BEST Places to Visit in Bangalore | BENGALURU INDIA | Must see tourist places

BEST Places to Visit in Bangalore |  BENGALURU INDIA | Must see tourist places

Today we are in bangalore My bags are all packed to explore bangalore So im here at lal bagh in bangalore its one of the main place to see in bangalore Its actually a botanical garden Its located in the middle of the city with around 170 acres of land you can enter lal bagh through 4 entrances I got in through the west entrance which is near to the metro One of the easiest way to reach lal bagh is the get a metro to lal bagh station Its just walking distance from the metro station to lal bagh There is a lot to see in lalbagh though its a botanical garden, it does look like a park They have a beautiful lake , nice walkways and a lot of walk Entrance fee is 20 rupees and if you have a camera its 60 rupees So lets see what else to see in lal bagh After exploring this place will go to the next spot Behind me you can see an
artificial waterfall Its made in a technology that prevent algea There is special timings …you hav to be here on that time to see the waterfall Right now we are tight of schedule ,,so we will go and come another time to see the waterfall This is iskcon temple…not sure if its clear ..background is kinda bright Its a very famous place in bangalore Its one of the biggest isckon temple in the world you could get more details if you search on google Its indeed worth visiting It can get a bit crowded during darshan time Once you come out of the temple main area you can see a lot of stalls that sells books and other items Its actually a nice vibe in the evening so behind me is the is not allowed inside the temple So i would say this is one of the main place to visit if you are in bangalore Easiest way to visit the temple is to take metro and get down at Mahalakshmi station Its walking distance frm mahalekshmi metro station Bus is also there…or u can get an uber..but i recommend metro This is the entrance to the temple..And you can see the metro as well So do visit if you are in bangalore,.So lets go to the next place Bangalore is known as the garden city of India…and its definitely for a reason There are lot of beautiful parks in bangalore Out of all one of the best and most famous is cubbon park So we are here in cubbon park Its very near to vidhana saudha…u can also get down at cubbon park metro station Lot of families here for picnic and all You can bring your dogs as well Also a bandstand where they play music and all Lot of variety of birds here Its only open till 7pm…so do visit before that See a touch me not…WOW Its very rare now…nice to see it here Lot of big rocks .. its nice to sit and relax on top of these rocks This is a route…looks like it goes into a forest But funny thing is its not forest…there you can see the tall building Other side the all part of bangalore city You can see the stadium Its so kool that the park in the middle of the city So do visit if you are in bangalore Another spot of see in bangalore is vidhana saudha Its the legislative assembly of bangalore Build in 1956 ,its a massive and beautiful structure which is almost 60 acres You can get down at vidhana saudha metro station Just opposite to vidhana saudha you can see another spot in bangalore High court of karnataka, which is also a beautiful structure to see if you are in bangalore The building is all red color If you come to vidhana saudha you can see both the places together Another main place to see in bangalore is tippu summer palace its near to the Krishna Rajendra market metro station made during the reign of tippu sultan Almost same to what we saw in srirangapatanam entry fee is 25 rupess if you have card , you need to pay only 20 rupee beautiful architecture and very historically important build in 1781 and competed in 1791 so lets go to the next spot another place to see in bangalore is the famous bangalore fort its very near to the KRmarket If you come to this place…you can see tippu summer palace, bangalore fort and kr market together its all walking distance only bangalore fort is also made during the tippu reign entry is free we are inside the fort, the walls are so tall there is a big dungeon here pretty much all have distroyed during the wars …only these are remaining very tall we are in kr market…its very crowded….a good place to to shopping in wholesale also you can see these bikes around the city you can use these through an app….very cheap and enviornmental friendly appreciate if you can promote these its good for health too another main spot is mg of the lively and happening place in bangalore they have a lot of pubs and clubs here lot of good restopubs and hotels too you can walk through these streets also you can go to commercial street which is near by for shopping as well so do visit these places So i hope you likes todays video I have showed you some of the main places too see in bangalore when you are here in the city so please do subscribe for more

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