Beijing, China Travel Adventure

Beijing, China Travel Adventure

It’s September 2018 and I’m on my way to
meet up with my best friend Justin in Seattle for our flight to China. We will
be spending the next 21 days traveling all over the country and I’m a bundle of
nerves. Thankfully everything is running smoothly and we even have a seat between us for the 12-hour flight. They weren’t kidding around when they were talking about the air here. We are in the Beijing Airport
and we found our driver. Alright, this is our hotel maybe. The hostel actually gives us a handy
telephone. We can use it for google maps and stuff. Here’s our view. Ta-da! Beijing
everybody! Jet-lagged and exhausted, our only mission for day one was to get water, snacks and sleep. Good morning from Beijing! He got up at 4 a.m. I got up at 6 a.m. We are going to the subway to take a train to the Forbidden City?
Justin: To the Temple of Heaven Temple of Heaven and then Forbidden City?
Justin: Yes Okay, cool! Justin: Look at the dogs in the stroller coming up. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Stay Calm Justin: Ni Hao Teeny tiny dogs in a stroller. TEENY TINY DOGS IN A STROLLER. OHMYGAWD There are teeny tiny poodles everywhere. Everyone has one. It’s like if you live in Beijing you have to have a teeny tiny poodle following you
not on a leash. Speaking of teeny tiny poodles… Hello teeny tiny poodle. Okay bye teeny tiny poodle. Dongsi Station Now we have to get some tickets.
Machine: Please take your ticket and change. The security in this place is as good as the freaking airport. Alright scanning ticket…*Beep* So we’re here and we’re going here.
Everything’s in English this is too easy Insert it to prove that we paid. Trying not to die! Hahaha There are people as old as my grandparents here who have their legs up like frickin by their head. See?! See you have to stay active right? Look how many people are here like ‘you know I’m just gonna work out no big deal’ ‘It’s fine…’ This is what America needs! This place is absolutely enormous and the birds chirping and the crickets cricketing and it’s just so pretty. The Temple of Heaven was originally built in 1420 and was opened as a public park in 1988. The park covers an area of six hundred and sixty acres and is well used by the locals for
exercise, games, family time as well as dance and choral shows. I have never been around this many
people and had it feel so relaxed. How is it so calm? Everybody’s just having a good time. Symbolism referencing the connection between heaven and earth can be found in many of the architectural features with the heavens being
represented with circular shapes and the earth with squares. The largest building
in the complex, The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests is an excellent example of the symbolism.
It’s round shape and dark blue roof emphasized its heavenly
connection as it towers over a square-shaped yard representing the earth. We are going to take a picture! *Laughter* There’s people singing! A pretty song! We’re gonna go see who’s singing. *Choir singing in Chinese* We are going to the Forbidden City next and we’re gonna be taking the subway so we’ve decided to go ahead and buy the
fancy card that you need to load up with subway money. It costs twenty yuan which is about three bucks. So no big deal. A couple of people may have biked here…just a couple though. Cashier: One card, one people ok?
Justin: Yah Cashier: Here
Claire: Xie xie (Thank you) Justin: We are in the pink line and we’re at this one?
Claire: Yup, yes Justin: And we are going to Tienanmen Square. Claire: Tienanmen east?
Justin: Yah Claire: And then…route! A whole app just for the Beijing metro, excellent. Over 15 million people visit the
Forbidden City every year. Don’t worry though, management set a limit of 80,000
visitors a day to help protect the city’s architecture and…help cut down on the crowds?? It’s getting hot! So we decided to do this without a map
and without a tour guide and without audio touring, nothing. So we have no
frame of reference for how big this thing is. There’s no map. All I know is that it keeps going and going and going and going. This is crazy! Inside there are all kinds of ancient paintings, sculptures, ceramics and other pieces of history on display,
far more than can possibly be appreciated in only one day. The Forbidden City’s sprawling complex of 980 buildings covers an area of over 180 acres and is surrounded by 26-foot tall, 20-foot deep wall as well as a 170 foot wide moat which served as defensive
measures throughout history. The Forbidden City housed China’s Emperors for over 500 years and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987. Its rich
cultural and political history make it a must-see if you find yourself in Beijing. So apparently we just exited and we didn’t know it so we’re not allowed back in. We wanted to go up there but I guess
we’re not going to do that. After accidentally finishing the Forbidden City, Justin and I wandered over to Beihai park, one of the oldest and largest imperial gardens in China. This is going to be my first experience
in public toilet. I’ve heard stories. Our current mission is lunch. We are seeing lunchy kind of things. We’re hungry. Thanks to some TripAdvisor and some clever googling we have found an area
full of restaurants and we found one that we want to try and find. Hostess: Hello, how many people?
Justin: Two This is our first Chinese restaurant and
we’re probably going to end up- Ooh! Heck yeah! Is that a sea cucumber? What is that? This is Chinese broccoli according to Justin it smells delicious! Claire: Are you excited?
Justin: Yes Claire: That’s really good. It only took about 2 miles of walking in circles but we have found the subway! Next stop on our to-do list is the Summer Palace and instead of researching which subway
stop to use we headed to only stop on the map with “Summer Palace” in its name. That was a mistake. It’s a 40 minute walk?! How are we going to get there and get back before- We are going to walk back at night? We are 40 minutes walk from where we want to be so we’re gonna have a really pretty walk actually, I- it looks like
we’re in the middle of the country now. It’s stunning so you won’t see me complaining. We were wondering why there weren’t any tourists on the train and Claire: the walk we are about to do…
Justin: because they actually did their research Claire: They’re like oh yeah we actually looked up what station we need to be at… This is the first major attraction we’ve been through that didn’t require us to get x-rayed and metal detected and probed haha and it is heavenly. It is so pretty. Danger! Deep-water! No romping! I’m in a romper though! So that’s a view you don’t hang out in front of everyday. Check this out. Well, bunch of tourists over here it must
be a good view. Of course we’re not going to obey the sign. So the official entrance to the
Summer Palace closes at 5:00 p.m. but it is 5:35 and we finally made it here! But it’s closed so we enjoyed the view from the back! It was really pretty. Claire: This is where we were last time we
checked on our location. Now where are we? Whoa we went far! Okay so the metro is
Justin: Oh! Claire: um so I guess we’re gonna go like this…
Justin: Oops Claire: and up there to the metro. We are taking normal streets to the subway. In theory I guess it’s this way. maybe. AHHH 4…3…2….1 Yah alright I’m staying here. No death for me. I’m staying right here. It says green. It says go! It says walk. Alright, alright I’m going I’m going I’m going I’m going Okay we are at our home station. I cannot wait to take some ibuprofen! We are going to get some water from the grocery store…um snacks.. Claire: These look fancy. Do you have a preference?
Justin: I’m going to go with the weird one. So this is what an escalator for carts looks like. This is hilarious and dangerous and strange. I’m surprised by how difficult it is to stay upright on this thing. There’s the down one. We found the fruit it was hiding upstairs.
There’s watermelon I don’t think you need that much watermelon although I
kind of want to eat that for dinner. There is a 3rd floor to this thing! Is this just like dried fish? Dried lemon snack! Hmmm Alright, we have enough water that I can chug whatever I want. We bought ramen. It’s because we have a hot water heater in our room for tea and so we’ll be able to make soup in our room and not have to go anywhere. We are almost there. This is our luxury dinner. We have two different kinds of ramen. We have bread. Looks good. Alright I’m going to put my feet up like a sad pathetic diva. Miles 1 through 11 were fantastic. Miles 11 through 13…. less fantastic for me hahaha. So now I has my feet up. I feel ridiculous.

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  1. Too bad you didn't engage a tour guide. When I was there, it was peak season and all tour guides were out so they gave us the tour guides instructor. He was brilliant. Everything was at his fingertips. He explained so well the history of the places in Beijing. Like when we were at the heavenly temple, he explained that there are how many big pillars there, each representing something, smaller ones representing something else. Sorry I forgot what, but at that time we were so fascinated by it. He explained as we went along the history and why it's built this way. Missed Beijing. Been to Shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou , Avatar mountains and other places but nothing beats Beijing. Maybe it's the guide or maybe the historical sights.

  2. You should have just talked to the guards at the exit of the forbidden city. Good chance they'll let you back in. I did this multiple times in Beijing, the guards knows that we just went out, they just let us back in.

  3. That was awesome! What a beautiful scenery u
    You've to. I hope we can enjoy the winter in Bejing this coming Dec. I love your vblog. Thank you sharing!

  4. There's years of history in China when our Maori ancester r still hunting moa to eat.

    U need to visit the terracotta warriors of the first qin emperor ! The France prime minister call it the 8th wonder of the world

  5. Hii friend…If you need rent car or english tourist guide in Beijing, please freely contact WA: +628113610692…. Have a nice holiday..

  6. I love your enthusiasm ? I need to re-visit Beijing. I only spent a few days there and missed out so much of the history and culture. ? I hope to travel there soon. Do you think Beijing is travel-friendly/safe for female solo travelers?

  7. Your reaction toward a new environment is so inspiring. It's calming and stirring at the same time. I've been living in Beijing for 13 years now, and this video still gives me a new perspective at this city?

  8. Man, I used to do this in the 90's, no mobile phones or internet………good job Claire, good to see places I have visited in the past!

  9. Well, when you were travelling to the Summer Place, there's actually a back gate to the Summer Palace just next to where you got off the train.Instead you took an 40-minutes walk to the front gate ???

  10. Great job Claire!!! Can’t believe you finished all these attractions in ONE day, it should be a 3 day tour for me I guess 😉 Really love the sunset part at the summer palace, soooooooo beautiful and the bg music is fantastic as well! Well done!

  11. I like Beijing more than Shanghai. I like traditional and historical culture. Compared with Beijing, Shanghai is more modern.

  12. As a tourist in China, because you are introducing China to the world. I remember you can get some funding support from local authorities.

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  14. Forbidden city has over 3000 rooms and it is hard to print a map. But you should be able borrow an audio guide machine and download a mapping app

  15. I very much enjoyed the images of Summer Palace. I visited in July 2019 and it was horrible. So smoggy you couldn't see the island from the shore. School was out so all the children and locals and tourists made it SO crowded you could hardly move, much less see/enjoy anything. It was over 100F and then it rained on us. OMG. 
    But YOUR images from your day show me how beautiful it truly is. And impressive. I will def have to visit again in the future.

  16. Thanks for recording the best part of my hometown

    The song in the park of 'Temple of Heaven' is about '四渡赤水',the Red Army crossed the 'ChiShui' river 4 times in 2 months to confuse and deceive their enemy(their enemy was much stronger and richer than them),it was one of the most dangerous part of the 'Long March' in 1935.

    Those old ladies sang the song not only for exercising, but also for remembering those people who brought us freedom and happiness.

  17. Great Vlog! We like to share content like this with our Chinese language students. They will be ready to travel around China with travel Chinese lessons and these videos help keep them motivated! Keep it up ?

  18. You should have had a audio guide in the Forbidden City. It has a little map with flash dot on it to show you where to go.

  19. 爷爷奶奶们,唱的是“那个年代”的歌,普遍是上个世纪 50 —70 年代的音乐,在那个年代中国还非常贫穷,大家靠着这些歌声来彼此鼓舞。
    我生于上世纪 90 年代,但是我也很喜欢他们这样的歌声。同样的歌声在景山公园也有 ~~

  20. It looks like that you just went through the center axis in forbidden city, but if you route along with west / east side, you will see different sights.

  21. In my life I never ever thought of going to China but after I watch this video I have to change my must go to list. China is beautiful !

  22. You guys could've downloaded the meituan app and used your international cards to get really nice meals delivered. They are virtually 24/7 delivery. I got one delivered to my hutong in the back streets of Beijing at 1am. Traditional Chinese BBQ meal. They even packaged all the hot foods in insulated bags to prevent them getting cold in the freezing winter.

  23. all I want to say is WOW! u did 3 places in one day? ? if u take a tour with a tour guide inside forbidden City that's gonna take at least 3 hours!
    btw, it was fun watching your video of my home town! Beijing always welcome you!

  24. 都是老一辈拉你们拍照,原因我也想不明白,年轻人是不会拉外国人拍照的,一点意义都没有,又不认识,

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