Best City in CHINA | Chengdu TOP Tourist Attractions 成都大熊猫

Best City in CHINA | Chengdu TOP Tourist Attractions 成都大熊猫

21 thoughts on “Best City in CHINA | Chengdu TOP Tourist Attractions 成都大熊猫

  1. Your videos are polished, mature, you two are funny and well balanced. I enjoy them very much. I think you have a great wife.

  2. wow, I was there for 2 days in 1987, saw pandas up close, but there was no modern shopping street, glad to see progress.

  3. GREAT VIDEO !!! My brother and I we are visiting Chengdu for the first time im 2 weeks !! Your video very informative so now we have an idea places to go and visit based on your video

  4. Have you guys been to the New Century Global Center in Chengdu? And if so what were your opinions about it?

  5. I found this video after met a Chengdu girl here in Bali. How I met her was an alignment of law of attraction. Because of her I want to visit Chengdu. And here in the middle of this video you're talking about law of attraction and I was like oh wooowwww!!! Keep sharing your lovely vacation content. Sending lots of love from Bali

  6. Can you plz tell me the name of song that was being played in the club at 08:00 please please guys I really loved that song but couldn't find it 🌸🌸🌸

  7. Chunxifang Tangsong Food Street has great food especially the jiaozi as well as a cute little Sichuan opera below ground. Everyone should stay a couple weeks there's so much to see. Even then not enough time.

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