Berlin’s Most Unique Club Locations – Berlin Nightlife

Berlin’s Most Unique Club Locations – Berlin Nightlife

Berlin is the nightlife capital of Europe, everybody knows that. There are over 280 clubs registered here and some of them are in pretty unusual spaces that are absolutely worth to check out. Berliners love the art of building conversion that means, taking an old structure and giving it an entirely new purpose. That is exactly what happened to MS Hoppetosse over there. It was built 1928 as a passenger ship only a few years later in the second world war it was used as a hospital ship unfortunately it was sunk to the ground of the Baltic Sea though after the end of the war it was recovered and used as a passenger ship once again. And now, 70 years later, it got a new purpose to bring entertainment and electronic music to up to 500 people, every weekend. Behind me is a club that doesn’t only have an unusual location, it is also one that has written history in the nightlife world. Tresor was one of the first clubs to apply the conversion method, back then, they did it out of need and not as a strategy. Nevertheless, it brought them world fame There’s just nothing like partying underground in a massive vault surrounded by steel bars and hundreds of safe deposit boxes. When the original Tresor closed down in 2005 you can almost say that Berghain took its place in being THE Techno club to go to and it really is no surprise because the space they’re in used to be a massive power plant. With it’s 20 meter high ceilings and raw industrial design, it is the perfect place for a dystopian rave. A nightclub doesn’t have to be huge to make a name of itself. When you walk by here, you don’t even notice that there is something. But right here is Golden Gate. It’s literally just this just this space here under the bridge. Not many people fit in there, although many true Berliners swear that they had their very best nights in there. Last but not least, there’s Griessmuehle. which used to be a noodle factory. What makes this club so special is not only its weird interior factory design, but also its massive outdoor area, which is packed with ramshackl stuff like old cars and granaries, that makes it some kind of surreal playground for adults. Well that was it for now, and if you’re interested in other nightlife-related stuff from Berlin check out my other videos.

17 thoughts on “Berlin’s Most Unique Club Locations – Berlin Nightlife

  1. Great video! I am off to Berlin on the 19th of this month thursday to monday with some friend's. I have been to berghain/tresor/about blank etc, where is the best place on a thursday night to go as i have plans for the rest of the wkend? ?

  2. I’m visiting Hamburg this weekend and Berlin next weekend. It is so much fun there. My favourite club was Tresor last time. Sadly we don’t have great clubs like that in Canada.

  3. puh, Make a video called "Most Unconventional Club" in the most conventional, youtube-ish shitty way.
    better keep going making jungesellenabschiede in kiev 🙂

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