Best Yoga Workout Challenge ♥ Summer Body in 2 Weeks | Cusco, Peru

Best Yoga Workout Challenge ♥ Summer Body  in 2 Weeks | Cusco, Peru

Welcome to Peru we are here in the beautiful city of Cusco And today is going to be a total body yoga workout challenge This is a quick 10-minute intense practice that will tone Strengthen and sculpt every muscle in your lower body and your core and when combined into a two week challenge This class will give you incredible results All the details to this challenge are in a link in the description of this video. So please go ahead and read it through carefully If you enjoy this yoga workout practice check out boho beautiful complete this program is filled with hour-long yoga workout Pilates and Yin classes that will help you increase your flexibility build strengthen your body and help you attain those amazing results with That said if you’re ready to tone up that body grab your mat and let’s get started All right friends, we’re gonna begin today standing at the back of your mat let’s take an inhale reach the arms up I’m gonna exhale bring the hands down and again big breath in reach the arms exhale down one more time big breath day enough and Then exhale start to walk forward to a plank position and go ahead ring one knee to your chest And then switch two three four Five get that knee up high seven eight nine and ten Holds your plight walk your hands back to your feet Comment up straight inhale reach the arms up exhale Dive yourself back down into your forward fold walking through into a plank position This time kick the back leg two three four Working from the glutes here. Try to keep your body straight just the leg lifts. You got last two One hold your plank Walk your hands back to your feet Come on up. Inhale reach the arms up exhale Dive it down walk back and supply this time. We’re gonna take our push-ups Feel free to come down to your knees if that’s easier and take it down for one two Three try to keep those elbows close to your body. So you’re working the triceps and six and seven You got this eight Nine one more Awesome tuck your toes. Come on up to plank if you’re not already there and then take your chaturanga. Dandasana inhale upward-facing dog And then exhale releasing into your downward facing dog Wonderful. Take a deep breath in here Now when you’re ready on your exhale you’re gonna bring one leg up Three-legged dog come in supplying touching your opposite elbow same elbow and then reaching up to the sky And again opposite elbow same elbow and up for two opposite elbow to me and three me me and four Keep going. Bring it into plank Try to get that physical contact with the knee and the elbow. You’re almost done Awesome and knee knee and reach exhale one two and reach Hold it here deep breath in and then exhale Stepping forward between your two hands into a high lunge reaching both arms up to the sky here really connecting with your core Deep breath in and then exhale dive your body forward inhale reach up exhale Diving forward so just moving the upper body here Sting nice and still with the lower body engaging through the core reach it forward and open Now from here just extending the front knee and then bending both knees into your lunge for a one bending friction and so we try to get that back knee nice and low for arms reaching up to the sky five and six and Seven you got this eight Beautiful come down low hold it. However that knee and just pulse it two three four five six seven eight beautiful hold it there extending the back knee opening up through the chest through the heart center high lunge and Then diving the arms down just plant them next to your foot and then start to extend the front knee into your hamstring stretch Inhale come forward Bending the knee and then exhale extend and allowing that chest to release over top of your thigh Inhale again coming forward into your high lunge exhale Release Just holding here for a moment. Think about pulling that front hip back and the back hip forward so aligning the hips Inhale now Let’s come back into that high lunge bending the front knee and then exhale step back into plank or one-legged plank chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog And then exhale take your downward facing dog Beautiful from here. Let’s come back into plank position what we’re gonna do here is open up into a side plank stack your feet or Bend the bottom knee to modify this from here. You’re gonna top the hand open Lift the top leg and bring it down tap the hand to the floor Plank lift the top leg down. Keep going tap the hand Open a leg Really? Tap the hand open leg release tap and leg Tap the hand to the mat open to side plank lift that leg up into star and bring it down Now keep going Again, if this is too difficult for you, you can keep that knee on the floor hold that side plank Deep breath in don’t let it drop and just pump the hips two three or work those obliques six Seven eight hold it there beautiful come into plank and then take your chaturanga inhale upward facing dog and Exhale release into your downward facing dog awesome guys We’re gonna reverse now to the other side starting with the leg reaching up to the sky bending the knee Coming forward into plank touching the opposite elbow same elbow and reach it up for one exhale elbow elbow and two exhale elbow elbow Three beautiful. Keep going come into plank elbow elbow Four working those lower abs working the obliques. This is a wonderful core toning and strengthening Exercise keep going elbow, elbow and reach Exhale as you come forward tap the elbow and reach Opposite same elbow and reach up hold for a moment and Then let’s take a big step with that front foot to the top of the mat Opening and lifting your body up into a full high lunge finding that Center Let’s connect with the core to find your balance from here reaching forward and then opening the arms out chest your knee Exhale release on your inhale. Now. I want you to reach forward on your exhale release the arms reach forward Exhale hold it there extend the front knee exhale bend both knees for one lunge squats and to Keep those hips square three Get that back knee as low to the mat as possible by Six you got this Seven last one However, that knee now and just pulse it to three you got this four five six seven and eight Beautiful extending the back me. Let’s open back out into that high lunge position Diving those arms down to the mat. Let’s release the hamstring as you exhale extend the front knee Allowing the forehead to release to the knee Inhale come into your lunge Exhale release Inhale again, you’re gonna come forward make sure the knee does not pass your front toes and then Exhale, let it go square off those hips Rolling that front hip back pushing the back hip forward forehead reaching for the knee here Just staying with the breath doing that nice lengthening sensation through the hamstring Beautiful. Let’s come back into that high lunge Now plant the palms of your hands step back into plank or one-legged plank. Chaturanga. Dandasana inhale upward facing dog and Exhale releasing into your downward facing dog Slowly from here We’re going to come back into that plank position and then opening into our side plank on the other side So stack your feet and again Feel free to bring that bottom knee to the mat. If you have to modify tap the hand extend lift the top leg and drop Tap the floor and open lift and lower tap and open lift and lower tap and Open lift and lower tap and open lift and or tap and Lift you got this you’re almost done working those obliques Strengthening the shoulders at the same time here in that side plank only Hold that side plank, we’re just gonna do hip dips All you gonna do is lower the hip slightly closer to the mat and then lift it’s very small movement or by six seven and eight Awesome release the hand plank position. Chaturanga. Dandasana inhale upward facing dog and Exhale releasing into your downward facing dog let that sternum fall to the mat here feel that stretch through the upper body and Then bending the knees and take a hop to the front of your mat Landing on to the mat now. We’re just gonna do two more abdominal exercises here first coming up to your boat posture Boat to canoe on your inhale extend exhale bring it in four one two three Or keep going five Bring into the chest six seven eight Good job last one hold it there And then from this position just move yourself all the way down now with your back to the mat Just take a second to catch your breath And then once you’re ready reach the arms over your head and then from here bring them next to your body as you curl up Stay in that position hands behind your head twist bicycle. Twist. One two three four five Six try to get that elbow to the knee eight nine Ten. Keep going ten nine eight seven six five four three two one Awesome job go ahead hug those knees into your chest and then Releasing stretching up the body now legs extended arms extended over your head. Just take a second to breathe into the belly welcoming oxygen into your body and Then rolling over to your side and coming up to your seated position on your mat Let’s go ahead cross our feet in front Sit up nice and comfortable inhale big reach with the arms up to the sky exhale hands to your heart and one more time big breath in to fill those lungs with oxygen and Exhale let it go wonderful job Thank you so much for joining us today in beautiful cusco sending your love and light and I look forward to seeing you again Bye for now Thanks again for watching we hope you enjoyed this video If you liked give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and of course follow Us on social media like Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on our adventures

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    Reply to this comment to share your challenge progress & updates here to let us and everyone know how it is going!!! ❤

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