Best Camping Coffee Maker – How to Make a Truly Delicious Cup

Best Camping Coffee Maker – How to Make a Truly Delicious Cup

Hey guys, this is Ryan here from and today we’re going to talk about how you can make the world’s best cup of coffee while you are camping and that goes for camping, traveling, or yes, even at home in your very own apartment,
it makes coffee equally well. I’m talking about the Aeropress coffee maker, it’s a unique
plunger type device that kinda reminisces a French press but it’s superior in many different ways. Primarily it allows you to control the 3 key factors that go into making a cup of coffee to your preference and that is the water temperature the coffee to grounds ratio, and the steeping time, you can adjust all three of those factors with
the Aeropress and that’s something that you can’t
do with many other I’m at the company making plus it is super super easy to cleanup while you’re out camping so I really like their press seven years
in their press consistently now or more than two years have used it many many times camping have used it and
the foothills of the Andes and South America I’ve used in my apartment I’ve used it
pretty much everywhere and I highly highly recommend it they
can be had for less than less than thirty dollars on amazon dot
com and it’s definitely worth every penny so
right now I wanna show you how you make a couple bear press copy why you’re camping let’s get to it first thing’s for sure gonna the left
your water by next we’re gonna get the water
boiling XD factor is having fresh I’ll whole bean coffee you can
grind it fresh right before using it that’s the best
way to do it don’t like roundup amateur threesome with roasted I’m gonna
make a Starbucks here I and you can use a little handheld grinder I is whether I’m in my
apartments I am por la Campana the battery power and it doesn’t take that long this the
Hario slim milf grinder worked really well again I’ve been using
this one for two years now no problems with it get sick nice I fine existing trying to
hand-held for grinder which is preferable to players takes a minute or two to friend games
you want to build up to the one cup level here filled up here to the one cup mark and work it to go high-water oiling turn that off water that’s
actually around 175 degrees gives a much better brew it’s not quite so better I am it is an extract all the acidity
from the copy so if you just let the let the recently boil water sit
for a couple minutes I you get a much better grip so this is
the Aeropress it’s basically a plunger that fits into other so under you know place at and
just the beginning this on their take the top off here I use the inverted bring method which
basically places the air Press in reverse you’re gonna
put the coffee up here the funders down there so up the ground
coffee and a fill up the cylinder about halfway
with their oil-water use that stir stick to stir for at least 10
seconds make sure plotters hitting all the coffee ground 0
me and top it off accepted the little paper paper filters
this cell Bowl paper and metal filters and oil filters
reusable have both but I’m kinda working my way through these paper filter still at the moment so
they’re just wanna wet the the what the paper filter on the cap so holes in place this is
what you need to do when you’re using the inverted bring that little after leading the copy steep for a
couple minutes you K and Cup but the cap on with the paper filter and grab your
cup and flip the Aeropress right over on top see it doesn’t make too much and then
you’re just gonna give it a nice slow and steady push can see there’s a nice gap here between the water and the
filter top the city it’s a name their press kits
get that chamber i’ve air that’s actually pressing down the coffee trapping the grounds between the paper
filter no coffee grounds get through whatsoever so you’re not gonna get any
that great taste like you might find with
French press copy world people at the end you’ll get the air
when passing through that’s it cool got a nice ok up to their press
copyright here typically I will make my air Press Americana style by topping it off with hot water the you can use boiling water obviously if you wanna
piping hot cuppa coffee rhyme here and there he did the California
serious I’m just using a lukewarm tap water if you were right
now cleaning their press like I mentioned to
stop the cap of the paper filters here with the coffee grounds happen over your
garbage bag just push down the plunder leaves a
little bit I grounds on there you can about their finger and rested up with a little bit of water and
your good to go that’s really all you need to do because the actual cylinder itself has
been cleaned by the plunging motion up the Aeropress so you can click here to buy your own I air press on Amazon
dot com for less than thirty dollars I highly recommend it it’s worth every penny have been using
it everyday for more than two years now almost every day from more than two
years and I really do love it get the air press along with the hand melberg grinder and you’ll be all set to make
copy no matter where you are in the world so yeah help I hope this video helps any questions don’t hesitate to ask in
the comments section below don’t forget to like this video and subscribe for future updates thank

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  1. liked the video great job. and love what you did with your channel. you have my subscription and would like to have your support as well. keep up the good work. looking forward to catching up on your videos

  2. Why go to all this pain and trouble for a Luke cold cup of coffee… what a waste of time and how do you carry on this while back backing …GSI makes a collapsing drip coffee maker …much less trouble…and coffee is drip and still hot when finished….I own this stupid aeropress …waste of money and time…thanks for the misinformation

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