Best Travel Mug Review

Best Travel Mug Review

After testing 13 mugs for leaks, spills, heat
retention, and usability, we’ve determined that the CamelBak – Forge is the best travel
mug. We recommend it for its easy-to-drink-from,
spill-proof design, ease of cleaning, and durability. Here’s a list of the top four best travel
mugs: #1 CamelBak – Forge #2 Thermos – Sipp #3 Zojirushi – SM-SA48 #4 Klean Kanteen – Wide So, how did we test? We put each mug through a series of trials,
starting with throwing them in an industrial dryer to put their leak-free claims to the
test. After subjecting them to the spin cycle for
30 minutes we measured how much each mug had leaked. After that, we filled each mug halfway with
liquid then knocked it over to measure how much spilled out. Next, we tested how easy each mug was to clean,
using fluorescent paint to stain, then a UV light to identify any remnants of our drink
that weren’t easily scrubbed away. From there, we measured the temperature at
which the mugs kept our drinks over time. And finally, our most entertaining test, we
dropped all the mugs from varying heights to see how they’d fare. Before going over our top picks, you can check
out links in the description below for more detail on each travel mug. There’s also a link there to the full review
on our blog post. The CamelBack takes the crown for the best travel
mug in our tests. It lost just one drop-of water in our spin-cycle
test, and its easy-to-drink-from design ensures that no drops end up dripping down your neck. It’s easy to clean (though it cannot go
in the dishwasher) and it easily survives a 10-foot drop. The best part? It won’t spill in your bag. And though it did not retain heat as well
as our runner-up, we felt both the convenience of cleaning the mug as well as its well-thought-out
design trumped this result. If your main concern is keeping drinks really
hot, then the Thermos is perfect for you. This mug keeps your drinks toasty all day,
and 15 degrees hotter than the CamelBak. Not to mention, it’s easy to clean given its slightly smaller mouth and it’s machine washable as well. Plus, it was a flawless performer in our leak
test. Now, it didn’t quite reach our top spot
due to its inferior durability. However, you can still drop the Thermos from
a desk with no problem. The Zojirushi comes from a company with a
long history of designing great food and drink containers. It not only stood out to us due to its high-volume
of positive remarks from consumers, but for its state of the art vacuum-sealed insulation
as well. Although it did fare well in our leak-proof
tests it disappointed us with its lack of durability and cleanability. The Klean Kanteen – Wide-Mouth had zero leaks
in our test and it looks great, but we found it surprisingly difficult to open and close
on a consistent basis. Plus, cleaning it requires disassembling more
parts than any other mug in our test. But, in the end, the Klean Kanteen has a great
reputation and reliable insulation in this mug was no issue. Like the video? Have any questions? Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Current subscribers have the chance to win a product giveaway. Check out the description for products links and we’ll see you next time on Your Best Digs.

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  1. Our picks for the best travel mug:

    1. CamelBak – Forge:
    2. Thermos – Sipp:
    3. Zojirushi – SM-SA48:
    4. Kleen Kanteen – Wide:

  2. Your tests are way too over the top. Paint and a dryer? Really? These rudicluous tests probably skewed your results. That's not replicating real life.

  3. look on one star comments at official site, and draw conclusions–Forge_Divide_16oz

  4. Great tests but annoying you can't get a decent flask with a lid if I am out in the middle of nowhere and offering a drink to a friend I want one with a lid which can serve as a cup

  5. Waste of time – they don't have a built-in tea/coffee basket for travellers. There are hundreds of good quality stainless-steel vacuum mugs available … Move on, nothing to see here.

  6. They all look like fine mugs. The problem with the Camelback is that it is unbearably ugly No way I'm putting my black wine in something that hideous. Unless I need to take a ride in an industrial dryer. Nah, who am I kidding. Not even then.

  7. Ahhh I love this product so much!!!!>>> I recently bought a double wall glass tumbler and I use that to drink my tea every morning… after my one hour commute to work, the tea is not as hot anymore. Now with this ember tumbler, my tea stay at a precise temperature and that is so cool that I can set that with just a turn of the dial or through my phone! The temperature and battery are displayed on the tumbler wall… I freaked out about how cool that was. Although pricy, I think this tumbler is well worth the money. And this is also an excellent gift to get for friends and family as well! Christmas is coming up… I can knock so many people off my list with this item. They also have mugs which I will soon be getting!

  8. I am currently reviewing the POLU travel cups for the COFFEEwithGPA channel, so much choice now but really interesting to see where companies are going with making commuter life easier!

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  10. I was going to use zojirushi but it has teflon coating (non-stick coating) which is not good for the long run.. brushes will definitely scrape off the coating…

  11. Have you seen the Japanese Kinto travel mug, no leaks, great heat retention, easier to clean than any of the ones tested here, high quality finish, awesome looks …..not sure about how it goes when dropped tho

  12. Cafe 20-ounce Break-Resistant Plastic Restaurant-Style Beverage Tumblers | Set of 16 in 4 Coastal Colors :

  13. I love that you give us the answer in the first 12 seconds. Good detailed testing as well. I took your recommendation 🙂

  14. I kept looking at the Zoji because of all the hyper-enthusiastic reviews but my main thing is, "am I going to be drinking mold at some point." Thanks for making this video!

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