Beyblade Burst Trickshots Summer Edition2 | KAMIWAZA

Beyblade Burst Trickshots Summer Edition2 | KAMIWAZA

It’s summer time. Let’s have fun with water slider!! Water slider shot. Where you go!? Ouch!! *Japanese Onigiri Yes!!!!! This Beyblade What a strong whale!! I will defeat this beyblade!! Jumping whale shot!! Did it go just as you planned? Yes. Of course! Really? Yeah. Congrats! It’s too hot… I want to eat something cold. *Snow cone shop. Snow cone!? What can I get you? *Beyblade in the menu Beyblade snow cone? Can I get beyblade snow cone? 1 Beyblade snow cone!! Here you are. Yes. Snow cone!! Snow cone. Thank you guys. Let’s eat! Ah, my brain freeze! But this is really tasty… I will use this Gaia Dragoon. Tank top cannon. He is coming!! Please comment what did he say? It goes this pipe first. and run this warped wall. and defeat this beyblade on the rainbow1 Rainbow of the warped wall of the burst!! Bu bu bu bu burst!! Bu bu bu bu burst!! Bu bu bu bu burst!! You did it!! Thank you for our channel reach 160k subscribers!! Wall run and attack T. rex shot!! Back studium ver.2 I lost. I win. Yes!! I will attack you!! Aaaaan bey. Oh no!! If beyblade can’t fly, it’s just bread. No!! What do you mean? haha Hey Bread man! Kabao-kun! No, I’m not. My name is… Curry man!! Yes. Curry man. Please help me! Let’s burst that beyblade!! Aaaan Bey. Beyblade water skipping from here to that beyblade!! And I will burst that beyblade!! Longest water skipping shot!! You did it!! This beyblade goes this longest pipe. It will jump and burst that beyblade!! Longest pipe burst shot!! Yes. It bursted!! Great shot!! Thank you for watching. If you like this video, please like and subscribe!!

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