13 thoughts on “Beis Travel Luggage (Olivia Reviews)

  1. Have you taken this luggage on any trips yet? If so, does it get scuff marks easily? My weekender bag in beige got scuff marks after one trip…

  2. You have sold me on the luggage. I plan to purchase the carry on soon and possibly the dopp kit, make-up bag, and the back seat organizer. Can't wait to hear your thoughts once you use everything.

  3. Can you update on whether the scuff marks come right off with Magic Eraser like the Away luggage? I’m debating between the 2. But from what I’ve seen, most ppl have been successful scrubbing off marks from their Away luggage. Aesthetically, I think the Beis is prettier.

  4. Hey there! Can you send an update on the ow your check in luggage held up and if it got scuffed whether or not the marks came off with a magic eraser?

  5. I just bought the 26inch witch is the 258 but I did get 30% off. I got the 26inch because I really want the carryon and buying the big one and small one and a weekender. Seems like a lot. Lol. We will see. How I work this out. But will you go ahead and get the carry one to?

  6. I have the large checked bag…I used it for a trip to Italy. It is huge! 2 things: you can fit a ton in this suitcase volume-wise which is dangerous because you can hit 50 lbs easily without filling it to anywhere near its max…which brings me to point #2…there are no instructions for the scale. I thought that I was good weight wise as the light didn't go on. Wrong! I had to shift around and move stuff to my husband's suitcase at the airport. I reached out to Beis and they informed me that for the scale to work, you need to pick it up by the side handle in order to trigger it. I have it stored at the moment so I haven't tried it yet.BYW, the magic eraser worked great to remove dirt and black marks. I just ordered the carry-on and will try the scale with that.

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