Beautiful Barn Tour – Huge Goat and Rabbit Barn – My happy place

Beautiful Barn Tour – Huge Goat and Rabbit Barn – My happy place

welcome to my happy place…. Wipe your feet
before you come in don’t let the snow in…lol so we decided when we were building this
barn that we wanted to be able to come in and do everything that we needed to
do without fighting with the animals this is what we call the human area this
is where we feed and milk this is where we keep the feed so they don’t have
access to it. Our process is like all of our girls live there and we bring them
out to do grading and milk and then they leave that way so it’s an in/out system
and it works well for us so that we’re not fighting to put girls back in while
the other ones are pushing their way out so so they come up we call gen-pop so
they come in through this door here out our out and we upgraded to these doors
obviously this these were I definitely push for these ones because I wanted air
flow in the summertime but I wanted them to
I wanted the barn to look like a barn and I mean what’s more barn than you
know Dutch doors size of the barn…. 24 by 40
and then to the front so that the girls would have some shade in the summertime
and cover from the snow the last thing I wanted to do working at a horse place
for years was to shovel snow out from in front of their doors let’s head out that
way…. So this is our covered porch area full length of the barn all 40 feet
this is our human dog like we were saying like we said…. it snowed
yesterday and I don’t have to shovel to let the girls out we could get a couple
feet of snow and I can still just come out here in the morning let the girls
out and little princess hopes if they don’t like the snow they have a nice dry area
to walk and also helps in the summertime when it rains or when it’s really hot
this area stays nice and cool and for those of you looking at this video
thinking of designing your own barn what I might do is actually close in this
wall about half way because that’ll stop me from having to shovel this back
corner when we get really big snowstorms sometimes it does come in and if I was
to shut that wall off it would give them a little more of a enclosure but we
highly recommend the covered porch I mean it’s the best the the Dutch doors
the covered porch I could have even done without these windows but I mean they
they helped but but how long did the screens last on the windows yes exactly
so forget the screen they never open and having their water outside the covered
porch is also a pretty good idea just easy to get to and rain snow you know we’ll go to gen-pop now and how we’ve
set up their hay feeder and everything but this is nice because again it’s
their second one and they can drink it without really being exposed to a lot of
the elements all right let’s head over to gen-pop we do closed them in at night and that’s
really just to protect them from any kind of critter that could jump over
this fence or dig under it and pose a risk to them and I sleep better at night
knowing that everybody’s locked in and safe… this is their hay feeder. we
have 11 girls we have two hay feeders this is the largest one that they really
all congregate around and for you again building that is about three inches
bigger than a typical hay bale basically I can load a whole hay bale inside it
and then basically put a half a hay bale or another one on top so they can almost
have two full bales of hay there at one time yes technically they pick at the
whole wall if you can see here which again is fine but this corner hay feeder
works for the little goat we retrofit the barn into two kidding pens just kind
of if a mom is already delivered but I need one of the other kidding pens
because somebody else is about to go this is like a smaller or maybe a larger
grow out area without them having access to the full bar and how many girls do we
have pregnant well tomorrow we officially find out but nobody’s come
back into heat so we’ll talk about our kidding pen set up next as she mentioned
we take this section here and divide it into two pens we call them FEMA trailers
because we basically bring in a bunch of pallets down this line and then right
about here into this section so it cuts off this back corner and that back
corner creates two temporary pens FEMA trailers and then we go down here to our
kidding pen section so before I go over to all the kidding pens running down
this wall to the to the your left I want to talk about this hinge up yep the
viewers left this hinge right here you see these Maps massive hinges so this
gen-pop area be mind you is we use the deep litter
method so we clean it out about twice a year and it gets really thick and big
but it works like a compost pile keeps the goats warm but this whole door
swings open so I can drive the tractor and to clean it out we have a video on
that I’ll link it up here so you guys can watch that too the deep litter
clean-out definitely a huge advantage that little beam up there does kind of
get in a way I got to take all the names down but it’s no big deal it helped a
lot I could clear out that whole thing in half a day two days maybe not even
ten by twelve spent two days cleaning it out this has a dirt floor so really if
it does get wet and soggy it soaks into the earth we don’t have a problem with
really wet I mean this is dusty right when we muck it out it’s not yep but we
have the yep and then we go over here into all our kidding pens and there’s
four along this wall these pens are their 12 by 6 ish yeah about 12 by 6 cuz
this section of the barn is 24 wide so there are 12 by about 6 we have a
heat barrel video will they get here like that kind of show them in action
we’ve got a couple videos of them being used but it’s big enough for a 55-gallon
drum that we use for our heating barrels in the corner and some water we put
right here and feed them through this hole and I can get in there even like me
and the vet oh we’ve had three three or four people Plus yep and then obviously
as you see this time of year it’s mid-december we use this all as hay
storage so we calculate basically to make sure
we’re almost out of hay going into kidding season and we actually store the
hay right here where you see these stands I’m standing on we lay down a
bunch of pallets and make an aisle down the middle store hay but we also put a
loft down that way we took one pen and created a loft you can see here which
allows me to store some hay overhead I don’t want to do that all the way down
because it’ll block off all my natural light coming from the the opaque plastic
we put in here to let really like to let light in it does allow and we have it on
that side too yeah so it just brings in natural light all the way around it’s a
very good idea from my designer but uh we did put in this trough we can fit
about 50 bales of hay up there which is a nice little jacket yeah okay so now
we’re going into the addition because when I built the barn it wasn’t big
enough for something I can also see the hay so size doesn’t matter it wasn’t big
kidding pin 4 which acts as an aisle weight into the rabbitry which like about a year after we started talking
about we need more room for rabbitry so this section right here was an outside
wall at one point we took the outside wall off you can see some of the outside
moldings still left on and we expanded we basically rebuilt that outdoor porch
that you saw on the other side all the way down same exact design but in this
side closed it all in opaque on the top half and that’s pretty much it
two more windows down on this end which we do use we do open those windows and yeah like right now in this video shot
yeah um so you said this is the 40 40 foot length just like the porch outside
for the goats and we’ve got I never liked to count 30-something
let’s just say 30 son it could be 2500 cars cages go how much room we have and
then we’ve got two additional kidding pens which are much longer than our
other ones but now we’ve turned one of them into a rabbit colony for our
Flemish Giants who look like they’re trying to make babies over there and
then more hay storage hay storage here so there’s some of those heating barrels
which again I have that video on how to build those I’ll link it in here and
they’re very necessary we basically have eight of them I think I think we have
one for each stall how many stops we have yes but then we have FEMA trailers
yeah we have eight barrels oh yeah each mom yep because they all are girls I
don’t know how it happened every year but all of our boats end up going into
heat within like seven or eight days no this year last year is even worse we had
one mom do and five days later all of the rest of the weirdo so in our case we
had to design our barn to be able to handle all the goats giving birth at the
same time so that’s what we did so we’re gonna head out to the boy area now
adding the rabbit tree actually made it really nice we can almost get from our
house to the boys would only do in about a hundred feet of walking outside now so
on a really snowy rainy day it’s not too bad you get a little wet gutting from
the house to the barn and then you get a little wet taking this walk you see here
but that basically wraps up the inside tour of the barn video I don’t want to
turn this into a farm tour we’ll do that one later but here’s the back side of
the barn the sun’s kind of blinding us but very plain on the backside very
simple the outdoor to the rabbitry and the outdoor to the goats but at the
same time windows and goats don’t generally mix well
so I’d love it for the light but again this is the least lit yeah Sun rises
over here and sets over there so this area is always gonna be dark anyway so
that wraps up the inside tour of me of her happy place so in other words that’s
usually where she is it’s the happy place so thanks again for watching
please follow subscribe we’ll link up all those videos we mentioned that might
take a couple days to do cuz I’m kind of slow on all that stuff but thank you
again bye

25 thoughts on “Beautiful Barn Tour – Huge Goat and Rabbit Barn – My happy place

  1. I did mine in order, by name, each time. Then they stopped fighting so much to take their turn, because they knew I wouldn't let anyone budge in line. lol. It worked!

  2. Wow the rabbits look so healthy! But I am against wire bottom cages. The reason is that it hurts the rabbits feet. If you are going to use wire bottom cages make sure it is the right type.

  3. This is so cruel rabbits need 8 hours of running and metal hurt there feet I’ve had 22 rabbits before and they didn’t live in something that size

  4. When a woman is organized and a diligent worker, giving her a happy place makes for a man's happy place. Praying for you and your family. Blessings of strength, health, peace and success for today and your future. Thank you for sharing your experience with so many that are interested. 👍🐐🐇

  5. Hey guys the rabbits looks so healthy but rabbits will get sore hockes from the wire cages as long the rabbits are not spending excessive amounts of time and have some soft place to rest or even putting in a soft patch or cover floor with blankets u will see that they will enjoy that alot better and it will increase there health

  6. Great Barn set up, but it would be nice if only one person was talking at a time and stop saying, UM. It's hard to listen. Not trying to be mean, just a thought. 🙂

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