Best Tourist Spot, Mt. Takao in Tokyo

Best Tourist Spot, Mt. Takao in Tokyo

18 thoughts on “Best Tourist Spot, Mt. Takao in Tokyo

  1. Miki chan, you are so nice!!v~^^~!!
    When my son kindergarten pupil, I have visited here!!
    It is about 30 years ago!!
    Totemo natsukashii desu!!v~^^~!!, Miki chan!!

  2. Your voice is so cute!
    I climbed Mt Takao this saturday, but I couldn't have done it more differently! Loved finally getting some exercise, didn't use the cable car or the lift ^^ I had the 黒ごまだんご at the same shop! Hope the white ones where as good! xx

  3. 秋の高尾山、いいですね。立川にいたときに時々行きました。紅葉は、綺麗でしたか?料理も美味しそうですね。

  4. at first I have read '' I climbed Mr. Takao for the first time '' :p
    Great review on the Mt. Takao 😉 the Tengu is more a Yokai than a Kami

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