Benjamin Mendy Has a Football Pitch IN HIS HOUSE!!! | OTRO House Tour

Benjamin Mendy Has a Football Pitch IN HIS HOUSE!!! | OTRO House Tour

Hey, I’m Ben Mendy and this is my house. Come. It’s my third year in this house. This is the living room. Nice living room.
This is the table where I eat. Here, you have the kitchen. Today, you have a nice cake. I made that today. It’s very healthy, this one. At home, it’s difficult
because most people have a wife and kids. But we, I don’t know,
throw some cinema parties, we stay, or we play pool, ping-pong, you know? My fridge is pure. I hope so. All at the back, vegetables and fruit.
You know? Water. This is some ginger. Inside, it’s ginger juice. It’s good for the body. Does the chef prep the fridge
or do you do it? No, it’s me. I do it by myself. No, I’m joking. He does everything. Is the diet at City
different to the diet at Monaco? Yeah. City is like the FBI. -Is this the trophy wall?
-Yeah. The best one. This was with Monaco’s team. This is a ball from the final
of the World Cup – France against Croatia. This medal is
the Premier League champions from last year, the last one. FA Cup, Community Shield. Again, the Community Shield
because we won it twice. This one, Man City gave it
as a gift to each player. It’s the small cup of the Premier League. The World Cup… it’s not the real one,
but it’s the closest to the real one. Only the players have this one. It’s crazy, but it was like a dream. I forgot about this gift from Paul Pogba – the rings of the champions. He gave one to each player
and said before the World Cup, “If we win,
I will do something for you guys.” And he put each name – like “Mendy” – 22, some diamonds, the two stars, “world”, “champions”, and here, you have all the scores
from the group stage. Eden Hazard,
the best player I have ever seen – the skill, everything,
the pace, the shots, the strength, and he’s a very good guy. This one, the top of the league –
Raheem Sterling. He’s on fire again this year. I hope he continues doing well like this
and he keeps going because we need him to score a lot. This one was from the first year
that we won the league. This is the Carabao Cup final
against Arsenal. We won 3-0 on February 25th. And this one was the 2018/2019 season,
last year, when we won the league. We have a great squad. So, come to the darkness. So, here… When, like, Riyad comes, Sterling comes,
we put the net in the middle. And you see the strap I put on the floor? It’s like the limit
and we play two touches. You know, like tennis but with feet, and we stay for two or three hours. And here is like the cinema place,
but I never come here. When I’m on the sofa upstairs,
I stay there and I fall asleep. Taking the stairs to go down… never. F***! So, yeah, this is my place
where I play, play like that. I put the ball in… Gym. So, you’re training all day at training, then you do more training
when you get home? Yeah, not every day, but like,
if I do some cardio or abs, it’s OK. But for quads, everything, hamstrings,
I always check with the physio. Who trains the hardest at City? I think it was Vincent Kompany. In the gym, he was a beast. Always… It was too much. Now, this year… maybe Otamendi. I’ll sit here. And here… I can sleep, watch Netflix, stay, eat… I can do everything here –
this is my place. I’m here more than my bed
because sometimes I fall asleep here. I love this place. This is when I’m angry. You need to follow OTRO
if you want to try.

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  2. I actually met him two years ago in the City store at the stadium. Proper guy back then also! Love him, and cant wait to fly over to Manchester to hopefully see him play vs Everton😍

  3. As of this comment this guy has played 20 games for City and 9 games for France, but has all that money and all those "medals". He is everything that is wrong with modern football. He must have a fantastic agent though.

  4. Io sono italiano facciamoci sentire 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  5. i dont know why people like making the living space all white . Like Gordon Ramsay would say it's bland. Very boring and plain to look at but I guess some people like it

  6. Quand la prof d anglais dit que mon accent est a chier je lui montre un video de mendy parlant anglais.
    Ps je l aime bien , qui aime bien chatie bien

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