today we are in Seidman and we’re gonna
be spittin and we’re gonna be showing you around all the areas but first we
need to eat of course when you with say you need to find a place to eat so
who is moron I don what did you do I just like imagine any stall you break
the plan and I didn’t thank you all your life
sir rice years is still green sometime people they eat like this you know sighs
making their own lunch so here you got your own rice now he’s still green
I already peeled it off but you know it’s not window rice ready outsides
gonna be browned you know songs like green first Deb is like half the milk
can shine that’s why you call like the milk from the rice so the second step is
like when the green Thai people day like green like beasts and then they
streaming it and then habit coconut with banana the soul I can’t remember what
the name and yeah for our eyes is just the rice when he’s done the day they
take this email like not too much not through eighteen years too much
how’s that say yesterday we come here and got this dish called chicken in the
pan so I asked for what was the most popular seller and I said she can the
pan so it was so good we had to come back and eat it again today
so they actually like deep fry this chicken and then with marinara the sweet
sauce I’m gonna eat it out and the chicken so crispy outside kind
of sweet have a little bit with the shitty like this hmm I mean heaven and just check out the view of these
place it’s unlike a paddy field have a look at this incredible so
beautiful so yesterday when I was flying the drone I flew over this amazing site
so we just come to check it out and it’s um we still don’t know what it
is you know what it is yeah it’s like a step while in India with no water but
it’s got a little gate there there’s grass in the middle and look like it no
I’m confused but there’s a temple over there so it might have something to do
with that yeah can sit and watch there’s a like up there people can stand over
it’s quite strange and even got this little fence over here for like an
entrance just look at these rice fields we come down the hill the main from the
main road and the sole green when I was talking to the guy at the
hotel he told me he live over in that mountain just underneath and he said
this area is all very green can smell so so fresh hello what are they making over there what’s what I got in their field like I read read flowers didn’t
understand baby they just say yes they won’t have
English okay let’s keep going and see what we can get some bananas for you say
it’s too small not ready the food hunt continues okay so happy if I have some incorrect hello they just realize oh I actually pick a
box with this shower oh you took a bath through this one oh this is the end of the road so he’s where was their little nobody
kids hang out the Lord and so we go down the ended
road or not I think we said yeah we should yeah okay let’s void the
little naughty kids it’s just down here what could go wrong
so I can hear a stream and the local kids are checking the art
must be good it’s a nice River all beautiful let’s go get a closer look
knew that just over there alright let’s go down and explore so the school kids have just finished on
their way home from school they come in jump in the river very nice beware the only tourists ever come here so you discard to the ends of the roads
wolf down are you swimming swimming yeah I think you say don’t show my butt on
YouTube okay as you can see it goes right up we can actually come here and swim have a little dip their local spot alright let’s go find
some more hidden gems okay so site one even stops or some
random street food meat let’s say what he’s cooking hello lovey lovey yep Bobby okay two cents
Bobby look good good luck tell me one do you want five
so I won five okay get it eight look good what else have you got here come please what is that but it’s
beautiful you want me to eat him out no we’re
gonna go find a nice rice terrace a rice field and just chill and eat random
street meat okay let’s go buy some tea and then eat out random street meat he
said baby Bobby daddy maybe like the Bobby from the Malibu she’s dead okay that’s good hello hello destiny school yes okay have a good day the English people must be so no English
teacher must be so proud we stopped at this roadside juice juice shop and it’s very local wasn’t
easy to order okay right what are they making smell so nice but
interesting about this place the water flows all through the town you can see
here so that must run around the paddy fields society get this one not sure what it is but should go good
with your random me I’m all about eating random food okay what could go wrong
I want this a little bit of that nice you’re making a new one I think how for
you this is your one so that’s rice chili
and spicy cumin Ethier as me and that’s what she’s doing hi guys right now I’m in the middle of
nowhere and I’ve had this beautiful thing I believe they used to be a temple
and look at this oh my god there’s a monkey there’s no monkey wait oh it’s a
dog sorry eyes are screwed yeah so we
decided to get out random meat and so I got some dish and we got some drinks
from the local the local juice shop and we thought well we’ll pull up a rice
terrace you can see I like the water inside these ones are really good also
together but I was monkey oh I think was like oh my god it gonna steal my food so
we’re just gonna come over here and take a seat enjoy the view
oh you want to try the meat size dying to try this one
okay smells so nice oh good it’s spicy you know what’s the name of this one in
Thailand but it’s not it’s not spicy it’s sweet it’s beef
it’s pork nothing is there that that is so sweet so juicy and have a little bit
of chili in it tastes a little bit sweet and salty oh my god so nice I’m gonna
try another dish they’re getting coconuts over there well just fell you
got one the locals getting their coconuts well smell so nice it’s like rice and
then they put in the back this one and um Gouri morning and then what is it
call being sued hmm I’m gonna try it hmm
hmm thanks oh good not spicy miss muddy because they put the nut
sauce in it let me try the rice very good are you happy with your
straight food we also got a random dish random snap it’s like a snack
so we saw this lady pull up on a bike with a big container full of this and
then to drop off at the shop so instead of course processed snacks mm not say so
Oh two cents what is he what is a sweet or coconut
Oh coconut sweet I don’t know how to fry it’s actually a coffin on here alright
so we are gonna enjoy the food local food got the rice paddy like lots of the
all the school kids are going home walking back to their house from school what a place huh this is the real Bali
yes and what’s a day go by here he’s like a pygmy I have our little
picnic yes what is it one car if you go for Molly and you see this this dish that’s all right
but the mesh up in the back like mix all the lighting and I put you in the back
and then I become like this like a sausage oh my god is so good I’m gonna try this random meat on a
stick let’s say spicy I’m saying pure fat but not yeah but so
sweet though you didn’t like it too much 500 spicy I just swallowed it they also
sell the smoothie get some dragon fruit tomorrow one is banana all right so here’s the bridge for the
river we went across before now we will further down here this a lot of naked people Wow
so here’s a we were further down there before when
we come that’s what we started we’ve come up stream and there’s elect a lot
of locals swimming naked so I cannot did you see it yeah that’s like enough put
the camera on there so a lot of naked people what noise I hear this
groan groan men so it’s a local maybe on this side
there’s less naked people no there’s two naked people there too
okay all right so can I say too much of the reads we can show the road this guy
is really so opening up isn’t he it’s like a fully fogged up he looks
very clean really sloppy all right so if you need to come and have a bath this
is the place to come and have a bath yeah you can bathe with the locals you so I think we are going to wrap it up
here to the for today so seiderman is an awesome place to come get away from
everything enjoy the real you know embody life as
you can see what’s going on behind the huts so we highly recommend this place
now all the places were being so far we like we love this the most peace no not
not that the nudity going on behind us but the the city okay so that wraps up
another day in Bali until next time dream bigger my Sunnah


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  6. The naked people taking a bath in the river used to be the custom in the old Bali where Ubud was before the place is taken over by tourists. Bali was pure then. Sorry, my second comment as I'm writing while watching.

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