Beautiful Places in Pakistan: Ayun & Chitral | Travel Vlog

Beautiful Places in Pakistan: Ayun & Chitral | Travel Vlog

we woke up to this beautiful view good morning guys and you can see I
changed my outfit and this is the traditional costume in practice today we
are going to explore Ione and Chitra but before leaving let me show you around
the oil forth in where we are staying isn’t this place beautiful as much as
I’d like to enjoy this place I also want to go out and explore so
let’s head to the village of Yong Yong is located in chitral district in the
northwest of Pakistan between Kailash Valley and the town of Chitra life in
this village is simple but not always easy
it means lot of effort yes this is a burgeoning the bakery prepares fresh
bread on this spot when a customer of see fresh form bread on demand was not too
long I’m surprised to see how everything pakistan is vibrant and full of colors
including these donkeys the donkey’s owner asked us if we were interested in
writing them we thanked him for them offered but continued working instead lucasz greeted us with Salam Malik
or by shaking our hands from the very top of a tree a kid started waving
signaling us to get closer the kids just climbed the tree I can’t watch it he just gave me great he was not the
only one another lovely kid was waving at us and we went to him he spoke to me
with the language of smiles now it’s time to head Chitra we are in Chitra and we are going to
visit this mosque well destroy your mother’s the Shia
mosques also known by the locals as the royal mass is the main mast in Chitra it was built by Sir Cheryl mark the
ruler of chitra back in 1924 the moss is very impressive but it’s
mainly a place for players and three should be respectful and dress up
accordingly females should cover their hair and their body the mass is located on the bank of the
children river and behind the children for where we are heading next
we are moving to the royal fort it’s a nowadays Shahid cannula and once there
was a king ship here but now there’s no any kinship but the people honor and
respect the Kings still they are here but they don’t have the power of
kingship so we can meet the king yes if he is here you can find the British
weapons we will use fight they are here and some other things which the King
used to use in this palette they are here unfortunately the king has some kids so
we couldn’t make it this is the way if you are army person
you mean you’ll be off on this yet but if you are a local through this gate
this is the traditional ha it looks good yeah yeah girl did she did
it repeat EDC and is one of the hotel
chains by the government in all our Pakistan the main cities of Pakistan and
they they are just to facilitate the tourists and that is beauty DC means
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation and have motel in Chitra as well so we
are going there to see crossing the road in Pakistan explained during our meal there was a power cut
which is a common injury in Pakistan now we are going to see some wildlife
and flower our drone everybody’s searching for them

100 thoughts on “Beautiful Places in Pakistan: Ayun & Chitral | Travel Vlog

  1. The hosts should have told her to take off shoes when entering the mosque. It's so disrespectful because people prostrate on this marble floor.

  2. Hello i am from small Himalayan state sikkim, India??
    But i like north Pakistan??especially gilgit.. Switzerland is nothing in front of Himalaya… Peace ????❤?
    And i also like Pakistan coke studio ❤?

  3. Sister why you don't remove your shoes in mosque please next time thanks to show the natural beauty of our country Pakistan

  4. This is not called roti "girl" light your mind pls before telling the world AND
    WTH u r walking with shoes inside of holy mosque ?!!!!!!!! _ )(

  5. Madam u forgot to take your shoes ? off while in Mosque ? . No one is allowed to visit inside the mosque with shoes. Other then this, rest of your video is nice.

  6. Hello Mansoureh !! I want to host you in MURREE as I have my own Apartments for stays … Please give me a pleasure to host you, I will try my best to facilitate you in every possible way.. Plz let me know….

  7. We Pakistani welcome Indians too by open ❤️ but come with proper channel otherwise tea is always fantastic but after some ?

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