Beginners Camping Set Up | The GO Outdoors Show

Mike>>The producers of the GO Outdoors show
have given us some equipment perfect for first time campers and we’re going to have a race
to see who gets set up first and the winner is going to be the first person to get completely
set up and make a cup of tea. Mike>>[voice over] The set up that we’d been
given was basically a camping starter kit. All the essentials tent, mattress, sleeping
bag, cooking equipment, and accessories. The cost came in at less than £180 per set up
at the time of publishing. I was genuinely quite surprise by this. If you choose carefully,
you will be amazed at how far your budget will go. Anyway, time to set up camp. Ollie>>3.2.1 GO!! Mike>>I have never, never actually pitched
this tent before, but all tunnel tents go together in a very similar way. Ollie>>Its really important that when you
start to push your poles through, that you don’t want t force it, so its best if you
pull a bit of fabric up like this, and then just push it all the way through.. Mike would you mind pushing my pole through.. Mike>>What Im going to do now is to put the
pin into the end of the pole, and because the tent is all pitched out and its going
to hold it up.. and this.. and its much easier, and this is the point that if you’ve got someone
to help, but obviously thats not going to happen today.. Ollie>>I can’t get the tension of this Mike>>When you are pitching your tent,peg
out the guy ropes that are facing into the wind first. Ollie>>When putting out the guy line the
key thing to remember is don’t put it in too tight . Otherwise it will distort the tent..
So put them in and you can always tighten them up afterwards. Mike>>Usually at this point in pitching your
tent, you have to attach the bedrooms, but this one its already attached – which is great.
There we are, we can carry on. Mike>>Now the there are loads of different
pumps you can get for air beds, you can get foot pumps, stirrup pumps, I’m using a battery
powered pump and it means I can set this blowing and I can put my table up.. Mike>>Your being very thorough.. Mike>>So its really important, that when
your fitting your gas bottle to the stove that you line with the little notch up on
the top with the notch on the top Mike>its important to keep your camp site
clean. You don’t want to look like a slob on your camp, people look down on you Ollie>thats for the outtakes Ian>thats going in Mike>Oh your done.. Mike>Ollie…? Ollie>GO Onnnn!! Ollie>I’m boiling .ahhahah Ian>Somehow, Ollie has won Ollie>Do you want a cup of tea.. What the..!?

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