Best way to see Kuala Lumpur – Helicopter Tour | Malaysia Ep 5

Best way to see Kuala Lumpur – Helicopter Tour | Malaysia Ep 5

(Safety briefing before flight) It was their Independence Day just two weeks back. So for that the entire country was decorated. Visiting this place is a must if you are here, and so I came to check it out as well. The best thing perhaps is that I don’t have to struggle with chopsticks here and can instead comfortably eat with fork and spoon It’s a little spicy. But it is good. I was just starting to wonder where this place is There are accomodations here on both sides, a lot of food options and shopping. You just need to have haggling skills The better you can bargain, the cheaper the prices would be for you This is some Chinese name perhaps Let’s see how this tastes The bun is quite plain, without taste The filling- pork I think- tastes good. Perfect spice mix. 55 Ringgits is around 1000 rupees. And this is just 12 Ringgits, which is (12*17) around 200-250 rupees at most I just hope the weather doesn’t turn bad or the entire plan would be ruined It does look overcast. I hope it clears up. (Popular Indian song from a Hindi movie)

13 thoughts on “Best way to see Kuala Lumpur – Helicopter Tour | Malaysia Ep 5

  1. Was the lady at the end singing a Hindi song?😲😲😲. Could feel the excitement of the Heli ride!!! 😄😄😄 Would it be very difficult for vegetarians in Malaysia? 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Antarik, I loved the part where you highlighted the towers using your video editing skills. It was so cool. 🤘
    One more thing, did you really like that Chinese momo thingy, your blank expression didn't go with your spicy review. 😋😂

  3. Hahaha very nice yaar. Helicopter ride is really cool. Malaysian food is quite cost effective hai na? Masaledaar and hardly 25 to 120 INR, so good man!! And yup, couldn't stop watching the sardaarji doing bhangra on a bollywood song. Is that "ye pyaar kaise hota hai?"

  4. Oh my god, wow. Its almost like I experienced the tour myself. But now I m really keen to go too 😀 Time to convince hubby 😀

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