Good morning, guys! Welcome back. Right now
we are in Dublin. And we’re starting off the day with a really
unconventional way. We’re in the docklands and we’re wakeboarding
on a cable system that’s going to pull us over a series of jumps. We’re at a place called Wake Dock and it’s
basically cable pulley system. It got a lot of tricks and jumps and stuff. We haven’t wakeboarded in a couple years,
so this could be fun or slightly dangerous. Hi I’m Marko. Nice to meet you. Alex. Nice to meet you. How are you? Good. Crazy first? Signing away our lives? What’s the worst thing that could happen
to us right now? Bloody nose? Maybe slightly worse. You’ll know you’ll see how you get around.
You’ll feel it if you feel comfortable on the board, ya know? Rock, paper, scissors! Ugh! Aww! So what does that mean? You go first. Hahahaha! Getting into my bridal gown. Barely fit your wedding dress. Yeah, so apparently you just go around in
loops. So I’m just going to do a couple practice loops and then we’re going to try
to do some of these jumps. It’s been a while since I “schralped that
gnar” in the snowboard park and I haven’t wakeboard in about ten years. So what are we in for, dude? The time of your life. You need to get low. Get low! You need to practice your edging corners and
just generally just have fun Heyo! Dude that looks fun. My God! Markos is just shredding right now!
Mark, chapeau, my friend, chapeau You got skills bro, you got skills. Thank you man! He got skills. You gotta get in here man! It’s really fun
and the water isn’t even cold at all. Well I hope I can get a couple rounds in.
Smash it, not hurt myself. Hopefully I can butter the box after a couple
runs in, but Marko set the precedent high. Real high. We’re in Ireland the land of butter bro! [montage] Whoo! That was so epic! Dude, you got the “Kodak courage.” Good job! I mean seriously super super fun. Very much
like you said, very similar to snowboarding. What a great day to start in Dublin, bro. Ready to explore more? I am! Boom! Whoa! What is that bro? What is that? Snapchat! Follow our Snapchat! Right now we just arrived to Trinity College
and we’re going to round out our exploration of Ireland by delving back into
Irish culture here in the capital. We’re going to start off with a bunch more
old school. That is why we have come to Trinity College.
It is the center of learning here in Ireland. We’re going to see The Book of Kells, which
is widely regarded and Ireland’s national treasure. Basically a monastic illustrated manuscript
from A.D. 800. So we’re going to tell you more about it
inside. Let’s go. We’re good to go? Yeah. Go on ahead. Alright guys right now we are in the Long
Room. This place seems like a place like Hogwarts. You can see why it’s called the Long Room.
It’s super long and below us down is The Book of Kells. We’re not allowed to film there but we just
took a look at it and kind of wanted to share with you our thoughts on The Book of Kells. For me, artistically, I think it is a really
unique document because it’s very ornate and detail oriented from a period of time
where artwork was kind of stagnating. It’s between the fall of the Roman Empire
and the Renaissance. For me it’s super cool, mostly from the
amount of colors. They’re using like berries and lichens and
insects to get these colors to just sort of pop off the page. To me it was really cool how they blended
symbolism with calligraphy and with beautiful artwork. Yeah but it’s significance just not for
the intricacy of the illustration or ornateness of the calligraphy, which in themselves are amazing, but also
because of the roles that these Irish monks played during this time when Europe really was falling
into the Dark Ages and they were able to preserve these old Roman and pre-Roman texts and then later brought light to the Dark
Ages and allowed the Renaissance really to happen. That whole period of Celtic Christian culture
was a golden age in the early Irish years and it kind of ended when the Vikings came
from Scandinavia and started raiding all the monasteries methodically. But they also founded cities including the
city of Dublin, is actually founded by the Vikings and a lot of port cities in Ireland were.
So those cultures ended up blending together and making what we have today. There is definitely a
lot of culture here in the city and we’re going to explore a bit more of it right now. Scoot over to the left again. Shake it around.
Over to the right. Okay there we go! That’s perfect. Alright, well. It’s a busy day in downtown
Dublin. We’re next to the Merchant’s Arch, but we’re heading to a place called Brother
Hubbard to grab a quick bite
to eat. Brother Hubbard. The cafe we’ve been looking
for. Hello! How’s it going? This is a self-styled “Best sandwich in Dublin.”
Pulled pork sandwich fried egg on top. So we’re going to go meet up with Clisare, who’s an Irish Youtube named Clare who does the Irish bucket list. She’s going to help us with a pint in the
Guinness Factory. Dadada!!! Guinness. Marko. Hi! How are you? How’s it going? Hi! Hiya! I’m Alex. Hey Alex! Guys! We have a friend. This is Clare from
Clisare. Hello. And she’s going to be… That’s very close. Hahaha! So she does this series called Irish Bucket
List and she’s going to be filming a video for her channel, so when you finish this one
go check it out! Are you ready for a pint? Yes! I’m so ready for a pint. Let’s do it! Whoa! This is the real place to be. They say that
Arthur. The magical fifth ingredient for Guinness. This guy was either a genius or a nutter. When he made Guinness over 200 years ago he
put a lease on the recipe and the company that protects him for the next 9000
years and supposedly they have some Guinness yeast stored away under lock and
key. Kind of like a seed collective in case of
the apocalypses. So I guess if the world ever ends and everything
goes to shit. At least there will be some Guinness when it’s all done. So this place is crazy busy but it’s for
a reason. There’s a million people that come to this
place every year. Number one tourist attraction in Ireland,
but what was recently named the best tourist attraction in Europe. I think it’s pretty cool. Looks like Clisare is going to hop on this
seal. That’s a pretty big seal. SeaWorld! I heard
SeaWorld. You can’t do this after ten pints. Seriously. Right. We learned a little bit about the history
but now it’s time to learn the most important thing about a Guinness. How to pour it in Guinness Academy. Have any of you guys pour a pint before, guys? Yeah but not a Guinness. Follow these 6 steps and you’re guarantee
to get the perfect pint each and every time. Now we’re going to show you the six steps
to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness. So step one is the glass. Make sure it’s
clean and make sure it’s a Guinness. Step number two is the angle. Aim for the golden harp at a 45 degree angle. Step three is the pour. Step four the settle. You got to leave that
guy there for 119.5 seconds. Step five is the top up. You want to get that
frothy head and then step six… Present the lovely Guinness and Alex knows
step seven. Drink it. Drink it. Enjoy. Oh the pressure is on. Did you follow the previous step? No. Totally forgot. Just get the glass and
aim for the goal. And then you leave it there as all the regulars
order a small whiskey with a chaser. Cheers. Cheers. That’s like me and you two in real life.
There’s me. So we just finished at the Guinness Storehouse
and we have to say goodbye to Clare, but check out her channel. She has the Irish Bucket
List series. So where can they find you? What Youtube channel? C-L-I-S-A-R-E. Thanks for hanging out. Thank you! Yes! Okay but first you’re giving us a ride across
town right? Yes. I hope! Let’s go. Alright guys that was an incredible day exploring
Dublin. We’re at the Dublin Fridge Festival and
there’s a show that is about to start, so w’re going to pop in and say goodnight to
you guys. But stay tuned for the next episode because
tomorrow we are cool hunting in Dublin. If you like this video, then make sure to
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for new travel videos every week. In the meantime stay curious, keep exploring,
and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace!


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