Dear America, I Don’t mean to sound harsh but what I’m about to say needs to be said See we have money in our pockets, but it is time. We put more sense in our heads In 1990 Americans took 20 days of vacation each year in 2018 Americans left more than half of their vacation days Unclaimed but did you know that people who take 11 more vacation days are more likely to receive a raise See when I was little my parents would take time off each year to take us to the Grand Canyon I was that annoying kid in the backseat always asking are we there yet? Out of control, by the way, thank you. Mom and dad for not leaving me on the side of the road But as my parents grow old, I know they don’t have many trips left, but the memories we made together and the landscapes we saw Are things I will never forget So before your life flashes before your eyes, will your movie be worth watching? Will it be filled with scenes looking up at the night sky? Or looking down at your computer Exhausted will you regret the stories? You’ve never told the memories that never happened the paths never explore because you didn’t take the time to enjoy all that you worked So hard for the most precious thing we have in life is our experiences with our families So forget your your New Year’s resolution, let’s make a new life resolution to explore You don’t have to go far this country has so many wondrous places So from now on let’s take our full vacation let’s make the commitment today to get out to reconnect and explore our America


  1. Well I'm skipping my vacation because I'm gonna have back surgery because I have scoliosis in the 70's as degrees I'm really scared and my sister has a driver test and summer school I won't be able to see my best friend ,I hope see knows I have scoliosis and that I have surgery tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful… Inspirational.. Deep. Hes the inner voice that we all have inside our hearts. Thank you for this

    me: i am from romania, what am i gonna do? SHOULD I EXPLORE THE AMERICA TOO?

  4. The sad thing is: I have Birthday on 24th of July and my Mum won't go to a theme park with me because she "has to work". She could take a day of but she doesn't 🙁

  5. I can't think so. Because if u don't have haven't when you can go and you're trapped in your house

  6. Yeah this is cute.
    But I hope you know your make others feel like an ass
    All this fucking things I could have done.
    For instance in the time of me watching this video I could’ve brought my niece to the ice cream shop.
    Instead I watched something that made me feel like shit for not talking to me mom when she needed me most.
    For not talking to my brother and telling him I love him before he went to college.
    Helping my best friend with depression before she jumped off a bridge.

  7. my parents are going on a cruise and i have aquaphobia and i had an anxiety attack because of my aquaphobia. it means i’m scared of open spaces like oceans.

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