Beijing Travel Guide

Beijing Travel Guide

Yellow Productions Presents! A travel guide for Beijing China. This
video highlights the major tourist attractions of Beijing. In 10 minutes we’re going to cover the
following sites: We’ll start by visiting Tiananmen Square the center the city and
its most important landmark. We’ll then visit the Forbidden City, home
to the imperial court during the Ming and Qing dynasties. We’ll
then go to the Temple of Heaven the symbol and Beijing surrounded by
a lovely park. at Wong Fu Jing Beijing’s most famous
shopping street we’ll visit two culinary attractions. First we’ll visit Quanjude for Beijing’s best Peking
Duck. Then we’ll walk on over to Donghuamen a night market for exotic snacks like
scorpion and starfish. And we’ll conclude with the Great Wall of
China which needs no introduction. But before
we begin our tour I’ll start with a few introductory
points on Beijing. First the air quality yes it can be bad. On the
left is a good day and on the right is a bad day. The best
time of year to visit for clean air is spring and fall, April-May, August and
September. Next up transportation. Beijing is famous for its awful traffic. So don’t even think about
getting a rental car. Actually as a foreigner you need a special
license to even drive. The combination of light vehicles like
bicycles and big vehicles like buses makes for some awful gridlock at many of Beijing’s intersections. The freeway isn’t much better. luckily Beijing does have a very good
subway system that’ll take you most places that you
wanna go as a tourist. Taxis are an option but the taxi drivers generally don’t speak English so make
sure you have your destination written in Chinese. If you’re going
someplace far away, a guided tour on a tour bus might be great option. This was our tour bus going to the Great
Wall. The bus driver had a grasshopper for good luck. Final note on
transportation, when you’re crossing the street be
careful. Cars don’t really yield for pedestrians here. Just kinda pick a constant speed and try
to walk and the cars will hopefully drive around you.
Okay! Now on to our first sight. Tiananmen square, named
after the Tiananmen gate to the Forbidden City to the north this is the world’s fourth largest
square. It measures 440,000 square meters and it’s a great place to come to just
people watch and take in the humanity here. The square is also home to several other
important attractions including the National Museum of China and the
daily flag raising and flag lowering ceremony, here at the top of this flagpole. If you want to see the flag-raising you’ll have to get up early because it happens before sunrise. Some
days as early as 4:45 in the morning. Next up is the Forbidden City. It was
home to 24 emperors. It is the world’s largest palace complex
and has over 8000 rooms. The main entrance is just to the
north of Tiananmen square underneath the portrait of Chairman Mao the palace got the name the Forbidden City because in the past no one was allowed
to enter or leave without the Emperor’s permission. But today, you can enter for the low low
price of sixty renminbi. Just make sure you get here
before four o’clock to buy your ticket. So after passing
through three courtyards, saying no to about 10 tour guides saying no to 5 art students who want me to
go to their art exhibition and not buying about twenty books that are put in
front of me standing in line for ten minutes to get
my ticket finally inside the Forbidden City. Now I know why they
call it Forbidden. I feel like I’ve just run the gauntlet in
American Gladiators. But let’s go check it out! With 8886 rooms to explore a visitor can be in here for a long time. If
you’re just visiting some of the main squares and significant buildings, you
could probably walk through it in about 2-3 hours. But if you wanna visit some of the
other museums and exhibits then allocate the better part of the day. Once you exit you can head up to this
observatory at Jingshan Park and get a bird’s eye view of the massiveness of the palace. it’s really quite amazing! The Temple of
Heaven is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists alike. It’s a park and a temple and you have
to buy a ticket to go in. At the ticket office there are
two different tickets available one for park entrance and the other one, the through ticket for 35 renminbi that’s the one you want
to get that brings you into the park and the temple of heavenly heavenness. The surrounding
park is also a lovely place to go for a stroll a sit or to play majjong with some of your
closest Beijing friends. Quanjude is China’s most famous Peking
Duck restaurant. One of their main locations is located
on Wangfujing, the main street in Beijing.
It is a five-story restaurant that seats a ton of people. The menu is quite
extensive but the main attraction of course is the
“Beijing kaoya.” Or the “Peking Duck.” Like any good
duck restaurant when you order your Beijing Kaoya the chef comes out with a cart in front
of your table and carves it right in front of you. The Peking duck is served in a few different ways: the skin here is served with sugar. that you dip the skin in the sugar. The rest
of the meat with the skin here is served with the pancakes and
the green onions and the hoisin sauce. The
first one being made for you by the waitress. And as an extra bonus they also bring
out the duck head on a plate so you know it came
from a whole duck. The final course is a bowl of duck
soup. Which tasted kind of like chicken soup
only more duck like. And finally they also provide a card
that has a serial number up the duck that you ate. The Donghuamen night market is in Wangfujing off the main street. Here is a
collection of over a hundred specialty snacks from all over China. Though the predominant food seems to be meat on a stick. But you can get special
things like scorpion on a stick or snake on a stick. Some of the other
tasty specialties here include starfish, sheeps penis, centipede, silkworm stinky tofu, crabs, bird’s nest noodles, dim sum, potstickers pan fried dumplings, iced tea and soy milk
to wash it all down and for dessert deep-fried ice cream. And
now our final destination the Great Wall of China. And the first
thing you need to know about visiting the Great Wall of China is because it is several thousand
kilometers long there are multiple different locations
that you can visit of the Great Wall. In fact from Beijing
there are 8 different locations. One of the most
popular is Badaling, but I think the best one to avoid the
crowds is Mutianyu. The Mutianyu section of
the Great Wall is located about 45 miles northeast of Beijing. And is known for its sweeping and
panoramic views. So the best way to get up to the Mutianyu part of the Great Wall is to take the Cable Car or Ropeway. There’s two, one takes you to the Tobbagon and this one takes you up to the highest part. 65 Yuan for the round trip. Looks to be pretty Steep Hear we go! The rather nice thing about
visiting this part of the wall is because its lesser visited than Badaling, its relatively tourist free. So you really feel like
having the wall almost all to yourself. Though to walk the
Great Wall you do have to be able to take some
challenging sections and some steep slopes and also some steep staircases this is one of the nicer ones but make
sure you watch out because there are some guardrails if you’re not careful you
might fall off! So this is an example of one of the
staircases. As you can see, pretty steep, and the
handrails pretty low. I don’t know about you
I don’t know that anyone is that short A pretty cool thing about this part of
the Great Wall are the watchtowers. I’m inside one of them now. You can see another little one down there You can pretend you were a person here
in China shooting arrows at the Mongolians invading. This particular tower number 14 was actually used as a command center. Pretty high tech! Though the staircases up the watchtowers those are the most
treacherous and only for the most adventuresome but I’m
pretty adventuresome It’s like the top of the world and from the
top of the watchtowers is where you’ll get some of the most rewarding views. You might even catch somebody getting
married on the Great Wall of China. Thanks for watching click here
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  17. La storia di Pechino risale a centinaia di anni. Prima erano gli imperatori a dominare la gente, poi Mao Zedong ha forzato il comunismo su di loro.
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