Best FREE Websites & Apps for Travel in 2020 (that you’ve never heard of)

Best FREE Websites & Apps for Travel in 2020 (that you’ve never heard of)

Hi, and welcome back to the channel. If you’re new here, my name is Megan, and on this channel, I share tips
and hacks on all things travel-related. In today’s video, I’ll be sharing
my favorite websites and apps that have saved me time, money,
both during my travels as well as before I actually go. If there’s any websites
that you like that I fail to mention, please let me know
in the comments down below, as well as give this video
a thumbs-up if you find it helpful. (Music) Maybe you’re making a booking
or you’re shopping on Amazon, and you see all
of these five-star reviews, and then you get
a little bit skeptical, like, “Hmmm… Are these real reviews?
Or is this fakes news?” (Music) The first website on my list is FakeSpot. It’s a free tool that allows you
to analyze reviews and identify if they’re legitimate
reviews from real travelers. Simply copy the URL
from Yelp or TripAdvisor, and paste it into the
search bar on FakeSpot. You’ll get an overview
of how reliable the reviews are as well as other insights, like the most positive review
and the most negative review. (Music) If you are part
of multiple loyalty programs, you’re going to love allows you to not only track
your loyalty programs all in one place, but also lets you exchange points
between different programs. (Music) I just used 30,000 Miles&Smiles, which is the Turkish Airline
rewards miles program, to get a blender! Because the miles were expiring,
I didn’t know what they were worth, and I didn’t know how to use them. Wish I had discovered this site sooner. (Music) TripFate is a free flight
notification tool that emails you the best flight deals
from your home airport. TripFate makes getting notified so easy. Enter your email, create a password,
identify your home airport, and you’re all set to start
receiving deals straight to your inbox. (Music) There are very few of these
flight-finding websites and apps that I’ve actually gotten value from,
and TripFate is one of them, which is why I’m so excited
to have partnered with Tim, the founder of TripFate, on this video. Now, you’ll get a ton of value
from just the free version, but if you decide you’d like
to give premium a try, Tim was actually kind enough to extend
an offer to give you a premium account for a full three months,
completely for free. You can also cancel any time. I bumped my account
to a premium membership, and I’m totally loving that I can add
more than one departure airport, customize the alerts
based on where I want to go, and get notified of crazy
price drops before anyone else. This is so key because seats
sell fast when it’s a great deal. In order to take advantage of this offer,
just go on to the TripFate website and you’ll see in the bottom
corner a little chat box, click on that, let Tim know that you were
referred by this channel, and he’ll set you right up. I highly recommend it,
it’s no risk, it’s completely free, and you’ll see if you can get
any cool flights out of it. All of this information, as well as a little bit more
about why I love TripFate, can be found in the
description down below. (Music) If you’re planning to fly
internationally with a one-way ticket, you probably know that you often
won’t be able to board your flight if you can’t show proof
of onward travel while boarding. You also usually need to show proof
that you will be exiting the country while making your visa application. This can be frustrating
if you don’t know the date that you’re going to leave
the country in advance or if you haven’t booked your flight out. It’s also a challenge
if you plan to travel around different countries over land and are never planning to book
a flight out of the country at all. For about $12, Onward Ticket
issues a real airline ticket with a one-way flight
out of the country you’re traveling to. Your ticket is booked and fully confirmed. You can download it
directly from their website and you’ll also receive an email
that contains the same ticket. You can show this ticket
at the check-in counter with no problem. The check-in agent can even
verify the PNR in their system and it will come back as confirmed. This is a real ticket
with a real confirmation number, that you can even verify yourself
on a major airline’s website. You won’t have any trouble using it as long as you use it within the
48-hour period prior to it expiring. (Music) AirHelp helps travelers get
the compensation they deserve if their flight is delayed,
overbooked, or canceled. New compensation rules kicked in for 2020, and the good news is that passengers
will be entitled to more compensation for delayed, overbooked,
or canceled flights. The problem is that it’s up
to the traveler to file a complaint, and most of us don’t actually know
what we’re entitled to. AirHelp claims to have helped
over 16 million passengers understand their rights
and secure compensation when their flight is delayed,
canceled or overbooked. AirHelp just makes the process so simple, and is completely risk-free. I mean, they’re only getting paid
if you’re getting paid. Simply submit your flight details and you’ll find out for free
if you’re entitled to compensation. You can then take that information
and speak to the airline yourself or you can have AirHelp fight
for the money on your behalf. AirHelp operates
on a “no win, no fee” basis. So, if AirHelp is successful
in getting your compensation, they will take a commission of about 35%. If they’re unsuccessful,
you won’t be charged anything. You can’t lose here. (Music) Rakuten is a free
cash-back browser extension that sends you a check in the mail
with up to 10% cash back on all of your online shopping. Rakuten is amazing for getting cash back
when shopping on sites like But it’s particularly awesome
for us travelers because it works with booking sites
like Expedia and Flight and hotel stays are expensive so, getting cash back
on those bookings will add up fast. (Music) The reason I talk
about Rakuten all the time is because it is honestly
the easiest way to save and… It’s almost like you’re making money.
You’re getting cash back. So, you pay $1,000, you get 4% cash back, It’s just a check that gets
sent to you for $40 and you don’t do anything different;
you’re still shopping on the same sites. It’s so easy, the sign-up is so simple. They don’t ask you for a credit card,
nothing sketchy like that, and you can start earning immediately. If you do decide to give Rakuten a try, I have a link in the description that will start your cashback
account off at $10. (Music) You likely put your phone on airplane mode
to avoid roaming charges while traveling. Free messaging apps like
Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are great, but they only work if both users
have the app downloaded and have each other added as a contact. Textfree solves this problem by giving you
an absolutely free phone number. Text messages are sent
and received over Wi-Fi or data if you do decide to get
a traveler SIM card in the country that you’re traveling to. (Music) You essentially get a designated
virtual phone number that you can use to text
other people’s cellphones as well as receive texts,
either from the app on your phone or from your laptop. (Music) If you have ever been on a layover
and not been able to connect to the Wi-Fi because you need to enter a phone number
or because you don’t have the password, then you’re going to love the founder
of the travel and tech blog, foXnoMad. Anil Polat, created a crowdsource map with up-to-date wireless
networks and passwords from airports around the world. This includes log-in details
for the airport lounges. This means you can sit outside of a lounge and have free access
to their high speed internet. The map can be found
online by googling “WiFox” or can be downloaded as an app. (Music) The easiest way to keep track of all
of your bookings and your travel plans is by using TripIt. Trip it creates a master itinerary
of all of your travel plans and gives you access
to it anywhere, anytime. This is one of my ultimate go-tos
for keeping things organized. What makes TripIt stand out
from other travel organizers is that you don’t need to manually enter
all of your booking information. Simply forward the confirmation email
from flight, tours, hotels, and so on, to [email protected] TripIt will automatically
build the itinerary and include all relevant information like addresses, times,
and confirmation numbers. You can share a live link
of the master itinerary with anyone, whether they use TripIt or not. Whenever you update your plans, it will update the
shared link automatically. TripIt is a completely free way
to seamlessly organize your travel and keep travel partners, or family
back home, up to date on your plans. (Music) While flight tickets are getting cheaper,
luggage costs are at an all-time high. I was shocked to find that some airlines
are now charging you for carry-ons, and that some checked baggage fees
are even higher than the flight ticket when it comes to budget airlines. The world baggage comparison chart
on can save you from booking a cheap flight only to find out that checking a bag is going to add an additional
USD 60 each way. You can easily see
the expected baggage costs for all airlines in one place. allowing you to make an informed decision
on which airline to book with. There you have it, those are
my absolute favorite websites and apps. Please, please, please,
leave in the comments below if there’s any that you found
that you really enjoy that I didn’t mention on this list. Or even if you enjoyed them
and I did mention them. Don’t forget to give
this video a thumbs-up, and I hope you’ll subscribe
because I’m back here every single week with a new travel-related video. Hope to see you next week,
and until then, happy travels. Bye!

16 thoughts on “Best FREE Websites & Apps for Travel in 2020 (that you’ve never heard of)

  1. Hey Megan You're so clued on these things if traveling to Vietnam anytime soon avoid China as a stop over like the plague. Avoid going China at all its a plague Country if the autonomous region of Hong Kong has shut the door on Mainland China then OK to stop there. Although we've never met my chivalrous nature wouldn't want you to get ill.

  2. Hey Megan in answer to a question you asked me In your last video I travel by road sometimes inside my home country as I did this weekend for family business or by train also.

  3. Hey Megan Is Rakuten international and is their a handling fee for sending you the check? You probably get that question a lot sorry it's possible you beautiful voice distracted me from that information when first said it.<g>

  4. ALL very useful Apps and websites.
    I luv that Air help / and textfree/ and Foxnomad , and . . . well I mean everything you mentioned : )
    Thank you Megan !

  5. Excellent list of lesser-know sites – I knew 3 (maybe 4) only. And good you mentioned the 48 hours for OnwardTicket – a fellow vlogger was caught out recently because he bought his "OnwardTicket" (or similar – maybe different site name) more than 48 hours before so by the time agent checked it was no longer a valid ticket.

  6. My absolute favorite website/app is Rome2Rio.
    Put in any two points in the entire world, and Rome2Rio will give you every combination of travel options to get you where you need to go. The site includes pricing, train schedules, you name it. They have an app as well. I use it every time I plan a trip.

    I was looking at a trip from Vegas to Strasbourg, France. It showed me that if I flew directly to Strasbourg, it would take about 14.25 hours and cost $1033. It also showed me that if I was willing to fly to Basel and then take a train, it would take about two more hours but the price would be cut in half – $508.

  7. Thanks for sharing! I love TripIt, it’s so easy to use, and the fact you can share your itinerary with people is great! I had not heard of many of these apps / websites – will be checking them out!

  8. Useful info as always Megan thanks. We need to get your subs up you deserve a larger audience.

    Visited farecompare Spirit Airlines are evil. Their carry on fees are higher than their checked in fees for goodness sake.

    This is another reason to subscribe to the airlines push alerts or emails. Not only do you get fare alerts but occasionally baggage specials as well.

  9. Wish that I had the onward ticket for my trip to Philippines, I had to rush booking all my flights outta this country in order to be let in. Thanks for the video Megan !

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