BEST place to CAMP in INDIA | LADAKH | Tamil | Camping Do’s and Don’ts

BEST place to CAMP in INDIA | LADAKH | Tamil | Camping Do’s and Don’ts

We are going to see a lot about tents and camping in this video. Do we really need a tent for a trip like Ladakh? Where to and where not to camp? What are the things you need for camping? Pros and cons of camping. And, how to choose a tent. We are going to see a lot of similar info in this video. So, watch the video till the end. Let’s get into the video after the intro. Hey guys, welcome back to the channel, how are you doing? I upload a lot of travel videos, travel related videos, and adventures videos in this channel. So, if you’re new to the channel and haven’t subscribed yet, do subscribe. And hit that bell icon, so that you get notified about my weekly video. I have already uploaded several videos on preparation for Ladakh. So, check those out, I’ll put the link in the card at the top. There is a whole playlist. You’ll get most of the answers about Ladakh preparation from those videos. Since I haven’t talked much about tents and camping in my earlier videos, I created this video for you. If you are a person who loves camping then comment below “I LOVE CAMPING” and let me know. Let’s get to the first question. Do we really need a tent or not. Short answer is NO. You don’t need to bring one. But if you have a tent, you will have an amazing experience for sure. Even without a tent, you can do a long trip. Mostly all the places have stay options now a days. If you know that there are no stay options at the place you are visiting, for sure, then it makes a lot of sense to carry tent. But for a destination like Ladakh, almost all the places have stay options. So, it’s not that you can do a Ladakh trip only if you bring a tent. But a tent is a great backup option. At some places, if you are visiting at peak season, or if the accomodations are full, or if they are too expensive, then you can use a tent there. Carrying your own tent, comes with its own pros and cons, I mean advantages and disadvantages. We will see them in this video later on. Let’s get into, where we can camp and pitch our tents. Just because you carry a tent, doesn’t mean you can pitch it anywhere. Mostly you can put it anywhere, but you should be mindful of the places where you should not. Especially, in military zones, or establishments, or where there is more military activity, avoid pitching your tents there. And don’t pitch your tents at the base/sides of the hills, or on the rocks. It is very unsafe, as you never know when rocks may fall, … you can never say when there will be a landslide. Try to pitch your tent in a very plain surface. Next thing is, about private properties. You should be careful pitching your tents there. If its clearly mentioned there that its a private property, just avoid putting your tent there. Maximum, try to avoid private properties. If there is anybody over there in that property, and you are able to ask their permission, then you’re good to go. Sometimes they might ask for a small price for you to put your tent there, like Rs. 50 or 100. So, then where should I camp? There would be already established camp sites, where you can camp without second thought. They usually ask for a small price for camping, you can pay that and stay there. Generally if it is a really remote place you can camp there. Mostly it wouldn’t be a private property, so feel free to camp there. To choose an optimal place, look for small river stream banks, you can camp there. You will get water and it will be very peaceful. So, let’s see what things you need for camping. Obviously you need a tent We’ll get into how to choose a tent, a little later. Next thing is sleeping bags. Sleeping bags differ based on temperature rating, and compactness. This is a 15-20deg celcius compact sleeping bag. This is a 15deg sleeping bag, which is like a folded bed sheet. This one is like a proper pouch. Since this is more compact, it is slightly expensive So, we have two here. Buy sleeping bags depending on the number of people you have along with you. Torch Light. Torch light is very very important. Because when you camp in remote areas, there will be no other light source. Don’t depend on your phone’s torch. Phone’s light is not that powerful So, definitely take a torch light. Next one is a light for the tent. This is a light you can hang inside your tent to keep things bright evenly inside. This is a low power light, so standby time is more. So you can keep this on when it gets dark till you go to sleep. After you’ve put your tent, you can put a foam cushion mat inside your tent, which is like a yoga mat. Or you can get a industry sheet like this one. Or if you brought a bedsheet or a quilt, you can use that. You can also get an air inflatable mattress, at Decathlon, you can use that as well. All the products that I’m talking about now, I’ve put the links to them in the description below, so check the cost over there. If you plan to buy them, please use the links. I’ve already shared how to choose a tent, earlier in my decathlon video. If you’re travelling solo, get a two person tent. Because to be comfortable after keeping your luggage inside the tent, you need a two person tent If you’re two people, get a 3 person tent, so that you get adjustable area for your luggage. Similarly, if you’re three people, get a 4 person tent. You can get upto 6 person tent, you can choose that as well. Let’s see the pros and cons of camping. The main advantage of carrying a tent is “Flexibility” You can stay where you want in your trip, you don’t need to book hotels in advance. Generally you get a lot of flexibility. The next important thing is that you get amazing views. Usually you pick a great spot to camp at. So, its a great advantage if you’re taking a tent with you. Another aspect is “cost saving” If you take a tent, you can save the cost of expensive hotel stays at some places. But you save cost only if you use the tent optimally. Carrying tents is more suitable for a car trip rather than a bike trip. Because when you carry a tent, you need to carry additional things along with it, and those things need to fit in your luggage, right? So, if you’re on car trip, you have more space for your luggage. So, its more suitable for a car trip. That brings us to the disadvantages of carrying a tent. Because this itself is a disadvantage. If you take a tent, automatically your luggage is going to grow. Because if you take a tent, you need more accessories as well, like sleeping bag, and tent mats, etc. When there are things like these, your luggage is obviously going to grow. And you’re not going to camp all the days of your trip. If you’re on a 10 day trip, you might camp for only one or two days. Rest of the days you’re not going to use. The same happened with me on my trip. On my Ladakh trip, I only camped in one place. But I had to carry all the tent luggage all the time. So, it occupies a lot of space, and you have to carry all that weight too. This is a big disadvantage. I told you right, I camped only for a single day on my trip. This will happen with you as well, and the main reason for this is that, you will be riding the bike from morning, … And when you stop in the evening to camp, you are already too tired to set up camp. And more effort to remove the tent when you have to leave in the morning. When you’re tired like that, you just want to look for a ready made bed and hit it. If you’re thinking about camping you have to start early in the morning and stop early in the evening. only then you will be able to choose a perfect spot to camp. then setup the camp there. You can’t set up the tent in the dark, without looking at the surroundings. If you’re camping, you need to start early, and reach the camping spot early in the evening so that you can setup the tent there. Another thing is that you have to think about what you’re going to do for food. Some people carry the stove and other required stuff along That will be okay for a car trip, but its too difficult for a bike trip, unless you’re travelling with a big group. If you’re taking your tent on bike, you only have two options. If you pitch your tent in an already established camp site, they will provide you food. Thats how I stayed at a camp site in Jispa, with my tent. If not, if you’re camping in a very remote place, you should be carrying some readymade packed food with you. So, plan accordingly Even in my trips, I’ve used the tent several times. Check my Ladakh videos if you haven’t already. Like I said earlier, I camped at a place called Jispa. Even on my Goa trip, I camped at a place on route. I’ve already posted a video on how to put up a tent, and how to dismantle it, on our channel. If you haven’t seen it before, do check it out. And also a video I shot in Decathlon, I’ll put up in the cards above. Check it out. I’ve explained in that video, on how to choose a tent. Also I’ve explained about the stuff you need to take for your Ladakh trip on that video. So, definitely check that video out. Share this video with atleast one friend. Share this video with your friends who like travelling and camping. if you like this video, you know what to do. Tell your feedback in the comments below. Ask your questions in the comments below. I’ll see you in the next video. Till then tata bye.

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