

  2. Again I like to say how sorry I am about Angela's fur baby…I know how that hurts. My best to you both, and of course little cuddles for the Jax. Take care, and love your new home~

  3. Eric. You said the water intake was threaded. Cut a piece off the end of an old hose. Ten inches long? Three feet? Enough to reach higher than tank. Thread it into the intake. Secure cut end above top of tank (bracket, duck tape). That should solve the pressure issue when you cap off the tubes. You’re gonna stretch out that tank.

    Shark bite was a good way to close the tubing. Love the product. I hope whoever invented Shark Bite got rich.

    Best to you.

  4. Glad y’all are having a good time staying in the Desert in the winter time. But I would be in the mountains or farther north in the summer like you said chasing that 70 something degrees

  5. At least you can boondock comfortably in Mirada. Nice place to sit and watch the sunset. Take care and enjoy life, love and happiness.

  6. I forgot to add that Angela is a great addition to your well-being. I can see that you're both genuinely happy and we wish the best for you both. I'm also saddened by the loss of your fur-baby. I lost mine a while ago… and I found peace later on, never to forget the love I still have for him. My hubby and I enjoy the videos… keep up the wonderful trips because we enjoy them too!

  7. I truly didn’t expect to see you all checking in so soon, but I’m glad you did.🌟 Thanks for taking the time to let know how you’re doing. It’s good to hear how well Miranda, the massive, mobile solar farm, has taken to boondocking.🌞 All that available power is awesome! I’m glad the temporary valve fix is taking care of the water issue for now. Thank you! Safe travels!👍🏼🤘🏼😎

  8. HUGs to you Both! Sorry for your loss…. Our furbabies Really Rip our hearts out when they make their journey to Rainbow Bridge. That vacancy is So LARGE & So LOUD!
    I'm glad you have one another….

  9. It was nice seeing all 3 of you today. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hard it is to loose a fur baby.

  10. It was great seeing your faces Angela, Jax and Eric.  Wishing you safe travels and some loving prayers coming your way.

  11. I get that shut off valves would work if you aren't doing a lot of elevation change. Hugs to Angela. We all miss Dres.

  12. Nice to see your travels- Just keep in mind your emergency brake and raising your rear wheels off the ground

  13. Sending hugs and prayers your way, Angela, it’s hard losing a beloved fur baby, it gets better with time. ❤️❤️

  14. Can you shut the water pump off and leave a faucet on/open to allow air back to the tank so it doesn't collapse?
    Great idea with shut off valves.

  15. Try leaving you sink faucet cracked while traveling with the valves closed. It should let the tank breath little.

  16. And so, why do some people avoid California? Nevertheless, when I go to Cali, I use one of the vehicles from my Car Collective. …no RV.

  17. It was good to see you Angela. Still sending prayers and hugs to you both. You guys have a safe trip,

  18. First off, sorry for the lose. Second where is the drone man 😂. You've had so much good weather in a few of the areas where you were. Would love to see the drone take some amazing footage on your trip. Be safe

  19. Doesn't sound like your SOC @98% for your batteries is correct after running an AC for 6 hours.. I'd double check that setup and configuration. I have 600 AH lithium and 960 watts of solar and no AC brings them down over night by 30+%

  20. Food for thought you need to block up your tires if they do not touch the ground it's for support and better on your chassis….The rig looks good…

  21. Angela people grieve differently. You take all the time you need. I lost my furbaby Dec. 29. He was only 14 yrs old. I had him since he was 3 days old. He truly was my baby boy.
    My heart aches for you. God bless and keep you and Eric safe in your travels.

  22. Awwww still sending Angela much love and am so glad she has you to lean on Eric. You guys are very good for each other, don't let anyone else tell ya different. Cheers man. Thanks for another awesome video. <3

  23. Great to see you both smiling after such a tough time. Look after each other. ☺️👍🏻 Trev 🇬🇧

  24. your jacks are not going to last long the way you use them … all so think in to a EV of some kind for a tow car . i use my solar to charge my car and it cuts down on the gas a shit ton

  25. Sorry Angela, My wife doesn't watch YouTube, But, I showed her Eric's video where he say's your cat passed away, It made my wife cry when she was watching/Listening to lauryn hill.

  26. At 1:05 time line you mentioned using only 2% of you new solar /battery system running the AC for 6 hours. Did you only have the AC fans on or did you run the compressors?

  27. Our hearts go out to you about both your losses! We know how hard it is to lose a pet, just a month ago our 15 year old cat (5 claws-just like Jax) lost his life to cancer. It is definately hard but time will help heal and you will always have memories!

  28. Oh Angela! I can see the sadness in your face! I know how hard it is to lose a fur baby. Just remember that you gave Dresden a good life. Hugs.

  29. Why not just put the turn off value just cracked open when your driving, it will prevent it from collapsing and should minimize water loss to a few Oz, also you should put wheel chocks under the tires when you have it on the hydraulic jacks, my grandparents full timed in an Class A for many years and kept blowing out the seals on the levelers and dealer wanted a fortune to rebuild them. They would start to drop slowly over time, then just fail dropping the RV to the ground. What they did before they sold the Class A was they bought wedged wheel chocks, put them on both sides of the tire, then ran ratchet strap around the wheel chocks just ratcheting them so they were snug against the tires. The strap pulls the wedged chocks into the tires just assisting the leveling jacks. They never had another issue with the hydraulics after they started to do that to the wheels.

  30. Your class A can drive over curbs. See truckers do it all the time. Much higher ground clearance than your old class C. Much stronger frame and suspension.

  31. It really WAS nice to see and hear from Angela this morning..I think that most of us here understand and share the pain of this loss with her..with both of you. Stay safe..

  32. Hi Eric – You have certainly gone a long distance and made many changes since I met you in January at Gulf Aire Resort in Ft. Myers Beach.
    Re: Class A Leveling – If your new Class A is like ours (2005 Winnebago Adventurer) your parking brake locks only the rear wheels – not the front. This is because there is a brake drum on the drive shaft going to the rear differential. Therefore, when you level your RV it is very important NOT to take your rear wheels off the ground. Because if you do you no longer have any parking brake keeping your rig from rolling/moving – and severely damaging your leveling jacks. We have often boondocked and leveled lifting our front wheels off the ground – but never the rear. And, as others have mentioned you should really be using wheel chocks on the at least the rears as well in order to ensure that your rig stays in place.

    As for Class A boondocking – not sure why anyone would say that is not possible because Class A's typically have more storage space, a generator, lots of roof space for solar, large refrigerators, and larger tanks. We have boondocked very successfully in our Class A for years and it is an ideal rig for this.

    As for your water tank leakage – I find it very hard to believe that you are losing much water – at all – through the top tank vents. Some may come out if your tank is totally full and you are bouncing around on a rough road. But looking at where those tanks vents are, and knowing that most normal driving really is not causing much sloshing around of water in the tank. I suspect that your water pump and/or water pump circuit may be taking water out of the tank when traveling. I have read several post over the years from people saying that you should not travel with your water pump turned on because of leakage issues. Something for you to consider.

    Thanks for your great posts!

  33. Love my solar… in the desert! Not so much in the Pacific Northwest! Might have to fire my generator! Have fun…

  34. Be careful using the jacks bringing the wheels completely off the ground. Owned a class a for a long time. That's a ton of stress on the jacks, get you some drive in ramps to level the best you can, the use the jacks to stabilize it. Trust me, I have replaced quite a few.

  35. Also, that is what you need to do on the water tank. Just make sure you do not use the water white traveling. That's probably where that air pressure come from when you cracked it.

  36. I love you gay's lot I am so sorry for your cat I love that cat in the video on Eric video but I still watch your video's 🙂 I love your RV she is so cool

  37. Eric if you have the choice of back in the air of the front ALLWAYS have the FRONT IN THE AIR NEVER THE BACK, the BACK IS YOUR PARKING BRAKE if you have the baake in the air you will roll off your jacks, bending them and you will not be able to move from that spot, Please DON'T DO IT. Also the rear has 75% of your weight, making it safer and easier to lift the front. I's so happy your loving the new power set up, did mine 4 years ago, when still expensive but still don't regret it, ive used my genny so little it does not work anymore, so getting it out and saving some weight. 400 amp/hr and 500 watts is working even in alaska and northern B.C, Cheers Steve h.

  38. I love that you're just taking it easy and letting things evolve. Sometimes people just to make everything perfect right away… and that just isn't how life works. Let that go if you ever fall into that trap. Just put each other first and the rest will fall in line.💓

  39. Nice to see the areas once again, we have had to return to our sticks and bricks now because of family illnesses, lost my sister and brother-in-law within the past 50 days, have to go to sisters funeral tomorow, so the look at some of our favorite spots around Quartzsite, Parker and Lake Havasu was just a wonderful break. Thanks for keeping your videos going, we have been following you since your first Class C, and will continue while we have access to the internet.

  40. Eric… you need to run your generator at least monthly to keep it in good running shape for when you need it.

  41. I truly love you guys! One day we'll meet up next time I'm in the US hopefully I'll be nearby. In the meantime, God bless Y'all

  42. they new be RVer who think water stay Fresh like water bottle? in seal system cause they are weekend warrior 3 days at event racing or camping 4 days later the water goes sour 36gal of non agitating sitting in the bowels of RV 89F 🤢 Awful Smell

  43. TED, I’m new here been watching your for about a year now. I like work you do and I no it is a lot of work. Jax is great to. If are ever in Ms area and love to hunt or fish come on great hunting here in Tunica,Co Ms. Me and my wife manage two hunting clubs. You and Jax be careful on the road and hope to here from you. We are to Mt Rushmore Sd in Aug.

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