Beijing Scams

Beijing Scams

Sasha: Welcome to another video. [Beeps] [Upbeat Music] Winston: Alright guys the first scam that we’re going to be looking at today is what I call the daylight robbery scam and It’s actually really disgusting and you’re going to see in a minute exactly just how bad it is So there are these places in Beijing and well in all the big cities in China anyway where people or tourists especially are bussed in to go and buy things right, so this place Silk Street. It’s very well known in Beijing as a place for people to go and buy all sorts of things like silk and Chinese knickknacks, and you know shoes and clothing and all that kind of thing, and people think that they’re getting a good deal because, oh well, you’re in China, and things are supposed to be cheap in China. Anyway, let’s go and find out just exactly how much we’re going to get overcharged for an item that we already know the price of. All right, so C-milk and I have just basically gone in and there was a helmet that I know costs 110 RMB. He went in there to ask her how much it costs. She gave him a discounted price of 999 RMB. C-milk: Not getting a deal here.
Winston: No. Ok let’s rewind a little bit here. The reason we chose this helmet is because I actually own a couple of them and I’ve bought them before off TaoBao And it’s cost me 110 RMB usually, and now as you can see as you saw from that screenshot actually only costs 105 RMB, I just looked it up now. C-milk went in there, and he negotiated and asked how much it would cost the first price that she gave him was 1088 or something like this which is ridiculous, and the final price she was willing to offer was 999. Uh, When he left she was furious, she just you know what really wasn’t happy with him because he after a really low price. Anyway, we decided that I would go into a different shop selling the exact same helmet and pretend to be a really really dumb tourist and just see how much they would charge me. Grab the camera. [shing] Okay, dude … C-milk: This is so … you’re gonna get kicked out of here Winston: Okay, first first of all it had a price tag like you said 1200.
C-milk: okay she whips out the calculator first price she gave me was 2280. Bro, You win! 2280 then, when she saw that I wasn’t interested in it, then she was like, Um oh, how much you want to pay how much you want to pay, then I went down to like 1200 or something. Then went down to 800, as I was trying to push my way did you see how they were trying to force me from not leaving, they’re like, they were saying “be nice, be nice” and they cornered me, they’re like shoving me in there. It’s ridiculous. Then she’s like okay 200. Okay 150. The last price she gave me as I walked out, 150 … from 2280 down to 150 RMB. C-milk: Of course we know that they’re going to go for that price and still make a profit, but nobody’s gonna ask that here. C-milk: Yeah, that’s pretty hilarious, good find. Winston: Yeah guys don’t .. if you gotta come shop in a place like this, be a little bit informed. [Don’t] Yeah, just don’t actually. Be informed otherwise you’re going to get ripped off. Right guys, the next scam we’re going to talk about is probably the most popular scam in Beijing, and Shanghai for that matter and it’s called the tea house scam. Scammer: Which country you from?
Winston: I’m from England. Scammer: England, oh, the British English? Winston: Yes, thats right. Scammer: Are you from London?
Winston: Yes, I’m from London. Good guess. Yes. How about you? Where are you from? Scammer: From the Xi’an. You Know?
Winston: Oh yeah, I heard about that. Scammer: From Western China.
Other: Terracotta army. Scammer: Yeah, yeah, terracotta army, our history. Winston: That sounds very interesting.
Scammer: What’s your plan right now?
Winston: I just want to take some pictures here, and then no plans. Scammer: Oh very awesome, take the photo. Winston: Yeah, yeah, okay.
Scammer: [unintelligible] Scammer: somewhere for the juice, some drink.
Winston: Oh, you want to find some drink, yeah.
Scammer: Finish your bottle and want to go there? Alright, sounds good. Is there good places to have a drink? Scammer: [unintelligible] together.
Winston: Oh, that’s that’s okay. I think I have to meet a friend much later, so maybe don’t have time. Scammer: After the bottle my friend is about 10 minutes near back here.
Winston: Really.
Scammer: Now yes, the juice and coffee. You’d love to come. Winston: You have coffee here? That’s nice haven’t had coffee today yet.
Scammer: We’ll go have coffee! Winston: Oh, that’s that’s okay. Like I said, I’m a little busy. I’m just going to take some photos see, that’s why I have my camera, but thank you. Thank you very much, bye-bye. Fail! Alright so since since they failed at their scams see, they’re now currently walking back to the Subway like well, not the subway, but the entrance so let me get them those 2. So I didn’t go along with them. So now they’re heading back to see if then can spot another gullible looking tourist. Yeah, that’s … that’s exactly how these scams happen. Right, so there it is guys. You will be approached by people speaking English which is first of all very rare. You don’t get Chinese people that just speak such good English randomly approaching you on the street. It normally doesn’t happen. And especially these women, they’re middle-aged and that sort of age group they don’t speak English at all in China. So the younger people usually do. Usually actually it’s younger women that will approach tourists or people they think are tourists like myself, but I was approached by two fairly ugly middle-aged women here. But doesn’t seem to matter, their whole MO is this. They’re going to approach you, they say they’re also tourists, they’re also busy walking around and they usually try to chat to you about your hometown or something make you feel a little more comfortable and The whole idea is to get you into their friend’s teahouse or the tea house they work for, It’s either a tea house or a coffee shop or a restaurant or a KTV or whatever and once you’re inside, and you’ve ordered something to drink that’s when they nail you like there’ll be some catch, it’ll be something like, the drink that you ordered says 20 RMB on the menu but it’s 20 RMB per sip, or some such thing, or they’ll open a bottle and say it’s a really expensive bottle of wine or whiskey or something and and try to charge you 10,000 RMB. I’ve got videos about this on my channel so you can go and look at them. I’ll leave the links in the description below, so you can hear more about this scam in detail. But either way warning bells if they come to you and start talking English to you and if they start talking about going anywhere, just, just ignore them. Like seriously, that’s what they do. That’s their job. They hang around the tourist places to do this. So, be warned. This is a really bad scam and it can really end you up in a lot of trouble. As you can see by following the links below. Now that being said, I don’t want you to be put off being friendly to local people because as you can see in this little time-lapse, C-milk and myself when we went there on a different day, we’re approached by tons of Chinese tourists who just come to see the the Tiananmen Square, and they wanted to take photos with us. But I’m going to tell you that none of those people taking photos with us in that time lapse could speak English they all came up and just kind of gestured that they wanted to take photos or spoke Chinese to us. We can understand Chinese. None of them asked us. I started a conversation, and you know wanted to go anywhere with us or anything like that. So yes, you can feel free to take photos with locals and not everybody who approaches you is going to be a scammer. But it’s those ones that approach you and start talking to you, and in depth and asking what you’re doing, and how long you’ve been in China, and that kind of thing. Those are the ones that you should definitely avoid. Winston: This is the first first time to ever come to China. We both came here yesterday.
Scammer: Welcome. I hope you nice time. Winston: Thank you.
Scammer: You are from which state?
C-milk: New York.
Scammer: Oh, city or state?
C-Milk: Just state. Scammer: I’m from Xi’an, you know terracotta army.
Winston: Yeah, I heard about that.
C-milk: Nice great. Great place. Sure.
Winston: That’s super cool. Right guys, now that clip you’ve just seen was the next scam we’re going to talk about. But before we talk about it I want you to notice the the similarities in the conversation that he had. He asked where we’re from and he said he was Fred from Xian you know the place of the Terracotta warriors. Which is the exact same place those two women had told me the day before. And I can tell you this much, they certainly didn’t look like they came from Xi’an and neither did he to be honest. And I think this is just a point of conversation they bring up because they know most foreigners know about the Terracotta warriors in Xi’an. Anyway, this scam was an art-gallery scam. Which is something very similar you’ll get, usually young people saying they’re art students and they want you to come and take a look at their little art exhibition or come and look at their art gallery something like that. And they will take you into some little room or some small little art gallery and try to sell you, you know, really cheap reproduction prints for a lot of money something that should only cost about ¥20 RMB, they tried to sell for like ¥300,000 ; ¥400,000 RMB, and they will also like give you a free gift and then make you feel guilty and if you kind of try to back out of the deal, they’ll they’ll kind of bring lots of people in there and kind of put the pressure on you and all that. So once again, just if anyone’s trying to invite you anywhere, just kind of you know, if anyone’s coming in speaking to you at length in English, kind of trying, to you know, talk to you a lot. You know that it’s a problem. Now there is one more scam I’d like to tell you all about and I didn’t get any footage, hence me sitting in front of the camera now, and that is the Rickshaw scam. Now picture this, you arrive at Tiananmen Square, or Temple of Heaven, or whatever place in Beijing, and someone comes up to you and hands you a little card or something with a picture of a rickshaw, and they say I would like take you around ¥150 RMB or ¥100 RMB or something. And I’ll take you around the all the cool sites, and you know, the back alleys and stuff, and you think, cool great idea! That’s very picturesque, that’s you know very authentic, I want to sit in a rickshaw and be taken around. Don’t ever, ever take one of these rickshaws, Okay? First of all: I’ve never heard a good thing about these rickshaws. I only constantly hear how people are scammed. And how it happens is usually, they’ll target you know, sort of groups of girls or you know people that are obvious foreigners. They’ll get you in the Rickshaw, they’ll take you down to some Hutong. Which Hutong is kind of like an old village area, these alleyways which you’ll see in my upcoming Beijing video anyway. And what they’ll do is, they’ll take it to a dodgy one in the middle of nowhere, they’ll stop the Rickshaw, and they’ll demand more money, or they’ll say, Oh I Didn’t mean ¥30 RMB, I meant ¥300 RMB, some sort of nonsense like this. And they’ll either start to threaten you, or they’ll kind of abandon you there, or they may even pull out like a meat cleaver or something, I’ve heard various different stories. But from actual friends of mine, not secondhand stories. And it’s true, you can just google it, you’ll see it’s all over the place. Don’t ever get in one of these guys’ rickshaws. Okay? And I’ll tell you what happened: C-milk, and I after this art gallery guy tried to scam us, we walked in and this rickshaw guy kept following us and just telling us random information, like what time parks close and open, you know, because he’s trying to get in there with some some useful information. And we kept saying no, it’s okay. We don’t want to ride in your Rickshaw. It’s okay. We don’t need it, We don’t need anything. But he kept following us following us, and he wouldn’t stop talking, talking, talking, talking. Until finally, both C-milk and myself in Chinese, said in fluent Chinese: That’s okay. We really don’t need it, we don’t have time. As he heard us speaking Chinese he shut up, he literally just shut up, turned around, and just walked away, straight away. So you can see, soon as he knew that we knew what we were talking about and that we could speak Chinese, Obviously, we’re not just gullible tourists, he straightaway left. So, no rickshaws. And that pretty much covers it guys. It is all about common sense. Okay, you’re traveling into a strange country don’t follow strangers into strange places. Definitely don’t, okay. Especially if you’re at a tourist spot, all right? Literally, that’s the worst thing you can do. Anywhere around Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, any of those kind of places that are known for being good, or great wall, anything like that, these these big touristy areas. Don’t follow strangers. Okay? And if they start coming and talking at length to you in English, and following you around and stuff you know that they’re trying to scam you, okay. However, like I said be prepared to have just normal tourists wanting to take photos with you. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you know, you may actually meet some genuine friends. But there is a litmus test, if someone is talking to you and you think they may be genuine, you invite them out for a coffee, or something at a place that you know. Like, maybe a Starbucks around the corner, or a place near your hotel or something. place near your hotel or something. If If they’re willing to go and follow you into a place of your own choosing then they’re probably okay. But don’t later on go follow them into some other place. You know just go sit down have a coffee with them chat with them, maybe you’ll make a friend. But guys please be careful, especially you single guys traveling alone. That’s it for this video guys. That’s the Beijing scams, all done. It’s pretty much all of them. Sure there others are slipped through the crack. But stick around because I’ll be making some more Beijing videos because I’ve got lots of good footage and I’ll see you in the next video. Until then guys, as always, Stay awesome. [Upbeat Music] [Be AWESOME support me:]

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  1. Guy I know was invited by couple back thier house for tea. They then tried to extort money out of him with knife in hand. After several hours they let him go. He was stopping off in shanghai for half a day on his way back to Germany from NZ

  2. Good job, thanks for the inside scoop. Have lived in Asia for several years and seen some of the scams. You're doing a great service. It also helps to be with another person so together "escape" routes are more easilly created.

  3. was always lead to believe the Chinese were by default of high moral character…it's just the way they were raised. These YT vids are/have definitely shown another side of a previously-thought preconceived moral standard. Money corrupts morals 🤷‍♂️

  4. I have just survived my second visit to China and avoided scamming, thanks to videos like this. I travelled on my own, so a single, foreign male visitor attracts quite a lot of unwanted attention. Thanks for a very useful video.

  5. Well if the government wasn’t scamming the people maybe the people wouldn’t scam each other? Lead by example and help the people be better! No more war!

  6. haahaa u said 2 ugly middle-aged women… is subjective……perhaps they are beautiful to their victims and perhaps they give great massage with incredible happy endings🤣🤣🤣

  7. I have an opposite story. I got lost in Isreal and missed the busstop to the airport. The driver was happy to help me catch my flight and waved down a taxi on the next red light, who drove me to the airport. The Terminal was wrong on my ticket, which I didn't know and he insisted on driving me to the other one. Thanks to these two men I just got the flight.
    But I have almost been "friend-bracelet" scammed with my class in France. But unlike the others I pretended to not speak English and they gave up. Everybody else had to pay them 🤣

  8. My Grandson went to china with his girlfriend, He did not get scammed but was not impressed with the attempts made to scam by these scammers.

  9. He or she who talks glibly seldom is the merciful. "巧言令色鮮于仁"
    Also note when there is no demand, there is no supply.
    Don't be greedy. There is no gravy

  10. I actually had a great experience w the Beijing hutong rickshaw.. negotiated a fair price beforehand, he told us a lot of history (in Chinese) but I had a translator with me

  11. In many tourism sites in the major Chinese cities, scammers would target foreign tourists as well as non-local tourists. This is terrible no doubt. But in many European and American tourism sites, scammers would also target foreign tourists. Essentially, it's scammers that are terrible, not China or the Chinese.

  12. They don't approach me like this when I am in China (married to a Chinese, lived there on/off 10 years)HOWEVER, I am a tall strong 5'8 Native woman. You can literally feel them seeping into thier little shoes with shame and self consiousness whenever I stand next to men. So yea, they dont fk with me in China.

  13. lol Silk Street is a place with full of scam. That doesn't mean that chinese are scammers. It's like you going to a shelter and tell people that everyone is homeless lol

  14. Happened to me too. Went to Beijing when I was 18 and not that experienced and I got:

    – the friendly female student who wants to practice English + tea house scam
    – the middle-aged guy saying he was going to Europe and wanting to show me some of his paintings scam

    Yep. Lesson learned.

    I also got waaay overcharged on a box of tricks / magic kit that I didn’t really want in the first place at a (quite upscale) department store. I hadn’t really encountered pushy/high-pressure selling techniques yet and couldn’t really handle the clerk literally accompanying me to the ATM across the street when I said I had no cash on me.

    Since then I’ve gotten quite careful with this and always err on the side of caution. It’s quite sad really since you will miss out on on people who are genuinely friendly and helpful that way, but that’s the way it is.

  15. If they want to get you in shouldt they use much better looking women?? I watch Ur videos so I already know these scams because of You! Thanks for information but I probaby wont go to China..Iv already been almost everywhere in World so I doubt at this point China & There Scumbag Ways, Not Interested..They probably wont approach me because Im Alot scarier looking then anybody They'd have waiting To Get Me But who needs the hassel..Thanks for Videos🎸

  16. My wife and I were in Paris and got 'scammed' with the crappy hand bracelet trick. For free for free but when they were done they demanded money for it. 50 euro. I gave them 4 euro. I don't do money and that was literally all the money I had. Like 7 guys around me. Of course I felt not at ease. But I told the guy: If you do this trick every day to 20 people you make a nice living… I just left.

  17. When we went to China on our adoption trip, our planed arrived late, this Chinese guy with a van without Taxi sign approached us.
    Since we were very tired, we agreed to let him take us to our hotel. It should be just a 15 minute ride, he took about one hour
    in detour, then ended up charging us a lot of money, so never take any van without Taxi sign at the airport!

  18. Great information. Tourist need to research the pitfalls of scams everywhere they travel. Silk Road is a major rip off. The only things we bought in Beijing was from a small shop attached to our hotel that had everyday incidentals, like nibbles, drinks, things you forgot to pack like a tooth brush or comb etc. It is more expensive but a lot safer if you don't speak Mandarin is to go through a travel agency for private tours that includes a driver and interpretater. Pre book and pre pay, then there are no surprises, just make sure they are reputable. It really pays to speak a few words in the local language like hello, everyday platitudes. Everytime we were approached and they started off with Chinese hello and I replied, they immediately left us alone.

  19. How about long distance relationship scams? For instance, your partner ends up in a hospital for some reason, then the hospital refuses to let them go until they pay the bill. Is this a real thing? I have read conflicting reports from actual media sites. Also, no arrangements can be made with the hospital? Or the name of the hospital is not listed in any registry in the city indicated. Or the "hospital" has an advertising website, but no actual website. Partner also refuses to give physical address of the hospital, phone number, primary doctors name. Now that I write this, I am sure some of the holes will be patched in the scam. But 2 main things will remain…1. Is detention of a patient by a hospital for an unpaid balance on a bill, real? 2. Can third parties make arrangements with a hospital to pay a bill for a patient? This is still a curiosity of mine whether issue 1 is valid or not. Some people meet on dating sites like Himew and meet IRL. Then, stuff happens over a relatively short period of time.

  20. Jesus, the guy approached you at 8:00 when your friend said he's from New York, the Chinese guy asked "New York city or state?" o.O
    No way a regular resident there would know the difference, and no way someone who WAS living there that DID know the difference, would be talking to random tourists like that.

  21. Ah, interesting. I suppose the reason we call it Beijing scam because they happen in this city. Cos when I was in Paris near Louvre, quite some people came over and asked me to support UNESCO or other intl' org. They even refused me to leave once I signed my name and had only 2euro coin. That was pretty scared. Well, it's a bit sad that we need to always stay alert to strangers, especially when they are trying to be nice. But at least, the principle mentioned in the video is quite right, never follow stranger to somewhere you don't know. What I learnt from this video is, I won't start a conversation by asking strangers where they came from then.

  22. Oh…wow scammed in China is nothing as we compare to a scammer of India.
    They will even force you to have the things which you dint like.

  23. counter offer without the first digit.  That's the rule in China street shop.  Otherwise they will think you are an idiot.

  24. Each country has different scam "culture". When I was a teenage, I knew how to bargain at this kind of flea markets in China, less than 1/2 price to make the deal, even less. Otherwise, you will feel to be scammed. A foreigner living in a different culture will feel uncomfortable and s/he does not understand scam "culture" and the bargain skills in China and for sure s/he feels to be scammed. That is why Mr. Serpentza called "daily scam".

    I have been living in USA and Canada for more than 20 years. I have experienced and witnessed much more serious scam events both in USA and in Canada. My one neighbor (right side) garage door is occasionally got stuck in lift. After he called one guy to "fix" the door, the guy only lubricate the door rollers. How much to be charged? $1,200!! not $200. When the neighbor told me the price $1,200, I originally thought the doors might be totally replaced^_^. My home garage door has the exactly same problem due to same builder, I only spent $7 buying one can of W40 and spray it on the door rollers and got the door lubricated like new. My another neighbor yard drainage outlet was covered by grass. He called a service and charged him $270 for only peeling the grass. Actually his kid can fix it. I spent $345 to get nothing in service for my car A/C malfunction. The manager of auto service told me the reason is that my car is in black color and not easy to cool down in summer in South Texas. What a f*** excuse and easy money! I have to diagnose the problem by myself and found the vent mixture actuator problem. Finally I bought a A/C vent mixture actuator (OEM) in $87 and installed it by myself in 20 minutes. Now, the A/C works very well, beautiful cool in summer. For sure it is Not the color issue @[email protected] One of my car radiator fan does not work, the auto garage told me to replace whole radiator in $270. But I found it is only the relay fuse burned, around $7 buying one from AutoZone then plugging it in the fuse panel. In the last two months, almost every week, I received the scam call to say my social security number lost and will be locked and let me provide my personal information such as name, home address, telephone number and etc. to unlock it.

    I am writing to express that scam is everywhere, not only in China. There is human beings, there is scam.^_^

  25. nothing new. all over the world the chinese are known for smuggling, íllegal gambling, human trafficking, illegal drugs and everything illegal ang garbage.

  26. I'm visiting Shanghai in December. My plan when walking around is to just have the 'street mentality'. Have a straight face, and if anyone walks up to me I'll firmly say, 'not interested.' I'm also bald and somewhat muscular build, so that helps. Thanks for this video to better help me prepare.

  27. Why even go to that sh-hole city? What is worth the money and time? For that matter, why even go to the whole Sh-hole country, when there are magnificent places in Western countries? With all the real time info coming through people like Serpentsa, I have No desire to go anywhere near there. Well, maybe Taiwan or Japan. Chinese people are butt ugly anyway. Some younger women look ok, until the make-up and clothes come off.

  28. I was almost scammed on the Walk of Fame in LA when I was 14, A black guy stopped me and tried to sell me a record or something and he even signed on it. It costed like $50 I dont remember exactly. Luckily enough I eventually walked away from him but I found some other scammers just wont let people go when they say no. I know that Asian people espacially kids like me are targetted

  29. I saw a game that I wanted online for $30, then i went to Walmart but they priced it at $60…. Damn Walmart is a scam…😂 I wonder why they allow you in their country.

  30. The best way to keep off scams is to keep away from those people who are trying to approach you for some bad purpose. I think that 's not the only thing happened in China.

  31. My standard is to counter offer at 10% of whatever they ask. They don't get offended at you underestimating since they know they're overestimating. It's all a game. You just have to be strong enough to walk away.

  32. Scammers are everywhere as you travel. Great advice you can take everywhere. Best advice while touring, you can't return item and get a full refund. Even the tour guides are in on the scam. That's how Otto got scammed to visit North Korea.

  33. Just wanted to say thanks for your scam vids, had people try Art Gallery and Coffee Shop within 5 mins of leaving the hotel.

  34. Was in Shanghai april this year. I had the tea scammers hit me up. Me being aware and typical angry american when you get to scam me. I spoke in spanish and said fuck off with a smile. They got very mad when I said no no no no

  35. Why your wife never educate you on scammers in China?
    I was a tourist there and also got scammed by $300.I learn from my mistakes.

  36. The most common scams are tea and coffee shops, practicing English, art demonstrations, and calligraphy lessons. There are more but this video is right – they will walk up to you and make various invitations. It's easy to disengage, just don't talk to them and keep moving. I once told a persistent woman that I was a political consultant and would love to get her honest opinion on her government – and film it. Suddenly, she pretended not to understand and made a hasty retreat. Best not to engage at all though.

  37. This is the aspect of traveling in third world/developing/economically depressed countries or parts of a country that I hate. I love to visit off the beaten path places, but the the hard press scam is basically par for the course and it can get extreme if they see you as a wealthy American or westerner. It honestly gets exhausting after a while telling every single person “no/don’t care/fuck off” and keeping your head on a swivel in places where you need to consider being jumped that it can really put a damper on things. Parts of South America and Europe can be bad and Mexico is hit or miss, but from what friends have told me that have been to many countries including rural China, India is unquestionably the worst. People will physically try to grab you and steer you to a cab or outright lie in insanely illegal ways to get your money. A friend had a driver that was supposed to pick him up from the airport in India, so he was looking for a a driver in a suit with a sign etc. and when he got outside someone approached him in a suit with a name sign and lead him to the car. He was so tired he just took it for granted that it was legit and told him where he needed to go hotel without him telling him first and stared chatting. After they left and were on their way he started to realize some things didn’t add up about it all and the driver was supposed to have a sim chip for him ready to go but didn’t and said they would pick it up right next to the hotel but the direction they were headed was looking seedier and seedier. He risked the huge phone charge and pulled up his map to see the driver was taking him totally away from the hotel and towards a slum. That stated the heavy questions from him and he got more worried and angry, telling him to turn around and go back now but he wouldn’t listen. Luckily he only had a roller bag and a backpack so as soon as he got a chance and he saw what he thought was a police officer he hopped out w his stuff and got the officers attention, but the driver just stopped in the road and started screaming at him to come back and tried to tell the officer he had cheated him on his cab fair (of roughly $300 Us for a 20 min hostage ride) etc. and it actually seemed like the officer was going to go against my friend or just go with whoever gave him more incentive to side with them until he told the officer he was a speaker set to give a keynote tomorrow AM and attend an important dinner that night for the major major conference he was there to attend and if he wasn’t back soon people would be looking for him. That got the cop worried enough that this was a headache waiting to happen that he told the driver to leave while meanwhile a huge crowd is circled around him touching him and poking him. The cop got him a regular cab home and even he tried to take a super long route and charge him $50 US for what should have been a $5 ride. The worst part though was the driver service his company hired never tried to call him or get in contact after, so he was pretty sure they must have sold his info to that scammer or the company was just an outright scam to begin with. Crazy stuff he didn’t even want to think about what could have happened if he just got taken and held in a slum in New Delhi.

  38. I am Chinese, just wanna tell you the truth, many Chinese are even proud of scamming foreigner, this is originally owing to the anti-western propaganda in China and the acquiescence from the communist government

  39. Can u actually pretend to fall for it instead of filming how people approach you and u accusing of what happened. We need evidence

  40. let me tell u something white folks everywhere u go in the world thats not white u are targeted the most for scams in every non white country u have the local price and the white price or the local price then the tourist price and then the white price. u are targeted everywhere

  41. I have to laugh. Air China changed my lb layover from 4 to 24.
    Had to.get a hotel room near Beijing airport. Taxi driver did not give receipt and charged me 50 RMB.
    Also, had a terrible steak, half baked potato, soft vegies, cheese cake and a beer. $55.00 US.
    Shit food and ripped off. Never travel Air China or select a route that connects in China. Scam Country

  42. What the hell wrong with your logic? I met the exactly situation several times like that. They are just totally honest about it and not even one of them tries to scam. STOP making ILLUSION about demonizing China (like that faker news publisher). Cuz that basically is equal to say "HAHAHA you guys are DUMB ASS and just FOOLED by my video."

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