What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now we are feasting on fresh seafood, drinking craft beer in Northern Ireland. Stay tuned. Good morning. We are on our way out of Derry and going down the coastal causeway. We’re going to be going to some landmark sites in the next couple of days. Today we’ve got a fun day ahead of us. So let’s pray for the weather, and… we’re going to show you some beautiful sites in a bit. We just got to Gortmore, which is a viewpoint here on the Bishop’s Road. The Bishop’s Road is a really scenic piece of driving. It’s really cool. There’s this beautiful beach down here. I think it’s called a “firth” where a big river estuary comes out of the ocean. It’s wild. It’s so green here. Honestly, this image is not saturated all all. This is as green as it gets. Almost too green. All right. it’s freezing. Back in the car. It’s freezing. Retreat! Retreat! Go! Go! Guys, we were just driving, and we’ve come to a bit of an Irish road block. Take a look at this. Coming down this road right now and just found this massive beach. It’s super beautiful. The waves are rolling in. There’s a very, very calm breeze off the ocean, and there’s this cool Greco-Roman looking building up top on this hill. It looks like a mausoleum or something. We’re going to go check it out. The same guy, the Bishop from the Bishop’s Gate Road. The Bishop of Derry used to live here. Quite an interesting life, a lot of women. We’re going to go see the ruins of this building. This used to have a roof on it until recently. It’s kind of fallen in disrepair, but it looks good. It’s probably pretty cool for Instagram According to rumour, the bishop used to put flour outside the doors of his guest rooms so he could tell who was switching places during the night. Being a little naughty. I think if you put flour out right now, it might just get blown away because the roof is no longer on here. Supposedly, the bishop built this for his cousin, and we’ve had their relationship described as a “ditty” or a frivolity. This is pretty cool, you guys. Just on the other side of the temple, the temple is actually on this huge property called the Downhill Estate. It’s also got this big swath of forest with ferns and supposedly some waterfalls. Just stopped in for a quick cup of coffee, and apparently there are peacocks in the backyard. Alex, the peacock whisperer. Where are we off to, Brother? We’re going to have lunch at Harry’s Shack which is right down the street, and it’s supposed to be one of the better places to eat in this area, Food. I love food , and Ireland’s got good food. Let’s go munch. We are at Portstewart’s Strand. It’s a beautiful little beach. There’s a nice off shore wind. It’s a huge beach, Bro. Are you going to try to hop in the water and do some surfing? Ah… no. I’d rather hop into the restaurant and do some feeding. I’m Donal Dorhert, owner of Harry’s Shack here in Portstewart Strand in Portstewart, Northern Ireland. We grown 3 acres of our own vegetables and salads and everything in Donegal. We find this site right on beach, which for me is a life style restaurant. Misconceptions may be that it’s old-fashioned, stogy, roasts and beef and meat heavy and potato heavy. In reality we have some of the best produce in the world from Derry produce, butters, and milks. Fresh fish, of course, in this coast and the abundance of what we can catch, essential to what we do here is to put our best ingredients at the forefront, and sometimes do as little as possible to them. How do you say no to that? Know what I really love? I love when we get to come to a restaurant, and we don’t have to order anything. We just say…we’re in your hands. Take it away. You’re in safe hands. Right now we have a huge feast in front of us. We’re trying to document it, and it’s pretty funny because everyone here is looking at us and laughing. This is what hipsters look like eating lunch. Lunch is over. It’s raining outside, and we are going to go warm up with a little dram of whiskey. And not any whiskey, Bushmills, which is the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world. Doesn’t he kind of look like Bricktop from Snatch? I think it should be Vagabrothers since way back. So what do we have here? This is the full range of Bushmills distillery whiskey that we’re having on sale at the moment. Everything on the market That’s everything from our youngest, which is a five year Bourbon barrel aged blend, all the way up to the rare twenty one year second. If you guys make it to Northern Ireland, you must come to Bushmills and have one of these whiskey samplers. One of those things about Ireland is that the weather changes like that. And we’ve just driven back from Bushmills to our hotel at the Giants Causeway, and there’s a beautiful sunset. I love the way the light on this grass is like this little yellow tinge from the sunset. Everything blowing in the wind. It’s just so beautiful. All right, guys. That’s it for the day. We’re going to head to the hotel, but stay tuned. Tomorrow we’re heading to the Giants Causeway and the rest of this beautiful northern coastline. If you guys enjoyed this vlog, you know what to do: give it a thumbs-up; share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers if you have not already. And in the meantime, remember: stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace. What just happened? I parked the car.


  1. I've been missing Ireland so much at the moment and now you guys upoad this video and make it even worse! Beautiful shots!

  2. Mussenden Temple is one of my favourite sites in Northern Ireland. They sometimes invite a harpist to play in the Temple – so beautiful!

  3. I miss northern ireland, im in england for uni but i miss belfast so much and I can't believe i haven't been to the causeway yet

  4. I like all your Videos but I love your Ireland Vlogs! They are awesome. Ireland is such a beautiful Country. Greetings from Munich, Saskia

  5. Awesome video as always really enjoy following you guys ! if you ever get the chance to get up northern isles in Scotland i recommend it ! Orkney and Shetland !

  6. Wow it's so cool seeing you guys visit somewhere I'm familiar with! I went to uni near there! Harry's Shack is delicious! Hope you also went to Ramore wine bar in Portrush, favourite restaurant ❤️

  7. I love the Vagas.. have subbed for well over a year now, and whilst the Irish are great you have yet to come to Wales. You've done Scotland, England and ireland, but not Wales. Our country will blow you away.

  8. I went to Northern Ireland recently and was blown away with how beautiful it was 🙂 I filmed the trip if anyone wants to check it out. Thanks 🙂

  9. it's amazing to see so much green. Sometimes all you want to do is spend some time in the outdoors and breathe in some fresh air

  10. Nice video. Plus I discovered some amazing music through this vlog. Keep making videos and I wish you guys had more subs.

  11. well im 16 yrs old I ddn't know what course should i take in college to travel the world but ur video really helps me thank u vegabrothers and i'm subscribing ur channel and wish u can visit Philippines

  12. My friend took me a very similar route when I went to visit and we even finished at the brewery too. We were a bit luckier with the weather haha Such a beautiful place <3

  13. Ireland looks so cool! That is high on my bucket list. I'd be filming it for my channel when I finally make it over there!

  14. I live here (northern ireland) it's when people document it like this that you really appreciate where you live

  15. yes lads! great work, im from derry but been travelling the world for 6years now – check my travel adventures on my channel 🙂

  16. I live in Northern Ireland and I'm proud of all my country….except the weather and the people who run the fecking place

  17. You should have stopped in limavady to see the house were the song the Londonderry air/Danny boy was written. Something not known to tourists.

  18. I get that you are american and don't know much about NI basically "derry" is actually called Londonderry if referring to the City that is in county Derry and Northern Ireland is in the UK not Ireland even tho the name can be misleading but hey I'm not here to judge sorry if i sound mean

  19. Yeah northern ireland is truly beatiful there is alot of tourist attractions because of game of thrones!

  20. What month was this shot in? Is it always that green? Or will February be less colorful? This vlog series is great!

  21. It's green like that year round. Hope you bought a reserve bottle, which is only sold at the Bushmills distillery. It's fabulous.

  22. Is it Vaga / Vagas surname an Irish surname or do you have Spaniard – Portuguese ancestors ? Loved your coastal, love from Argentina
    ( Latin SouthAmerica )

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