Bellroy Sling Bag – My Everyday Carry (EDC) for Summer

Bellroy Sling Bag – My Everyday Carry (EDC) for Summer

I find a sling bag a good middle ground for
carrying the stuff I need on a day trip. It gives me extra storage to avoid stuffing
my pant pockets, and is much more minimal and compact than carrying a backpack everyday. There are certainly a lot of different kinds
of slings out there but this one from Bellroy caught my eye with its built-in compression
system to keep it compact, a magnetic clasp for quick removal, is versatile to wear in
a couple different orientations, and does that all with a clean minimal design. Hi I’m David and let’s take a look at
the Bellroy sling bag and what I carry in it for my Summer Everyday Carry. This Bellroy sling bag has two main zipper
compartments. The single zipper pocket in the front is small
and flat so it’s best for small quick access items. I use it to carry my wireless earbuds, keys
and sometimes my cellphone or wallet but usually those will just go in my pant pockets. The larger main compartment has two zippers
so you can choose the direction based on your comfort, and inside there’s smaller zipper
pouch with soft lining that I use to hold my sunglasses. There’s also a built-in keyring holder in
here but I don’t typical use it. You’ll notice other than that there isn’t
much for organization inside here and I think that’s a good thing to help reduce the bulk
and weight of this sling. In here I’ll usually just throw other odd
items I need for the day. Such as sunscreen and a thin sweater for a
typical day. Or a mini umbrella and a light jacket if I
think it’s going to rain. Sometimes it’s just a water bottle, a couple
snacks and a power bank will do. Although, What you want to keep in mind here
is not to go overboard on those larger items, and I’d avoid stuffing this to full capacity. For example, while my sweater and water bottle
can both fit in here at the same time. It squeezes the quick access pocket a lot
making it difficult to get items in and out of here. And when fully packed, it can take on the
odd shape of your items and become less comfortable to wear. Also to note, that zipper opening is just
under 23cm wide and is only opens along the top side, so larger items like my water bottle
needs to go in one end at a time. And longer items like my normal-sized umbrella
I can’t even fit inside here. I find this bag better if you mainly use it
for a couple smaller or softer items. Especially with the built-in compression system
as you pull on the strap. I think this feature works pretty well and
helps keep that slim and minimal style of the bag but at the same time it does make
getting stuff in and out a little more difficult while wearing as it is squeezing everything
together. So sometimes it’s just easier to take it
off first, so you can fully open it up. And taking off the sling is easy thanks to
the magnetic clasp. The clasp has these small hooks to keep it
from popping apart when there’s tension but it’s easy enough to snap off when there’s
not. While I think it works pretty well, I don’t
actually use it that often because of where it is located. I usually put the strap over my left shoulder
when I wear sling bags. And that puts the clasp just behind my back
when I wear it like this, so it’s not very accessible for me. But if you prefer to wear it over your right
shoulder, then this shouldn’t be an issue for you. Looking at the nylon strap. It’s very smooth on both sides. I haven’t had any issues with it staying
comfortably on my shoulders but the will bag naturally slide down my body, so often I’ll
need to readjust depending on where I find it the most comfortable throughout the day. But at the same time, this does also make
it really easy to swing it around from the back to the front so I can take stuff out
without taking off the bag. You could also just wear it in front all the
time. Or sometimes I’ll swing it to the side when
sitting on chair. Finally let talk comfort. And I think that will depend greatly on how
much and how heavy the stuff is you carry. The shoulder strap is fairly thin but still
I find it very comfortable for my lightweight carry. And while there is some padding on the back
of the bag. Odd shaped items like a camera or when overpacked
can still poke out when wearing this. But as long as I’m sticking to the basics,
it stay comfortable enough for me to wear all day long. Overall I’m quite happy with this sling
bag for what I need. It’s not the cheapest solution out there. And if I need to carry more stuff or a laptop
I’ll need to defer to my backpack. But for a sleek, well-built everyday carry
to keep my pockets empty. I’ll easily grab this Bellroy sling bag. But hope you guys enjoyed this one. You know what to do. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Thank you so much David, this is exactly what I was looking for, but I ordered it today only for 49$ from here

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