Best Places to Visit in Europe for 2020

Best Places to Visit in Europe for 2020

Get off the road…[driver passes by] Hi, I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip and on
this episode I feature some of the best places to visit in Europe for 2020. Brought to you by Allianz Travel, so come along with me let me show you around. Thanks to centuries of history, evocative
movies, and legendary literature, the allure of Europe’s landscape and
cultures has never been more popular. The following list of European destinations should fuel a desire to explore some of the lesser-known and up-and-coming parts
of Europe. First up is Sighisoarea, a fairy tale-like fortified city in the
heart of the Transylvania region of Romania. With colorful houses,
cobblestone streets, and a pedestrian friendly old town, it’s easy to fall in
love with Sighisoarea. Next is Cinque Terre, which is located on
the northwest coast of Italy. It’s a series of five colorful coastal villages
built into the seaside cliffs. This is one remarkable place to explore. Aalborg is an ancient city where Viking ships once sailed. Today Aalborg has evolved
into a vibrant cultural hotspot with a spectacular waterfront, cozy cobblestone
streets and beautifully preserved buildings. Loket is considered the historical
gem of Bohemia Czech Republic. Dominating the town’s panorama is Loket Castle which was built on a rock near the Ore River in the 12th century. Strolling the streets feels like walking through a storybook. Bergen is located along
Norway’s southwestern coast and is surrounded by mountains and fjords. It’s
also home to these colorful wooden houses along the old Wharf in which
UNESCO has listed as a World Heritage Site. Rheingau is one of the most distinguished
wine regions in the world where many of the vineyards sloped down dramatic
hillsides to the banks of the Rhine River. Stunning villages ,medieval
grandeur and opulent castles dot the landscape. Krakow is located in southern Poland
near the Czech border it’s known for its well-preserved medieval city center in
Jewish quarter. Its Old Town ringed by a massive park is centered by a stately
Market Square Krakow is a city you just want to get lost in with a slew of
things to see and do. Located on the western coast of Ireland the Wild Atlantic Way is a stunning stretch of roads that run from the northern
headlands of Donegal to the southern peninsulas of Killarney. The angelic tapestry that forms Ireland’s landscape has taken thousands of years to wep and warp into a masterpiece that only nature could weave. Suvareto is a marvelous
medieval hamlet in the Tuscan region of the Italy. It’s surrounded by ancient
walls and features stupendous Tuscan architecture, cobblestone alleys, shaded
colonnades and evocative churches. Nearby are some fantastic wineries, spas
reminiscent of old Roman bath houses, top-notch restaurants and some stunning
coastline with a hilltop Castle providing sweeping views. Well that’s a look at some captivating European places to consider visiting in 2020 . I’d like to thank Allianz Travel for making this video possible. If you have any questions,
please leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like
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  1. Another fantastic video Mike! These look like some incredible places to visit in Europe. Hope to get there one of these days.

  2. Wow, these look like some great places to visit in Europe! As a matter of fact, I've only heard of one of them. Nice job on the video.

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