Best tourist places in Dubai | Burj Khalifa by Ranjeeta Jejoy with Eng subs

Best tourist places in Dubai | Burj Khalifa  by Ranjeeta Jejoy with Eng subs

Hi Friends, My Majestic World welcomes you This is me Ranjeeta your host and friend Today we are going to see Tallest Tower in the World the name of this tallest building is Burj Khalifa, Dubai Friends, Burj Khalifa has always been very motivational for me Burj Khalifa means to me Challenging yourself and going beyond limits Friends, I would like to dedicate my this video to all those viewers and friends those have’nt visited Dubai yet, Those, who want to come to Dubai and those who are about to come here So stay tuned with me as soon the laser light show is about to begin on the Tallest Tower of the World- Burj Khalifa Friends, today we are going to see Laser Light show on Burj Khalifa We are also goint to know some information about Burj Khalifa Tickets We are also going to see Dubai from the the Top of Burj Khalifa And last but not the least we are going to see the World’s greatest Musical Dancing Fountain of Dubai This fountain performs in Burj Khalifa’s Burj Lake Alright Friends don’t go anywhere as the Laser light show is just about to begin On the Tallest building of the World, which will be witnessed by all of you with Ranjeeta, your host and friend Burj Khalifa is the Tallest building in the World, recorded till date The approximate height of Burj Khalifa is 828 meters if you say exact to the top is 830 meters There are 163 storeys in Burj Khalifa And 57 elevators, My God, can’t be remembered at one time which lift is where? Construction of the Burj Khalifa began on 21st September 2004 And inaugurated on 4th January 2010 Can anybody guess how much it cost to make World’s tallest building…. any guesses The cost which came to make this huge building is 1.5 billion US dollars Burj Khalifa’s Architect is Adrian Smith Adrian Smith & his company has designed many other big and famous icons in the world Burj Khalifa’s former name was Burj Dubai But later on due to some reasons the name was changed to Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who is the ruler of Abu Dhabi and President of UAE And Now the tallest tower of the world is famous with the name Burj Khalifa Enjoy the laser light show Friends, I also want to tell you that Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall is adjacent to each other If you are coming to visit one out of these two, you can visit both at the same time You will get the entry to Burj Khalifa from Dubai Mall This laser light show is a part of New Year Celebration…. I guess So many shows and things normally happens here on New Year On UAE National Day, they give tribute to the country’s Independence in a special way Burj Khalifa is the top attraction of Dubai There are so many other attractions also in Dubai but Burj Khalifa is the most Special Now, on which you are enjoying The Laser Light Show Alright, now we are here at the ticket counter of Burj Khalifa So friends if you are interested to see World’s tallest building, you will have to buy tickets But my advice would be buy tickets online that would be cheaper There are two types of tickets, one is at the top which means you can go upto 124th and 125th floor the height of 125th floor is 452 meters And the other type is Burj Khalifa Sky, which means you can go to 124th and 125th floor but also 148th floor The height of 148th floor is 555 meters There is one more way you can choose your ticket is prime hours and non prime hours For example you will get expensive ticket if you want to see Dubai at the time of Sunset in comparison to normal time So if you are interested to visit and see Burj Khalifa you can click the link in the description box below and know all the information about tickets and time slots Burj khalifa has made so many records by now not only the tallest tower in the world Highest number of storeys – 163 floors Highest occupied floor in the world Highest outdoor observation deck in the world Elevator with the longest travel distance in the world And also the tallest Service elevator’ s record There are so many more like these So many World’s record, Its too good too be true….isnt’t Now we are coming out from Burj Khalifa There are many types of Burj khalifa models and so many souvenirs you can find to bring for your friends & family They have one Big model of Burj Khalifa made of Crystal And there are gold plated Burj Khalifas also And so many more beautiful things to take back home as souvenirs What you are seeing right now is Burj Khalifa’s Burj Lake You can enjoy Boat ride here with 65 dhs per person ticket Welcome to one of my favorite – Burj Khalifa’s Musical Dancing Fountain This Dancing fountain was recorded world’s greatest dancing fountain in 2011 This fountain’s length approximately, equals to 2 football pitches This Dancing fountain has been made in 30 acres area of Burj Khalifa’s Burj lake They play different country’s music and songs for the fountain to perform You won’t believe, when this Dancing fountain dances 22000 gallon water also dances in the air I just love this Dancing Fountain I never miss this Dancing Fountain Show, whenever I come here Let’s Enjoy the Show As you can see here there are so many people from different countries enjoying this show they are recording too Don’t miss the show whenever you will come here This is really relaxing….. for your eyes and mind This Dancing Fountain performs every evening in particular intervals So If you have missed the recent show you can still see the next show that’s the best part of it You don’t have to be on time So how it? Visiting Burj Khalifa with me I hope you liked it If you like our video so please like and share with your friends and family on Facebook & Whats app and don’t forget to Subscribe Because we will be back with more entertaining and informative videos Friend’s we will be exploring Dubai Mall in my next video Dubai mall was once the biggest mall in the world There are so many attractions for international tourist which we are going to explore in my next video Till then … bbye and take care

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  1. Helpful to people who are not in Dubai and want see Burjularab Khalifa. By the way Dubai Mall is the biggest in the world

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