Best 10 London Sights. Long-time local resident recommends absolute best of London

Best 10 London Sights. Long-time local resident recommends absolute best of London

I lived in London for over 30 years, and in
this video I want to show you the 10 must-see sights. The iconic postcard
sights of London. What’s important about them is that they will cost you
absolutely nothing to see them. The first one is the Palace of
Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament. Inside is the House of
Commons and the House of Lords. It’s a very beautiful building. One of the big
misconceptions of course is about Big Ben the clock tower. Big Ben is actually name of the bell
inside the tower that chimes, and the tower is called the Queen Elizabeth
Tower. Named after Queen Elizabeth the Second when she entered her 60th year of
reign. Just across from Big Ben you’ll see the South Bank which is a popular
tourist stretch with SeaLife Aquarium and you’ll also find the London Eye,
which is that massive ferris wheel that become such an iconic sight –
particularly at New Year. Just behind me is Admiralty Arch and behind that is one of the most famous sights of London: Trafalgar Sqaure. The square
was named after the Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic Wars when the
British were fighting the French and Spanish just off a place
called Trafalgar. Of course it has Nelson’s Column, and there’s lions guarding it. It also has a number of plinths with statues. The fourth one
remains empty and has different rotating pieces of artwork on it. And, of course, no trip to London would be
complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. This is the official home of the
monarchy, and they spend a lot of time here or at Windsor Castle about 20
miles outside London. It is a real big favourite. You can tell if the Queen is
in residence because the Royal Ensign, which is a gold and red flag,
will be flying above Buckingham Palace. If it’s just the Union Jack it means
that the monarchy is not in residence. During the Changing of the Guard, the old guard is replaced by the new guard who arrive from Wellington Barracks,
normally accompanied by a band. And it’s lots of fun, lots of ceremony. If you are here
during summer you can also tour the State Rooms and the gardens, which
is a real must do. So if here in July or August it’s worth checking online and
search for Buckingham Palace tickets and I’d strongly recommend going on the tour
because you get great insight into the Royal Family’s way of live and (of
course) you get to see places that very few people actually get to see. Another really important part
of a visit to Buckingham Palace is the Queen Victoria Memorial, which just sits just
opposite the palace itself. And so after Buckingham Palace, our next
stop which is the Tower of London, so we head back down the
Mall. By the way two things that you’re going
to need if you want to do this tour of the best sights of London, one is a good pair of walking shoes and also one of these.. which is an Oyster card. It’s a prepaid
card that you use on all the buses and tubes. Just pick it up at the
Underground station and you load it up with money, and the great things is that it caps the fare and only charges you the lowest fare possible for all of the trips you do. And so once you
get to Tower Hill tube station you’re at some of the most important sights of
London: the Tower of London behind me and Tower Bridge. So let me tell you a little
about the Tower of London. Its official name is actually the Royal Palace and
Fortress of the Tower of London and it has a reputation for being a very violent
place. However not that many people were actually executed here because
executions used to take place on Tower Hill across the other way. However it has been used for all sorts
of things including, obviously, a prison. It’s been used as an armory and
as a public records office, the Royal Mint used to be here and still within
those walls are the Crown Jewels and they are a real must see. Now the Tower
actually held prisoners from about 1,100 right through until 1952. The Kray
brothers, which were famous Eastern gangsters, were apparently some of the
last people ever held here. The main period of holding prisoners was
in the 16th and 17th century when people like Sir Walter Raleigh were held right here and that’s what the expression “sent to the Tower”
came from. In the First World War and Second World
War it was also used to hold various enemies of the state and in fact people were actually executed in here for espionage. One of the more
famous sights of London is behind me right now, it’s the Tower Bridge. It opened
in 1895 and connects the north and the south side of London with of course the
Thames flowing underneath. It’s a magnificent building. Now walking across it’s going
to give you one of the most magnificent views you can possibly have of London right up the river towards London. What you can see behind me with the river behind me are many of the more recent and modern buildings of London like The Shard which is a massive tall building and has the
tallest observation platform in Europe. You’ve got the London
Assembly where the mayor has his office and HMS Belfast which was a old World War II Battleship. Behind me on the other side you have the City of London,
which is the heart of the financial center and you have buildings which are
known as the Walkie-Talkie, Cheese Grater and the Gherkin. In London as some of these
pictures show, is it’s very busy wherever you go. It’s crowded and crowds of people everywhere but it’s quite good fun so it’s still great. And so once you’ve had time
at the Tower of London it’s time for the next big site which is Saint
Paul’s Cathedral. So here I am in the gardens of St
Pauls. I’m doing this in the gardens at the back as it’s a bit quieter here.
It’s where major events take place like State Funerals and the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was held here and big celebrations
like Queen’s Jubilee. It’s built on the highest point in the City of London and until 1967 it was the tallest building in London. It was built by Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of
London and during World War Two as bombs fell all around London
surprisingly the Dome survived and it became like a beacon of
hope through the whole of the Second World War. Unfortunately I cannot show you inside as videos or pictures cannot been taken inside. One of the challenges when you’re sightseeing in London is trying to find some where to go to the loo! And so that’s another big plus for
places like Starbucks as places like public toilets you have to pay about 50p to go and spend a penny, which is what I’m about to do. And the next stop, which is not that far away, is the Millennium Bridge which is
affectionately known as the “wobbly bridge”. When it opened in June 2000 it had to be closed the same day, because people found as they walked over
it be swayed and made them sea sick. It took two years to fix before was reopened. The Millennium Bridge has become a major tourist attraction and attracts lots of
people because it takes you from St Pauls on the one side and to the Tate Modern which is a free gallery on the other side. It’s in a very beautiful old Art Deco power station. Now along
this stretch of the river, which is the South Bank of the Thames, there’s
always lots of activity. Lots of people hanging around, lots of events and stores. So it’s always good if you want to stop and have something to
eat or just simply relax after this frantic sightseeing. And so my next tip in terms of must-see
sights is Hyde Park it’s a massive park and one of the big four parks in London.
These big Royal Parks are connected, so you have Kensington Gardens, you have Hyde Park, you have Green Park and that eventually leads to St. James’s
Park. Many people say that you can pretty much walk across London on
greenery, I don’t know that’s entirely true but there’s a lot of green space in
London and Hyde Park is one of the most important. There’s a couple of key things within
Hyde Park that you can see. There’s the Serpentine, which is a lake that’s splits the park. There’s Speaker’s Corner, which is very famous particularly on the weekend, when people gather and it’s a chance for free speech and to talk about
anything you want to talk about – getting heckled and cheered. Then
also down towards the Knightsbridge side of Hyde Park you’ll find two very important buildings. One of which is the Albert Memorial,
which Queen Victoria built in honor of her husband, and across the road
from that is the magnificent and circular Albert Hall, which is where big
concerts are held – in particular the Proms every year. And so as we head to our
next site, one of things I want to do is give you tips based on what I’ve been
seeing today as I have been traveling around. I’ve heard so much incorrect information
spoken about the history and what people are seeing, so what I am trying do is I try to give
you a short overview of each place. But I strongly recommend you get a good guide book or find a reputable site online. I’ll put
some links in the notes so you can make sure that you have a good sense of what
you’re actually seeing – and try not to listen to some of the bizarre ideas and
thoughts as you go around the city. The next site is the British Museum. It was established in the 1700s and over the last half-century it’s collected over 8 million items. It’s
focus is on human history, art and culture. It has a couple of controversial
pieces or areas within it, such as the Parthenon Statutes, where is a constant
discussion between Greece and the UK about their return. However the collection here is amazing,
and the two most popular areas are the Egyptian areas (including a display of
mummies) and also of course the “Elgin Marbles” as they used to be called which are the
Parthenon sculptures. Like all museums in the the UK, the British Museum is free. They do ask if you will make a donation but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
Our next site is actually collection of three things. It’s a
collection of three amazing museum buildings – and of course the museum’s
inside them are also awesome and quite amazing. The first is the Natural History Museum.
It has over 80 million specimens and it’s better known for its dinosaurs
which are big hit with kids. Over 5 million people visit a year. Across the road the V&A is the world’s
largest decorative arts museum and named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Both of these were opened in the 1850s. It’s a great museum and
probably one of my favorite museums in London. A little
bit up the road from that is the Science Museum which is very hands-on
interactive museum. It gets about three-and-a-half million visitors a year.
It’s great for kids because it really immerses them into science lets them get
their hands kind of involved and dirty, if you like. Just
going to look at the buildings themselves is amazing, they’re all
together in South Kensington in the west of London – and again you can get in for
free. All museums are free and you can spend days in them if you want to. No trip to London is complete without
a stop at Harrods. It is over five acres in Knightsbridge and has 330
departments, and apparently sells everything you could possibly want. It used
to be owned by Mohamed Al-fayed whose son Dodi was in a relationship
with Lady Diana when they both died in a car crash in Paris. It’s now a controlled by Qatar.
So as I said I’ve lived for over 30 years in London. I adore the city and hopefully you’ll
find those 10 must-see sights absolutely fantastic and really helpful. I tried to
choose the sites that are iconic sites and really represent London and also
that you can see without having to pay to see – other than (of
course) your transportation. A couple things that really like to do. First of all let
me know in a comment which of those sites you love the most
or are looking forward to seeing. Secondly it
be great if you left a thumbs up on the video and also be great if you could
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time and money will be released.

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