BEFORE THE SHOW – Unmasked Vlog (#22) – Aviation Tour Part 1/4

BEFORE THE SHOW – Unmasked Vlog (#22) – Aviation Tour Part 1/4

Where are we going? To practice Hello! What do you think about Alan’s new outfit? It is amazing! Im actually a bit jealous about the hoodie, I think it looks really cool Haha, you can have it! Hope it fits! Now i’m stripping Welcome back! Today its kinda like a different, I would say, environment and atmosphere We are currently at OLYP, and yeah we are preparing for the Aviation Tour It is kind of silent in here Thats because everything we hear, we hear from this Aha! So I can’t hear anything then? You can hear the clicks Oh, nice Haha, yes I can imagine what song you are playing It sounds so good in our ears Thats what they all say right? We are going to do a run through now and then some of the vocalists will come later.. and then we are going to try to see how they sound and other than that we are going to do a few run throughs of the whole entire show.. and see how it is Well hello guys, welcome back It’s a new day Today we have switched locations So we got a full productions rehersals now This is Anders’ rig, he is doing keys Chris, doing base and guitar, he could do some top leads Sounds pretty sick And this is my rig got keys, vocal chops All of the sounds from the band will go to the mixer and then I can like add effects from here This one is also vocal chops, its just bigger than all the others. So you can mess around more Some more vocal chops and also another, just for plucks and everything So yeah, this is whats going on! Aviation tickets is out, I want to see you guys there and yeah, make sure you get some tickets before its sold out What are you guys doing now? Run through! Are you going to come and film? Yes! We have four hours to run through all the songs And the whole set is one and a half hour So we have about ten minutes per song So we can play it once, then talk about it, feel about it. Do some edits and do it again then we have to move on, so we can’t stop at one song for too long and Pete will help us stick to the schedule and then after that there is a break and then we do like two general rehersals So, lets run! They are still listening to the music in their ears so nobody can hear anything I guess he is playing but I can’t hear anything It’s so weird to be here Yeah, all silent Silent disco, welcome Im going in to the Alan Walker world At the end here, I’ll get the audience to raise their hands in the air, just like at my concerts Okay that was the dress rehersals How long have you been standing here? Today? for a few hours Everybody else got a chair but me That’s good, you have to train your leg muscles Oh, thats what you look like The bright side is not your side huh? Yes, I did it again! Are you calling me white? Thats not exactly what I said We have been spending 10-12 hours a day in the studio Where we were just before, at OLYP and then we were there for, yeah, 10-12 hours a day for maybe 1-2 weeks… three Its been me, Tommy, Chris and Jonas. We have been practicing together and then Anders has joined after some time This is probably super challenging Its been super tiring Its been super hard aswell but its been fun to learn and its been very different to… Good job! Thank you! …play my own songs, on instruments actually, do it live Now I have to do it for real Because even doing the vocal chops is super hard and it is so challenging I think that is the most challenging part than learning the keys and everything And so far this has been the most useless addition.. I don’t use it You don’t use it? No It looks cool though! It looks cool to just have it there but I dont really have time to like put on a filter But you have the option to though, and if you want to talk or something suddenly, you can just do whatever you need thorugh that right? Thats correct We are going to put these in so you guys can hear Pretty hard Yeah it looks so hard to just press white buttons The hardest one were “Faded” Its like you are writing something on a keyboard Thats a great email, I would love that email If you want to witness, pretty much this live, with the full band, then you should come to the Aviation Tour So far, its the only band tour I will do so So, its very limited Its going to be different because usually I only do DJ shows and i’m the only one there and this time we are five people on stage, thats different We are doing massive venues It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be cool and you should come Tickets are out, just check out At least go to, we have merch, we have whatever Walkers, thank you so much for tuning in Can’t wait to take you guys on the next journey This is my manager, Gunnar I would say that if you haven’t been to an Alan Walker show, this is probably too much because this is Alan Walker 2.0 If you went to an Alan Walker show a year ago, you would be amazed If you come to this show and haven’t seen anything before, there is a big, big probability, you’ll die Are you happy Andreas? Always happy, you know me always happy “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” “If you’re happy and you know it clap your…” Yey!

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  1. I am watching this vlog for the 10th time…. idk why but i guess my brain wants to extract some MISTAKES in this video ?? but so far no mistake except when alan was playing PLAY his vocals werent exactly mixing with the music!! But everything else is so amazing makes me watch this vlog everyday?

  2. Who is this?
    A man?
    A super hero?
    A super star?
    A genius?
    A legend of music?
    Or all of this?
    I think is all of this!
    Is funny, and is so social in the open world
    (Legend never die)
    Edit: idk what to say

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    ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝Alan Walker

  4. I am from Yemen and ,I like Alan walker
    But I want you to be in good line ,sorry but I want know your religion? ………..please I want know do Vlog to answer my question please

  5. Legend says if you say youtubers name in 3 times you will get pinned

    Alan Walker
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    I wish i get pinned xD

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