BEST PACKING CUBES FOR TRAVEL 2020 | Eagle Creek vs. Amazon Basics vs. Gonex vs. Bagail (Review!)

BEST PACKING CUBES FOR TRAVEL 2020 | Eagle Creek vs. Amazon Basics vs. Gonex vs. Bagail (Review!)

Packing cubes. Total travel game-changers…
But with thousands out there on the market, which are actually worth the
money? Well I’ve done the research for you in this overly dramatic video with
the packing cube showdown that nobody asked for.
So, which packing cubes are the best? Which are best value for money? And why
am I talking like a Bachelor promo? Find out in this video and even win a set for
yourself. Now let’s hit that cheesy intro! What’s up, smarties? Christina here from and today we are talking all about packing cubes, the most
magical piece of gear that help you travel, pack and organize like a total
pro. In today’s video I am going to be breaking down my personal favorites in
terms of packing cubes over the past six months of testing them very aggressively
so if you enjoy that kind of dedication in your life and you want more videos
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subscribe button for more. Now before we get started, I do have a postcard to give
away because one of the things I love to do is give away a postcard every week to
someone who comments… hint hint please comment so congratulations to
Mikayla from last week for winning this week’s postcard. Now because we are
talking all about packing cubes today I’m gonna up the ante a little bit and
also throw in a set of packing cubes of your choice so be sure to comment below
with your favorite packing cubes from this video and I will randomly draw a
winner to receive them next week along with a postcard because postcards are
really fun. Anyways let’s get ready to packing cube Rumble…… oh man that was so
much cooler in my head. Anyways let’s just get started so here’s
a little backstory for you about six months ago I guess I was feeling a
little bit spendy, it was Amazon Prime day and I decided
hey why not buy a bunch of packing cubes and test them out so I can actually
report back to you guys and let you know which ones are the best? See nowadays
packing cube choice is pretty overwhelming. There are literally
thousands of brands out there that sell packing cubes that all kind of look the
same. You can get ones that have puppies on them, get ones avocados on them,
you even get ones with skulls. Actual skulls! So what I did was I picked the
top six rated ones on bought them, ordered them and have been testing
them for the past six months. Here are the ones that I tested: the
Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes, the Eagle Creek Specter compression cubes, the Bagail
packing cubes in fuchsia, the Gonex packing cubes in green, the Goex,
compression pouches in yellow and the medium Amazon Basics in black. So let’s
get started… we are gonna start with compression cubes. So if you didn’t know
this already there are two main types of packing cubes in the packing cube world
okay, so the first ones are the regular standard ones which are basically just
little zippered cubbies for your clothes so they tend to have
just one layer of zippers whereas on the other hand there are compression cubes
and compression cubes tend to have two layers of zippers so they can compress
and further just squish down your clothes to save more space. So which ones
are better totally depends on your travel style and your needs. For me personally
because my priority with packing cubes is being able to have everything I own
at my fingertips being able to see what I’ve brought,
personally the regular packing cubes are way better for me. On the other hand
though with the compression cubes if your priority is saving space, maybe you
want to squish down a really big jacket or a really thick sleeping bag,
compression cubes are really great for that. One thing I would warn against
though is that compression cubes do not make your suitcase any lighter okay so
be sure to still keep in mind even when you’re using compression packing cubes
that there are luggage weight restrictions and so you shouldn’t just
use them to stuff as much clothing as possible, so keep that in mind. Alright so
in terms of the compression packing cubes, what I’ve purchased are two of the
top rated ones. Firstly let’s get them out of the way, SO I’ve purchased the top rated
ones firstly the Eagle Creek ones (the Eagle Creek Specter compression
cubes) and also the Gonex compression packing cubes which look like this. So I
will review the pros and cons of each one starting with the one from Eagle
Creek. In terms of pros, these Eagle Creek compression cubes are very very light
probably the lightest out of all the ones I bought so this would be great if
you’re backpacking and in need of a lightweight solution but they’re still
really well built and like new even after six months, plus they also compress
clothes really well and with their double zip they’re very satisfying to
use. Overall these are a great quality product. There are some cons though, these
compression cubes are more expensive than most. I also don’t love that they
don’t open all the way, they actually only open halfway and so you can’t
really use them like mini drawers for your stuff which is half the reason I
love packing cubes in the first place. Now on the other hand we have the
Gonex packing cubes which are completely different so here are the
pros and cons of that one. In terms of pros they’re really affordable and do
open up all the way like a regular packing cube just with a second zip for
compression. They also come in a large range of sizes and have a much larger
colour selection than the Eagle Creek one. In terms of cons though it
doesn’t really compress as much as I feel like the Eagle Creek ones do and
they’re also a bit heavier than the Eagle Creek ones so in summary if you’re
looking for something that is very lightweight and something that is going
to be really durable long term, I do recommend the Eagle Creek Specter
compression cubes. They’re very high-quality. On the other hand if you’re
looking for something a bit more like a conventional packing cube, but does have
slight compression ability then I’d go with the Gonex. Now as I mentioned
before, my personal preference with packing cubes is the non compression one
so with those ones I actually purchased four different brands now let’s see how
they stack up. Alright so why don’t we start with my least favorite which was
unfortunately the Amazon Basics in black, the medium packing cube because
unfortunately as you see here it ripped within one week. Here the pros and cons
so in terms of pros, these packing cubes are highly affordable, the material is
decently sturdy and it holds up its shape well when stuffed with clothes. The
zippers are also quite smooth and they come in some nice colors including sky
blue, mint green, red, and gray but there are some significant cons. Over the past
six months as you can see there has been quite a bit of wear and tear, some
fraying as you can see here and even though it still works fine it’s just not
very promising in terms of durability so I wouldn’t really recommend these since
they can’t seem to handle my gorilla enthusiasm… now if you’re looking for
something that is still budget-friendly but is actually in my opinion better
quality and in some instances cheaper I would go for the Gonex packing cubes
right here. I got mine in lime green but they also come in a lot of other really
fun colors. In terms of pros they’re cheap, very very cheap, but the quality is
still pretty decent. The fabric here feels very durable like a good raincoat,
very water-resistant, but still with a nice mesh top so you can see most of
what you’ve packed. They also offer a lot of really great bundle options and
colors so it’s easy to find a set that would match your needs.
In terms of cons, I do think with the red tag and its branding, this packing cube
set can look a little bit cheap… it’s not exactly super fashionable or chic in any
way but I mean it does the job. It’s also a small pet peeve of mine but the
zippers just don’t feel as smooth as some of the other ones as you can see
they’re quite small, there’s no special tabs and they do feel like a little bit
jammed sometimes. Overall though great budget-friendly packing cube with nice
nice colors. Another great one that I really recommend are the Bagail packing
cubes which look like this. I got mine in fuchsia and as you can see they’re quite
pretty. So in terms of the pros I just love the look of these, the design is a
bit different from most standard packing cubes and they just look really nice
when they’re all arranged in your suitcase… there’s also a great colour and
print selection so if you’re looking for something a bit more chic, something a
bit more fashionable or cute, you can get different patterns like ones lined with
polka dots or prettier colors like teal, purple, and pink. They’re also incredibly
sturdy with thick fabric which feels more robust than Amazon Basics for
example and also a few centimetres deeper than the other cubes which is
great if you need more space for your clothes, I also love these pulley zippers
which are really easy to grab hold of and most of their sets actually come
with a free laundry bag which is a great bonus. As for cons though, the sizing and
bundling of these cubes is interesting… Most of the sets I found all came with
at least one of these giant ones which is not super practical for normal
travels since they can take up like 90% of a carry-on suitcase. Another con is
depending on how you feel about nylon, the fabric of these cubes can feel a
little bit cheap, but they still hold up really really well apart from a little
bit of fraying which I did begin to notice after about six months of
frequent use. Now, what are my top picks? Unsurprisingly they are the most
expensive ones and those would be the Eagle Creek… (that was awkward)
The Eagle Creek Pack-It cubes I got mine in blue. As for pros, these packing cubes
just have a smart look and feel. The fabric is really strong and durable
without feeling too slippery or cheap like some of the other budget ones. The
full Cube size is also really perfect for my needs because they stack nicely
into a carry-on and hold their shape really well… it’s also really really
durable and looks as good as brand new after six months of use which can’t
really be said for some of the cheaper ones I bought. In terms of cons though
well the price tag is a little bit more than most standard packing cubes and
they are of course the priciest of the bunch averaging about ten dollars per
cube, but honestly they are more than worth it for me because I travel really
often and in terms of quality you can feel like these ones have more
structural integrity and just don’t feel as flimsy or cheap as some of the budget
ones so you can kind of expect that it will last longer so overall what I would
say is if you are looking for a very high quality packing cube that is gonna
be durable, I mean look at this Eagle Creek one, it looks like it’s brand-new
and I’ve been using them aggressively for six months… so if you’re willing to
pay a little bit extra, go for these ones especially if you travel a lot but what
I will honestly say is that having any kind of packing cube is better than
having none at all if you don’t travel super often and you take quite good care
of your stuff, as in, you’re not like me and like gorilla handling everything…
Well then you can honestly go for whatever suits your budget best, my first
set of packing cubes was from IKEA family for like less than 20 bucks and I
had used them for three years and they are still very much standing today, so
what’s important is that you find something that really works for you and
having the best brand possible is not actually that important
especially if you don’t travel that often, but in my personal opinion if
you’re gonna spend a little bit extra, it IS worth it because long term you do get
a lot more usage out of it. Alright smarties, which one of these would you
most like to have in your possession? Let me know in the comments below which one
of these was your favourite for a chance to win your own personal set and a
postcard. Anyways thanks for watching smarties I will let you know next week
who won these packing cubes and be sure to tune in next week for more videos just
like this one… Until then, byeeee!!

46 thoughts on “BEST PACKING CUBES FOR TRAVEL 2020 | Eagle Creek vs. Amazon Basics vs. Gonex vs. Bagail (Review!)

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