Before Your Flight (What NOT to Forget)

Before Your Flight (What NOT to Forget)

hey there this video is about what not
to forget when you travel I am giving you a checklist of what not to forget
before you leave on vacation. one by one this checklist of what not to forget
before you travel is for a couple of weeks before your flight as well as all
the way up to the minute you arrive at the airport. I also have three things not
to forget if you are flying internationally at the very end of this
video. before you travel do not forget to pack extra medicines or your
prescriptions just in case your flight is canceled and you’re forced to stay an
extra night in Hawaii. that way you’ll have an extra few pills to get you
through the night in that next day of traveling back home. be sure to click the
bell bye subscribe to tell you to how often you want to receive my weekly free
travel tips video. the Transportation Security Administration does have
permission to cut into your suitcase if there is a lock on it that is not
approved or just if it’s just faster for them to just cut the lock. just know that
that may happen if you have a lock on your checked luggage. another thing to
think about when you’re packing a checked suitcase is to be smart and pack
your valuables all your essentials on your person in your personal bag. if your
checked luggage gets in the wrong hands by chance there’s nothing essential that
cannot be replaced because all of those essentials were on your person with you
at all times inside the airplane. before you travel do not forget to pack your
passport or your identification and do not forget that all liquids in a
carry-on bag need to go in one quart sized clear bag and the containers
inside need to be no larger than 3.4 ounces or less you can’t have like a
large bottle of shampoo with just a little bit of liquid in there the
containers have to be that size I want to tell my loyal subscribers that this
bag is back in Sephora online and I will link it below for you and auntie told me
a while back that if you have sinus problems on an airplane from the dry
or if you are prone to nosebleeds to squirt your nose like before you leave
your house so that all of that up and there will be moist for the flight if
you’re traveling through several hotels on your vacation I suggest that you pack
a bright-colored lid to house your watch or little trinket jewelry we never
travel with super expensive jewelry cheap jewelry is just fine so that we
don’t stick out to pick pocketers but anyway pack a bright lid to store those
little things even your key card because a lot of jewelry blends in with the
granite or with the counter tops in hotel rooms
I have lost a watch because I forgot to grab it off of the bedside table when I
travel on an airplane I put eyedrops in my eyes the day of my flight because of
the dry air inside the airplane and then if I am traveling for on a long-haul
flight I will put these in mid-flight one subscriber told me that she packs
her prescription for her eyeglasses or a picture of what that prescription is in
case you step on sit on or lose your eyeglasses while you’re on vacation but
another thing that you could also do is just take that old pair that’s a little
close to your present subscript or prescription when you travel do not
forget to take your regular face moisturizer when you are in a different
city that is not when you want to know that you are allergic to this new kind
of lotion I wanted to tell y’all that we are getting a puppy in the end of
September so I will be taking a break in the fall from making videos but be sure
to tell YouTube if you want to be reminded once a week when I do start
doing videos again but I’ve got a few for August and September for you when
you travel do not forget to unplug all major electronics including your
coffeemaker not only are you preventing a fire but you are also saving energy
because they are using energy while you’re gone even though they’re turned
off do not forget to not eat high-salt foods a couple of days before you travel
because just your legs swell I highly recommend
Zella compression leggings I will link those below they feel like leggings more
than the thin restrictive type compression sleeves that are out there
these leggings are high-waisted but they do not restrict any part of my leg I
also have some tips for long-haul flights that will help you with your
circulation flow in your legs and I will link that in the I cards or in the
description box below for you do not forget to set your lights on a timer
when you leave for vacation and do not forget to research a couple of weeks
before your travel of where to go in that city places to eat you can look on
TripAdvisor you can research like great YouTube videos that tell you what the
cruise ship is like or where to go that kind of thing let me know in the poll
right here if you trust traveler’s insurance if you’ve ever used it let me
know what you think or put it in the description box in a comment when you
travel to the airport and use uber or a taxi do not give them your home address
so that that is one less person who knows your house is going to be empty
for the next five days or whatever give them your neighbor’s address and be
standing in their driveway or under their little front doors stoop and that
way if a burglar does come back to that empty house they will see activity and
think that you’re already back home in the south we have to remember this when
we leave for vacation we leave our washing machine door or lid open so that
there’s no moldy smell when we get back before you travel do not forget to
download the airline’s app so that on the day that you are
leaving for vacation before you leave your house check the airline’s app and
see where the airplane will be parked at sometimes when you check your flight
status like the day before when you check-in it’s going to give you another
gate but the day of they have weather or they need to move planes around your
gate departure could be at a different location in a big airport you would then
know which terminal to be dropped off at because that’s the terminal where your
airplane is part do not forget to pack snacks for your flight in case it’s
still later a long time on the tarmac before
you leave or when you land and the there’s an airplane parked in your spot
and your airplane is sitting there on the tarmac waiting and you are starving
if you were traveling with a baby I recommend bringing extra milk because
you could be sitting on the tarmac an extra two hours and it does not count as
a liquid but the Transportation Security Administration asks that you do pull it
out when you go through security so they do see that in your cooler or wherever
you have it just pull it out and put it in the bin and then you’ll also pull out
your liquids bag going through security when you are making your packing list do
not forget to check the weather at your destination because that dictates what
kinds of shoes you are going to need and then if you know your shoes you will
know what clothes to pack I have a great video on travel safety tips that will
tell you a tip about having a policeman do a drive-by around your house randomly
while you’re on vacation and I’ll link that video there and in the description
box for you when you are driving to the airport do not forget to take off your
sunglasses that you’re wearing in your car I always pack my sunglasses in a
case in my weekender bag or in my backpack and then I have before
forgotten and I’ve worn my sunglasses into the airport it’s just an added
thing that I don’t need to pack so don’t forget to take them off do not forget to
pack a cardigan or a hoodie in your personal item bag in case the airplane
or the airport is freezing and then in the same way do not forget to dress in
layers in case the airport or the airplane is sweltering hot you just
never know do not forget to pack your medicines in your personal item bag so
that in case your suitcase has to be checked at the last minute and the belly
of the airplane and then it gets lost those medicines are with you on your
person ok I have three tips for traveling internationally do not forget
that traveler’s checks are not universally accepted anymore
we use ATMs once we get to that country because they have a lower exchange rate
versus like getting your money exchanged in an airport that’s
a way overcharged and also with ATMs we learned the hard way in pouring down
snow and rain on a Sunday ATMs are pretty much out of cash everywhere
you’re going so get your cash in another country and an ATM on any day besides
Saturday or Sunday when you travel internationally do not forget to tell
your credit card company or your bank that you will be out of the country and
spending that money and then also I like to write down my credit card number or
my credit card companies phone number in case it does get stolen and put it in a
different place and finally in other countries in Europe you will need to
pack loose coins to pay to use the restroom and also to maybe tip the
person man or woman who is in the women’s restroom when you are done all
right let me know down below if there’s one more thing that you will not ever
forget again when you travel and thanks for visiting and for listening

100 thoughts on “Before Your Flight (What NOT to Forget)

  1. Laurie, I just went through the worst "lost checked luggage " situation last week! Because of your videos, I remembered to carry my medicines and I also had a spare non wrinkle tee,and leggings with me in my carry on! So,things could have been much worse( if I wouldn't have had those items with me!). By the way, your hair looks so cute! I'm thinking of a new cut and you've given me some inspiration! I'm so happy about your new puppy! Please share some pics if you can! Maybe on Instagram?

  2. Three big trips thru a travel agency IRELAND/ICELAND/ICELAND all 3 times bought travel insurance, oh about $130 per person, never had to use it (whew). I always write information on my trip itinerary/hotels/places of interest/restaurants in a 3.5 by 5 inch little notebook, sometimes I will draw a little map to help me out. I also put into my cell phone (can delete after trip) hotel phone numbers/shuttle numbers/their addresses too. Has come in handy more than once! OMG a puppy, what kind are you getting? Yes you will be busy, but fun 🙂

  3. When my son was on the bottle I had in the bottle the powder formula with no water.And they checked that and they said it was ok. But when we got near the plane I got bottle water and put it in. It happened about when he was Two month old now he is a teenager

  4. Always carry a packet of tissues. We are older and always get travel insurance, more for medical coverage and evacuation.

  5. We are going to Mexico next month. Do I need to keep prescription meds in the original containers? They are so bulky and I normally put them in a pill organizer. Love your videos!

  6. One of my friends recommends turning off your ice maker and emptying the ice before traveling. He returned once to a puddle on his hardwood floor. There had been a power outage.

  7. For pick up, I've met the shuttle at the local hotel before. I like your idea of meeting at a neighbors house. I write a last minute packing list and or last minute to do list so that I feel less anxiety/overwhelmed before the trip. Love your ideas as always! Your top is super cute. Where did it come from? Enjoy your new puppy!

  8. I always take, emery board, folding hand fan, pen, and sunscreen. Also leave  itinerary/ info with a relative – when hubby and I leave town I let my father know and give or email the hotel info to him, so someone knows we're away and where. Go to your local USPS branch to stop mail delivery (if gone more than a weekend). Tell next door neighbor but no one else. Do not post travel plans on social media. My bother and sister-in-law 's house was robbed after they posted their trip plans on facebook. If you must share your trip info  Post AFTER you return home.

  9. For international travel, before traveling, we look up the location and contact info for the Embassy or consulate office in the countries we are traveling to. We always take this info with us.

  10. Your blouse looks beautiful on you.
    How do you continue to think of so many great tips?
    We always use travel insurance. With elderly parents we never know when there might be a possible crisis that would keep us at home or call us back.

  11. A friend's mother fell while in Italy. She was badly hurt, needed surgery. She also h
    ad her young teen granddaughter's with her. It was a nightmare for her to get treated and for the granddaughters to get back to the USA. Thankfully, she had purchased travelers insurance for all three of them and that helped immensely. After hearing her awful story I will never travel without it again.

  12. Love you loads LauriePop!! Been with you quite awhile and FINALLY going on my first trip abroad this fall. I've taken so many of your tips and used the ones that suited me. I also took a couple of trips to Florida to visit family so I've done a preview!! Today I ordered my compression socks and I'm almost ready to get out those suitcases~ Thanks for all the work you do for us subscribers, Laurie! I know I'll think of you while I'm on my trip~ 🌹Joan

  13. My husband and I learned a travel lesson this May. We were flying straight home from Denver to Fresno; and since we weren’t going anywhere else and had everything we needed at home, we didn’t bother with putting our liquids bags and changes of clothing in our carry-on. We just threw everything into our luggage willy-nilly and didn’t worry about it. We never imagined our flight from Denver would be canceled after our suitcases were already checked, and we would have another day before we could get home 😬 Fortunately we caught a flight to the city where our kids live, and they were able to supply us with what we needed. Lesson learned!

  14. Travel insurance gives me peace of mind. Not expensive (for flying domestic)/totally worth it. PS-your top's color & neckline are so flattering on you! 🙂

  15. I just got back from the UK a couple of weeks ago. I was hiking solo through the Cotswolds and had stayed in a lovely village of about 2500 people. The town did not have a bank, only one lonely ATM machine, which (I'm guessing because it was a private ATM company) did not recognize my foreign debit card. I had to get a cash advance on my credit card just to get a few pounds for my pocket. In case some of you aren't aware, the interest on a cash advance on your credit card is 'off the charts'. I'm usually very thoughtful about cash when I travel. I don't want to carry too much but I don't want to put every coffee I buy on a c.c. either. It would never have occurred to me that a town wouldn't have a bank.

  16. I LOVE your channel! My husband, a nervous and infrequent flyer, and myself are traveling to South Africa at the end of September. I love traveling but haven't had a chance to travel as much as I would want to do. My last international flight was….1999….wow. Your channel has helped so much prep for our upcoming trip! Thanks for the assistance!

  17. I ALWAYS have travel insurance for any vacation involving flights and/or international travel (cruises, etc.). I've known too many people who have had emergency situations and have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket to get treatment and get back home.

  18. My mother n law took a lot of cruises. Before she left she would turn off the water and furnace. I also carry my eyeglass script when I travel. I learned from experience to have it with you.

  19. Always pack a change of clothes in personal bag now for each of us + some toiletries after bags went missing for 24hrs.

  20. Something that I found out when traveling to London: the pounds go "out of issue" quite often. Please make sure, before you leave, that the pounds are current.

  21. Just got back from New York City. My first trip on a plane. I used your tips and only took a carry on bag for a week. I breezed through security and was using my debit card and having a great time in New York when suddenly I need to get on the subway and my debit card would not work. I called my credit union and they had blocked my card. It took a couple of minutes of what airport I flew out of to New York, my hotel, when I was coming back and what airport was I leaving and going. After explaining it all to them finally they unblocked my card. I'm from small town America and I mean small. I had just a little panic being alone and my card wouldn't work. That's a very good tip. Thanks for all your videos. They're very helpful.

  22. Can you do a video for how best to manage the U.S. mail while away for several months. The pros and cons of forwarding mail to the destination address, different services, etc. Thank you Laurie

  23. I love your videos. They are so upbeat. Often rewatch after returning from vacation just for fun. Good luck with the puppy.

  24. I NEVER set my address for the airport shuttle/rideshare pick up! I always use my aunt's address since she lives a few streets away from me, she would stand near me when the car arrives to say bye and help me with my bags and so everyone around knows my place and my aunt's place are not empty. It would be best to ask a family member or friend that lives near you if you can do that. Since I live in an apartment building, I move my bags to my aunt's place the night before my flight at like 3am when no one is around. Always have someone go to your place weekly to get your mail and if you live in an apartment building that still leaves notices or flyers at each door, ask that trusted someone to go to your door and rip off the papers. I've seen people with notices and flyers stuck on their door for more than 2 weeks and that's how I know the people who live there are on vacation.

  25. Hi! I like to carry safety pins. I also carry a small sewing kit, but the safety pin is a quick fix in an emergency! What breed of puppy are you getting? Is it a rescue? Enjoy it!

  26. I always buy medical insurance. This past trip was the first time that I had to use it, and it was excellent. It covered everything, doctor, labs and meds.

  27. Be sure to ASK your neighbor before calling Uber to their house and standing in their driveway. People are not always major tight pals with their neighbors.

  28. You've got a super channel Laurie! Amazing video too! Congrats on passing 45K, that is amazing! 😀

  29. In regards to insurance: I use to work for AAA and had many clients who took insurance and were glad they did. One of my couples were on a cruise around Tahiti and he fell ill. He ended up spending 3 weeks in a hospital there. It was extremely costly. Another situation is when a client had to be heli-vac'd or flown back home by a medical aircraft. This is also extremely expensive. It's definitely worth it if it's a reputable company and always check the coverages and exclusions.

  30. Hi Laurie
    I enjoy your videos. Would you address packing electronics, including chargers, and going though TSA efficiently, with electronics, when traveling with carry on luggage and one personal item. Thanks

  31. Great tip about leaving the washer lid open, not just when traveling but other times too. I put the addresses of hotels and major sites in my phone before I leave so that they are handy for directions while sightseeing.

  32. I downloaded the TSA app and asked a question about CBD Hemp oil. No one can tell me what the rule is for CBD oil that has NO THC in it. It is not Marjuana oil, it is Hemp oil that can be purchased over the counter in Health Food stores and from Amazon. I am a disabled veteran and use this for my PTSD, anxiety and sleep. Do you have any idea if I can take it in my medication bag or if they will still say it is ileagle?

  33. I have a question. I'm European and I've never traveled to another country with a different currency nor traveled by plane yet. Let's say I'd like to ride a taxi/uber or a bus near the airport, not counting the expensive airport transportation, so I can go to my hotel. Do you recommend I exchange some currency before I travel to said country to pay for the ride or are there normally ATMs near the airport I can use before going on public transportation? Thanks. 🙂

  34. I do trust travel insurance. I also refuse to travel internationally without a trace” insurance that covers medical needs while away from home. Having traveled as a nurse to other countries to bring “healthy” individuals home and know the financial burden this can place on ones family, it is an insurance I will not skip.

  35. Another vote for the puppy videos! And the face moisturizer allergy tip happened to my daughter – she tried a new moisturizer on a trip and, luckily, only turned red for a few hours. We had to spend time shopping for another since we couldn't find her regular one.

  36. Is there a way to see a text for of these items in a summary list? I find I get so distracted listening that I forget to write it all down.

  37. Regarding travel insurance. We have purchased it twice. International cruises a bit pricey and extended period of time. Purchased travel insurance to cancel for any reason you never know. Especially when booking a year in advance. A good website for purchasing policies a variety of policies based on your needs.

  38. I didn't see these already posted, and I have learned them the hard way: make sure all toilets are flushed before you leave. It festers and makes the whole house smell like a sewer. I have started squirting a little bit of cleaner into the bowl–just a little. All trash outside, and don't forget the basket of grounds in the coffee maker…mold will grow there in humidity, and it's super gross!
    We buy travel insurance for most trips, especially international trips or those with a lot of prepay things, like Disney. It's pretty affordable, and it covers a lot of things.

  39. When packing medications, do pain relievers, sleep aids, etc. have to be in their original bottles when you fly? I use ziplock pill bags for local travel and love them. I also take an old travel "Advil" bottle and refill it with my prescription ibuprofen.

  40. A week before travelling start to take Vitamin C – you can also get these in an effervescent capsule that you drop in a glass of water and drink. This will support your immune system ready for travel – and start defending you against those travelling nasty bugs. I live in the UK and before we travel we use our debit/credit card to purchase something at the airport – this can be something as simple as a packet of chewing gum or a bottle of water. That serves as notification to the bank/credit card company that we are taking the card overseas, so we don't need to contact them specifically about taking the card away.

  41. Never put a bag on the floor under seat in front of you. Just returned from Europe and the floor was wet and nasty. Ruined my bag and few things inside. I believe we were on the plane with most ill mannered individuals. Throwing trash on floor, adults standing on seats for looking in overheads. Just disgusted with behaviors. Wear something you can nothing about.

  42. Love your informative videos! One thing I learned the hard way about snacks is…. pack something without peanuts 🤦🏻‍♀️ I literally packed so many snacks and they ALL had nuts. Of course someone on our flight and connecting flight had a nut allergy. Lesson learned, and why I didn’t think of that myself is beyond me! 🥜🚫

  43. Peter Greenberg, travel journalist for CBS says there are two kinds of luggage, "Carry-on and lost." I only do carry-on with a 21 inch roller bag and a small back pack.

  44. You just reminded me to call my credit card companies and bank to inform them I’ll be on travel. LOL. Always love watching your videos, Laurie!!

  45. Happy Puppy Days to you! Congrats! You look beautiful in that top/earrings. I love your channel and your super great positive outlook. My Favorite "episode" is your reminder of our value to God. God bless you!!

  46. How exciting that you're getting a puppy. They are so much fun. A handful too. Yay for you and your family. I'll miss you while you take time off. Your tips have come in very helpful for travel.

  47. Did you mention travel power adapters for international travel? Also DUAL powered things like cameras and hair curlers that don’t care if it’s 120 or 220 volt current (cellphones don’t care either). It’s a good idea to have an adapter with a USB port as well as a spot to plug in whatever you need to power. And take power banks for phones and cameras! Also, a lightweight, fold up tote or backpack for excursions.

  48. My husband and I pack a couple of outfits in each other’s suitcase. That way if one bag is lost or delayed. We both have clothes. It would be a real bummer for one of us to have everything and the other nothing.

  49. I forgot to add this to my other comment. When I was watching Walter's World he reminded me of one thing. Two days before you go on your trip, go to the post office and put a Stop Mail Order for your house and put the date you will be back. This is especially if you have a private mail box in your yard. One thing potential robbers look for is if you are getting your mail. The stop mail will make it look like you are when in reality the post office is just holding onto it (up to a month)

  50. alwayas love your videos,,, have you used the compression cubes?? wondered how they worked for you thanks again Joanie Vermont going to Ireland and Paris in Nov, hooray

  51. On expensive trips… I always get travel insurance.. especially as my parents are older and we have needed to cancel a trip in the past for family emergencies. Do you also leave your wedding rings at home when traveling.?

  52. Great tips as always. Have your mail held or a neighbor take it out of your mailbox as well as your newspaper. A sure tip off you are gone!

  53. Great tips – again. It's funny you mentioned travel insurance as I'm just claiming on mine from a cancelled trip to China in May. My friend (travel companion) has already been paid hers but I needed some extra paperwork to complete mine. I'm also currently getting quotes for my next two overseas trips, so yes, its's a must have if leaving the country in my opinion. We do not take it if we are travelling domestically though.

  54. I usually book through Orbits and get the insurance they offer since the weather can be so unpredictable. Had an entire cruise and airline flights refunded once within days of cancellation…was glad to have the insurance! I recommend it if your spending over $300 on something or your booking far in advance..the insurance is very inexpensive.

  55. This is a great channel. One thing my late husband always did before we traveled, even to Canada was to check exchange rates. Without question, exchanging money at local banks in the US always gave us the best rate. If you live in a small town or city, you may have to wait a few days or a week as they may not have that currency at hand. When we get home we just put the extra (!) away for gifts to foreign friends or when we go back for a day trip (We live just over the Canadian border).

  56. I LOVE your videos. You get right to the points not a lot of chit chat. I will be flying for the first time in January. I feel like I'm already a pro because of your videos. Thank you!

  57. I always take travel insurance when travelling overseas. If I'm travelling domestically for work then I generally don't because I'm from Australia and the flights I take are generally 3 hours or less and have multiple flights per day and I can stay an extra night if needed. But it is a must for overseas travel in case of flight delays/cancellations, lost luggage, stolen luggage etc.

  58. If going on a cruise notify the credit card company that you will be using on board. We didn't do this on our first cruise and they put a hold on it because of the multiple small charges.

  59. I asked my dog trainer about this yesterday (wish I did so sooner). I figured you may like to know too. She said what ever carrier we plan to use during our travel, use that as their main crate/bed AT LEAST in the weeks prior to going. She recommended using it as a main bed/crate permanently or leaving it out and open for them to go in and out as they please depending on how big it is. She said it will make them more comfortable flying if they are already trained in that crate because they know it is a safe happy place. She also recommended as a frequent flyer herself to use a hard plastic crate as they are more widely accepted by international airlines.

  60. Frequent travelers: don’t bother. This is for ppl who travel like once a decade. It’s very common sense stuff for ppl who travel regularly –

  61. In addition to unplugging your appliances, we always turn off the water to the house, especially in the winter (we live in New England) in case of a power outage and the heat goes out (frozen pipes…not fun) We also have someone watch our house, she comes in and checks to make sure all is fine.

  62. Good advice. I recently discovered your channel. Iaughed out loud (just a bit) when you stated to give your neibours address. GREAT …so your neibour may get burgled when they have gone shopping or out to dinner. Ooops. Do they know you do this? 😀

  63. We always get travel insurance- we have used the insurance twice for major items. Also, we have had claims for weather (hurricane) and it was extremely simple to to apply. Alliance Insurance and Travel Guard- TG covered my husbands 5 day stay in a London Hospital, all the events we had paid in advance, etc. They took care of everything so I wasn’t making calls, or spending any energy making arrangements. My husband almost had to come home on a ship as flying might have been ruled out, it would have been covered. Many airlines offer insurance when you purchase a ticket- do yourself a favor and purchase it.

  64. For international be sure to have the address and phone number of the US Embassy there. Also, have medical insurance info with you and find out beforehand if you are covered or need an additional travel insurance policy with medical coverage. And finally, research before you go how to make phone calls in that country – to home, to another USA phone in that country (like calling your spouse when you are both in that country) and how to call from your US phone to a local phone in that country.

  65. I'd love to see how you style your hair! I'm obsessed with your haircut, yet the curls make it hard to see the lines of the cut. Also, I want those exact wavy curls! 😁

  66. I took that Sephora bag on a flight within Europe and I was told it was non-compliant as it wasn't completely clear! Had to repack into one of their clear baggies and ditch that Sephora bag. Just a heads up!

  67. So your question about travelers insurance. I have not ever had to use it, however, a family member has had to cancel a few trips due to family illness and it was a lifesaver for her family not to lose all that money.

  68. Don’t forget to make sure water to toilet is turned off before you leave. We had a gasket break in the tank and water pressure lifted the tank top and water continuously ran. It flooded bathroom, bedroom, living room and leaked into basement and flooded basement . Extensive damages.

  69. I love all your travel tips. I especially like the one about safety during travel. Many of those have probably saved my life numerous times.

  70. USPS mail hold can be done online instead of wasting precious time going to the post office; accumulated mail is delivered to your home or you can pick it up.

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