Best Budget Travel Accessories | Value Products & Inexpensive Essentials For Your Next Trip

Best Budget Travel Accessories | Value Products & Inexpensive Essentials For Your Next Trip

54 thoughts on “Best Budget Travel Accessories | Value Products & Inexpensive Essentials For Your Next Trip

  1. I'm kind of interested in the business model of pack hacker. Do your authors work part time for you guys? If so, I'd be interested to learn about what other work they do while traveling, and how they manage stuff like meetings while on the go (do you guys spend a lot of time communicating via slack). Maybe not fun video ideas like learning about awesome backpacks, but I'd definitely be interested.

  2. My newest, and most favorite travel accessory is a small hand held fan. Amazon, $10. USB rechargeable. Its amazing for cooling you down after you just ran through an airport, or if the train/bus doesn't have AC.

  3. Can anyone recommend a backpack for traveling for sports? Like a weekend trip out of state for a marathon. Looking for a separate shoe compartment and water bottle holder on the outside are my two most important.

  4. Recently I found an article about this watch warning to wear it bc many terrorist groups use it for various explosive contraptions so the airport security, according to the article, is drilled to watch our for this watch… Just FYI.

    The Amazon fire 7 is awesome! Not the fastest but it's durable and battery last long. I love it!

  5. I have the Nite Ize Quicksand originally purchased for the reason discribed here however I wasn't to found of the plastic hinges I was able to find a no brand phone stand with heavier plastic construction and metal hinge sadly it won't fold to fit a wallet but is still super lightweight.

  6. Ziploc bags rule! 😁

    My Chico bag is probably the oldest travel accessory I own. I've carried it around with me since day one. We all need a bag to use sooner or later.

    I only wear those Casio el-cheapo watches since pickpocketers don't want them. I have the analog ones with the large white background. I just change the batteries every 2 years or so.

    Thanks you Nathan for this video. I love travel accessories 😊

  7. You should incorporate an oval rubber squeeze coin holder. They're like $5 bucks, and they keep your coins organized better than any pocket. It came in handy when my sling was piling up with Euro coins, which really started to annoying me.

  8. a note on sewing repairs – dental floss is one of the strongest threads you can use. It is slippery so be sure to sew a couple knots at the end of your repair and leave an inch of thread as a tail so it all doesn't come unsewn. so pack a couple large needles.

  9. Thanks for doing this video. It's nice to see all those amazing travel accessories, but costs a lot. Great to see there are amazing budget options. Have to go get that s clip from Muji now, a great find!

  10. Nice suggestions.
    I like the small backpack that's good as an back up.
    Regarding the comb make sure it's "soft" plastic. I had combs in my toiletries bag that broke since they was hard plastic.

  11. Love your videos, pack hacker. I’ve been needing help to find a rolltop Backpacks with Molle and a cobra buckle that is not relatively expensive. If you know some good backpacks that would be great if you could tell me. Thanks.

  12. My 2 cents on this.
    Quechua waistpouch (40g) is a winner, as long as you only carry necessary items. For me, that's my phone, wallet, clip-on sunglasses, and maybe a small powerbank and charging cable. But I highly recommend the packable Quechua 15L sling bag (125g) over the packable 10L backpack because the sling bag has 2 water bottle mesh pockets, the strap is much wider and won't eat into your shoulder, has larger capacity for a wee bit more weight. Otherwise, the Quechua Arpenaz 20L (325g) is a far better backpack if you don't mind the weight. To prevent damage to these packable bags, I pasted gorilla tape on the bottom inner seams to keep the fabric and stitching together. Taping the outer seams is optional because it will ruin the look. Do watch where you're going to avoid getting the fabric pierced or torn. And if they do get damaged, you can patch it up with tape meant for inflatables, or temporarily with clear OPP tape. I also hosed my bags down with water repellent spray for some added waterproofing, at least long enough to get into a rain jacket without worrying about my stuff getting soaked.
    Everything else can be packed into ziploc bags. They are far lighter, already waterproof, and ridiculously easy to replace. All my money, cards, and passport are in ziploc bags, and they are in the zipped compartment inside of the Quechua waistpouch. Coins and small items go into the packable cover, which now becomes a tiny pouch, inside of the waistpouch. And yes, clothes, electronics, laundry, toiletries, etc can all be packed into ziploc bags. They will lose their airtight seal due to small punctures here and there, but if you're packing your stuff down into your main backpack tightly anyway, they won't bloat up by very much, nor will they lose their waterproofing capabilities as long as you're not dunking your backpack underwater. You will eventually get used to the ziploc bags looking crinkly from all the folding and fuzzy from all the rubbing contact, but still use them until they are truly torn up.

  13. I LOVE these Ikea Knallbåge accesory bags! The large one is perfect for my Kindle; the medium one is great for chargers, powerbank, cables; and the small one is a nice pen case. Thank you for this recommendation.

  14. When you show the phone image, at the watch part.. I am totally checking the date this was uploaded. I mean it's look like iPhone ? An older one like 3g?

  15. I know it's probably not an essential piece of gear, especially for light packers. But my neck kinda sucks, and I'm tempted to get a good travel/neck pillow that doesn't take up too much space. Any suggestions?

  16. This is the video I've been waiting for. Just purchased the Amazon basics wallet and the card sized phone holder. You got yourself a hard subscribe. (Y)

  17. Ziplock sandwich baggies. I use it for different currencies, jewelry, pens, charging cables, makeups……..not to mention food storage to take leftover back to my lodging or to bag sliced apples on board a flight as snack. I always put half a dozen in my luggage in case.

  18. Hey guys, could you do a review of the Carry-Dri soap case? It’s supposed to allow a wet soap bar to dry without leaking and I’m curious to know how well it actually performs. Thanks!

    Travel Soap Case by Carry-Dri- Specially Designed Vents That Lets Bar Soap Dry And Doesn't Leak – For Home School Gym Travel Hiking – Patent Pending Design

  19. The watch is excellent for the price but water resistance is quite weak. I go g-shock but Casio has many watches below $50 that can take a splash in the shower or even be safe if you go swimming.

  20. My budget travel accs:
    1. Quechua NH100 20l + Arpenaz 10l
    2. iPhone 7+
    3. Airpods
    4. Accessories bag AVGA
    5. Nexus 7 Gen II Android Pie
    6. Casio MQ24

  21. I hate bags that are black inside when I travel… lighting is not always great so things get lost in black insides.

  22. 7.25…emergency cash…you kno…for when you lose your wallet with your euh cards? which also holds…well you get the point.
    Keep some cash separate from this wallet + ask your credit card company for a second card linked to the account and you and your travel partner keep one each or at least keep one in the hotel safe, different pocket, etc. So if you lose one or are robbed, call cc company asap, block one and have a back-up card 🙂

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