Beyond the Holidays: Stretching Holiday Stamps

Beyond the Holidays: Stretching Holiday Stamps

– [Jennifer] Hello, and
welcome back once again. This is Jennifer McGuire. So whether you like it or not, it’s the time of year when stamp companies are releasing their holiday products. A lotta people like to start earlier, some like to start later, but there are some great holiday releases happening right now, and I thought it would be
fun to take a holiday release and create holiday cards, but then non-holiday cards
using the same products. So this is to inspire you to
take some holiday products you may already have and do
something non-holiday with them, stretch them to get a new look. I have a bunch of examples for you today, and they all feature the newest
release from Concord & 9th. I honestly almost titled this video “The Best Holiday Release Ever,” because I think there are
so many great and unique products in this release, but I decided instead to
show some holiday cards and non-holiday cards
using the same products. So let’s go ahead and get
started with this one here. This card and my next few feature the Concord & 9th Holly
Berry Turnabout stamp set. This is a brilliant Turnabout set, because there are actually two
Turnabout stamps in the set. You’ve got the dotted
one, you got the leaves, you can use them together or separately. So Turnabout stamps is something
that Concord & 9th does where you stamp something four
times, each time rotating it, and you end up with an
incredible background. I’ve used them many times before, and I’ll show you how to use this one that has two Turnabouts in one set. The stamp set comes with these two guides, and you’ll need these to
set up your Turnabout. So I’m going to start with the
dotted one first, the berry. You’ll make it so that
it says This Side Up, you can see that at the top of the guide, and you’re going to take the stamp itself and lay it down onto the
guide, lining up the image, so you’ll have it the stamp side down, the back of the stamp is
facing up to the camera. When you have it lined up with the guide. You’re going to take your Turnabout jig. This is an inexpensive product that makes Turnabouts really easy. And there is a dotted X on the background. You’re going to line up
that dotted X on the jig with the black X on your guide. So I’m lining it up, it’s
easy to do in real life. Once you have them lined up, you’re gonna hold them together, and put them into the corner
of your stamping tool. I’m using the Misti Stamping Tool and you really need to have
one to do this technique, although you could be
creative and use it without. Okay, so once you close
the door on your Misti, you can remove the guide, and
you have your stamp in place. Now I’m taking a piece of card stock and I am putting
temporary tape on the back and adding it to my jig
right in the center. There’re actually little tick marks that show you where to put it so that you can have it centered. I’m starting the jig
with the one at the top. You can see it on the jig
on the top right corner. I’m inking up my stamp with Hero Arts Unicorn White pigment ink. Making sure the jig is in
the corner of my Misti, I’m stamping down onto the paper, and there we have our first stamped image. I will now rotate the jig so
that the two is on the top. I’ll put it in the corner of the Misti, ink my stamp up, and stamp it again. Now usually with the Turnabout stamp, I use a different color at each turn, so you get a colorful background. But in this case, I want to
first stamp white pigment ink for all of the turns. The reason I’m doing that is I’m doing a little fun
technique which you’ll see. Normally you could just
do four different colors if you wanted to. Okay, so once I have that covered, I’m going to heat set that
to dry the white pigment ink. Don’t do what I’m doing. You’re actually not supposed
to heat set on the jig. Take your paper off first. I got lazy, and I shouldn’t’ve done that. Now normally after you
go through the four turns of the Turnabout you’re
done, but in today’s example, I wanted to do some offset stamping, so I stamped first with white, and now we’re gonna do the Turnabout again with different colors of
ink and slightly offset to get this cool layered look. So I’ve put my jig back in the
corner with one at the top. I’m inking up with a yellow dye ink, and then I’m going to shift
my jig up a little bit, watch. See how I shifted it up just
a little, less than 1/8 inch? It’s still in the corner, just shifted up. And I’m going to stamp that a couple times with that yellow ink, because I really want it
to be a little more vivid. And what this is doing is it’s stamping slightly
offset over the white. So you get this kinda shadow
look, and a bright look. It’s really cool in real life. So I rotated it to the second position, shifted up just a little bit once again, and now I’m using a green ink to stamp. Each time I’m cleaning my stamp so I don’t transfer white
ink onto my ink pads. Okay, so let’s do it again,
rotate to position three, shift it up just a little
bit, and stamp again. You could use any dye
ink for the second layer. I wouldn’t recommend a pigment ink. We wanna use a dye ink so
that that white pigment ink shows through behind it. Okay, now do the last turn. Put it in the corner, shift it up a bit, and then stamp with our last color. So now we have this really
cool layered background where the ink is on top of
the white, it’s kinda bright, where it’s next to the white
and on the kraft paper, it’s darker, so you get that shadow look, and it’s really fun to do. Now before I show you other
ways to use that Turnabout, let’s finish up this card. And this is a non-holiday
card using holiday products. Here we have the Concord
& 9th Holly Berry die set. This is really cool because
it has an outline frame that says Season’s Greetings, then there is the background
frame, and some berry dies. I’m just going to use the two frame dies for this first example. I die cut the Season’s Greetings frame three times from white card stock, and on each of them I’m
cutting out the word Season’s. It’s really easy to do. And now we just have a
frame that says Greetings. We’ll add Birthday in there and completely change the sentiment. I’m putting liquid adhesive on the back of each of these die cuts
and gluing them together so that they’ll be stacked
for nice dimension. I’m also using the Concord &
9th Mistletoe Message dies. This makes the cutest
little mistletoe bundle, and it has a little bow
and a label die there, but I’m actually going
to use the mistletoe to just look like a bundle
of flowers or leaves. So I die cut that three
times from green card stock. This is Hero Arts meadow card stock. And once again using liquid adhesive to glue the three together so
that they have some dimension. I almost always stack three
together when I do die cutting because it really makes a
difference on the final card. I also die cut the little bow
die from yellow card stock, and I’ve arranged them together. Once I have them arranged perfectly, I put tape on the top so I
can pick them all up together, and then put liquid adhesive on the back and place it right onto
the center of our card. This is a trick that you don’t have to put glue on the back of
each and arrange it quickly. You can hold them together
temporarily with tape or Press ‘N’ Seal or masking paper and transfer it to your card. I then stamped Birthday on
a white card stock strip and added it above Greetings, then I used the little
berries from the mistletoe die to create little berries at
the top of all the leaves. I put tiny dots of Glossy
Accents onto the berries just for a little bit of dimension. So here’s a closer look at our final card. So we used that berry background stamp as dots instead of berries, we used a Season’s
Greetings die and changed it so it just said Greetings,
and then added in Birthday, we took the mistletoe and changed it just to look like a bundle of flowers. So, there’re a few different ways I looked at my holiday products differently to create a non-holiday card. And by the way, that Birthday sentiment is from this Concord &
9th Happy Plaids stamp set that I’ve used in videos in the past. So look at your greeting
dies for the holidays and see how you can change
them to be non-holiday. Okay, here’s another example that I did using that same Turnabout stamp set, but this time I did the leaf Turnabout. I’m going to do the same offset stamping and then show you some other ways to stretch your holiday
products on this one card. Okay, so I’ve already set up my Misti. I have my leaf image in there, I used the guide to set
it up just perfectly like I showed you with the last example. I have some light green
card stock on my jig, and that is My Favorite Things
Cool as Cucumber card stock, and I am going through
and stamping the leaf all four times with white pigment ink. Each time I put the jig in the
corner of my stamping tool, stamp it and then rotate it,
and stamp it and rotate it, and keep doing that until you
have a white ink background. It’s hard to see, but it really
gives a nice velvet look. So once I heat set that,
I put it back onto my jig, and we’re gonna do the same thing, where I put it in the corner of the Misti but slightly shifted up a bit, stamp it with a dye ink on top, and I’m going to stamp that twice, because I really want more ink on top of that white pigment ink. Now we’ll clean our stamp
each time, rotate the jig, shift it up a tiny bit,
and stamp our next color. The colors I’m using
here are Gina K Key Lime, Hero Arts Fresh Lawn, Gina K Grass Green, and Gina K Fresh Asparagus. If you wanted to, you could totally skip
that white layer at first and just do the four
colors of green leaves each time with the Turnabout. This offset stamping
with white pigment ink and a colored dye ink
is really most effective on darker colors of card stock. It’s very subtle on this light green, but I thought it was worth the effort. I really enjoy taking the time
to do techniques like that, so for me it’s worth it. Okay, so let’s finish off this card. I am again using that
Season’s Greeting frame die. This time I cut it from
white card stock three times, and I’m cutting out both of the words, so we end up with just the white frame. I’ll glue those three
frames on top of each other, and I also die cut a bunch of leaves from that same die set. So these are supposed to be holly leaves, but I decided I would just
use them with flowers instead. Now on top of that white
layered frame that I created, I’m pressing VersaMark ink, which is just a clear, sticky ink. I then am going to dip that
into gold embossing powder and heat set it, so that I’m creating a gold
frame instead of a white frame. And again, this has nice dimension. Once I heat set the first layer, I press VersaMark ink on it again, and added a second layer of
the gold embossing powder. This helps to give smoother results so that it looks like a metal frame. Also over there on the left you can see the solid white frame. I gold heat embossed
You’re Wonderful on there, and that is from that Holly
Berry Turnabout stamp set. So I assembled those pieces
on the front of my card. Now on this I have lots of leaves in two different colors
of green card stock, and down the center of the leaves I used a Stardust Glitter Pen just
to add a little bit of shine and detail to those leaves. I also stamped and die
cut some blue flowers and added it next to the leaf bundles. So I took these holiday die
cuts, and that background stamp, and gave it a non-holiday look. I also added some soft blue gemstones to the center of the flowers
and to the background. Now those flowers are from
this Concord & 9th stamp set that I’ve used in a video before. Now all I did was look through
my stash for some flowers that I could add with those holiday leaves to give it a non-holiday feel. Okay, my last one using the
Holly Berry Turnabout stamp set is an actual holiday card, so I wanted to show you
the holiday version also in each of these cases, and this background is just
incredible and so easy to do. Now this time instead of using the jig with a smaller piece of card stock, I decided to use a six by
six inch piece of card stock. That’s the size of the jig. So instead of putting
card stock onto the jig, I’m just going to use
the card stock itself. So this is six by six inches. Now I have it in the corner of my Misti, and I’m going to start
with the berry stamp. I used the guide to line it up perfectly, and I’m going to just
stamp this four times, rotating it each time. Again, that card stock’s
in the corner of the Misti, so this is the first layer of stamping. And by the way, this technique
of stamping the white ink with the colored ink offset on top is really effective on this
kraft color card stock. Okay, so now I have my card stock back in the corner of my Misti, and I’m slightly shifting
it up just a little bit, and I’m stamping the berries
with Hero Arts Pale Tomato ink. Again, I’m double stamping
just for some more color, and I always wipe my stamp off
in between with a dry cloth. I rotated my card stock,
shifted up a little bit, and stamp it again. I’m using two colors of red this time. For two turns I use Pale Tomato, and for two turns I use Gina K Red Velvet. After I heat set this it’s
time to stamp the leaves. So I use the guide to set up the leaves in my Misti stamping tool, and I’m stamping it four
times with white pigment ink. Each time the card stock
is right in the corner of my Misti. Actually, after stamping this
and before stamping the green, you still get a beautiful
background, look at this. You could leave it as is if you wanted to. So I went ahead and heat set that and now it’s time to do the green. Now I’m putting the card stock
in the corner of the Misti but slightly shifting it up, and I’m stamping with my green ink. So as I do this, I do want
to mention just to be careful when you do the stamping
on top of the pigment ink. When you stamp on top of
pigment ink with a dye ink it kinda sits on that pigment ink until you heat set it or let it dry. So just be careful not to smear it as you’re doing your Turnabout stamping. Okay, so again, rotate,
shift up a little bit, and stamp with green. And there we have a holiday background using both of the Turnabouts together. Okay, so to finish off this
card, I kept it very simple, I wanted a label that fit that sentiment, but the label die I’d been
using is a little too narrow. So here’s the trick I did,
I’m doing partial die cutting. I have the die halfway
under the top cutting plate, and I run it through, and that will cut only
half of our label die. So you can see half of it’s cut there. I’m going to use my trimmer
to extend those lines, the sides of that label die,
so I’m gonna trim off one side, and then I’ll trim off the other. In fact, you could leave it like this and have it kind of hanging
down from the top of a card, but that’s not what I
wanna do in this example, so what I’ll do is partial die cut again. So now I’m taking the die, and
I’m shifting it over a bit, so you can see how it’s
shifted over from the left, putting some tape on there to hold it, and I’ll do partial die cutting again to cut the other half of the die. So now what we have is a white die cut that’s wider that our die. See how it’s slightly wider? That will give me more
room to fit this sentiment. Now it fits perfectly. It was a little too tight before. Now the sentiment is
from the Concord & 9th Silent Night stamp set. This is such a cool stamp set. Lots of fun greetings on here, and images, and the coordinating die
set is wonderful, too. It cuts a big label, then it has lots of stitching dies, so you could do stitching around
the frame, stitched leaves, or even some other
leaves there on the left, which I’ll use later in this video. So I kept this card very simple because I loved that background and I didn’t want to distract from it. So I just gold heat embossed the sentiment on that white label that we
created a little bit wider, and then I also added a
few gold glitter gemstones to the background, just a few here and there
that weren’t too distracting. Here you can see that fun offset stamping with that white pigment ink and the colored pigment ink on top. Now while I had that set out, I wanted to go ahead and
make another holiday card. In this case, I took a
non-holiday stamp set and I added it to a holiday card, so we’re doing a lot
of mixing and matching. Let’s start by doing the little rays that you see here in the yellow inks. For this I used the Concord & 9th Hello Sunshine Turnabout stamp. This is a favorite stamp set of mine, and I’ve used it in a video before, and I’ll link to it here on the top right and in the description below. Now you see the little rays there? That’s actually a mini Turnabout stamp. So, there’s a guide included with it, and you can use it as a Turnabout. And I show it in that video. But in this case, I’m
skipping the Turnabout bit and just stamping it a few times. So I have some white card stock and I’m masking off the bottom of it because I really only want
the rays going upward. So that’s why I put the tape there. So I put the stamp in, and I’m going to stamp
it first with Hero Arts, this is Butter Bar ink, which
is a nice yellowish orange. After I’ve stamped that, I’m going to rotate the rays a bit, and I’ll stamp it also in
Hero Arts Soft Vanilla ink, and also in Hero Arts Lemon Drop. So I have three different colors
of yellow coming off there, and then we can remove our masking tape, and we have the little rays
that’ll be perfect for our card. Next I’m going to create
our background for our card. I used a bunch of the smaller images from the Silent Night stamp
set from Concord & 9th, and I clustered them close together so I could stamp a bunch at once. And I’m stamping with
Unicorn White pigment ink from Hero Arts onto a kraft notecard. So I stamped some along one edge, and then I’m actually rotating
my card and stamping it again to save some time. I really only have to
stamp on the outside edge, because we’re going to have a large piece covering most of the front of the card. This is a great way to use a
lot of those smaller images. Now I cut our ray piece down using a Pink and Main stitched banner die. Those are great, and I’ve
used them many times on cards. And then I added our
little stamped die cut, a heart die cut that I made
out of glitter card stock, and then our sentiment at the top. So in this case, I took
a non-holiday stamp set and used it along with my holiday stamps to create a holiday card. Okay, now before I put that
Silent Night stamp set away, I made one more card. I did this offscreen, but I
wanted to show you the results. Remember the sentiment that
says, “O come let us adore him?” I actually cut out the word Adore and used it on a non-holiday card. So on the left you can see
where the word Adore came from, and on the right is the Flower
Patch Turnabout stamp set from Concord & 9th. You can see on the right
the words Thank You. I cut off the word You from that, and I put that along with Adore
to create a new sentiment. You can cut stamps carefully
in between the stamping lines, and it doesn’t do any harm to them. And you can team them up and
use them however you want. I also used these little leaf dies from the Silent Night die
set from Concord & 9th. So here’s the card that I created. I used that Flower Patch
Turnabout stamp on the background, and I’ll link here to a video
showing that one in action and how to use it. Super easy, and it’s
just like the Turnabout I showed you earlier. I then used the Season’s
Greeting frame die that I showed you earlier
to create that label, and then I stamped the Adore You. And remember, that Adore
is from a holiday set. Then we have our little die cut leaves with some flowers added to the center. It really is a simple card, and just another fun way
to stretch your supplies and use them together with
others to get new looks. Okay, now it’s time to move on
to another holiday stamp set. Now this one, that background
was actually created with holiday tree stamps. So I really stretch this
to get a different look, and it was so much fun to do. This is the Concord & 9th
Merry Shapes stamp set. This has so much in it. You have ornaments, you have
little Christmas lights, you have the word Joy,
a layered candy cane, different trees, all kinds of things. You can really get a lot
out of this one stamp set, but I decided to use
those triangles at the top that are supposed to be trees, but instead I’m going to use
them to create a background. Now the coordinating die set
for this is the Sew Merry dies. It has the dies to cut out the images, but then there’s also
these stitching dies, so you can add details to your images, and even the words Merry and Bright. I’m excited because
there’s a line of stitching that you can use as a
border on any of your cards. Okay, so let’s go back to the stamps. I have the solid triangle, and I’m going to stamp
it onto white card stock. I’m starting with a bigger piece, just so I can trim it down however I want. And I actually have a pencil
line there on the card stock that I’m following to make
sure that I’m going straight. So I stamped it once with
Hero Arts Yellow Lemon, and now I rotated the tree and
I stamped it with Butter Bar, rotating the tree again,
and I did Orange Soda, and I’m just going to continue to do a rainbow assortment of colors. I really just eyeballed it
to get the right spacing. It’s really easy to do with
a basic shape like this. Once I’m done, I’m going back over that and offsetting the tree a bit, and stamping it with white pigment ink. Earlier I stamped with white ink first and then color on top. In this case, I did the
color on the bottom, and the white on top, just
to make it softer in areas. It just added a little bit of interest to those simple triangles of color. I first thought I was gonna
do a whole background, but decided to instead trim it down and have a strip of
color to add to a card. At this point I decided I wanted to add a little more white ink on top. So I have the Concord & 9th
Woven Stripes Background stamp. It’s hard to see in the video, but those are actually what
look like little faux stitches that make up those strips. Now you could get creative and use masking to stamp just two of these strips along our triangle pattern, but I decided to cut my stamp. I never mind doing this, because you can always mount
it how it’s supposed to be, right back up against each other, on a block or in your stamping tool, and this just allows you to
get more from your stamps. But again, you could do
masking if you prefer. So I took two of those little stripes, and I lined it up with
the triangle pattern, and I’m stamping those once again with the white pigment ink. This just adds a little more interest to our simple little piece
that we’ve created here. By the way, I got a little too
much white pigment ink there, so all you have to do
is dab the excess away. So after I finish
stamping, I heat set this, and now it’s time to do our sentiment. I used the Concord &
9th You Are Lovely die. I die cut it three times
from black card stock and glued them together for dimension. Now I’m using tape to
help me put the two halves of the sentiment back
together in perfect placement, and I’m putting liquid adhesive
on the back of the die cuts. I now can pick up this piece of tape and put it right onto our project and make sure that the two
halves of the sentiment are in perfect position, and it’s nice and centered on our project. Using the tape is really helpful,
and I highly recommend it. Just make sure you use a low
tack tape, like I’m using here. I again am using the frame dies from that Season’s Greeting die set that I showed you earlier. I have the solid frame
behind our rainbow piece, and I put craft foam behind
that to give it dimension and glued it to a white notecard. I then have our outline frame. I originally made that
from white card stock, but decided to change it to black so it matched our greeting perfectly. And again, that was a
Season’s Greeting die cut where I cut out the
words Season’s Greetings. Now on the top of our word Lovely I added a little heart die cut, just for a little bit of sparkle. I really had a lot of
fun making this card, and I don’t think anybody would ever know that those were originally
intended to be Christmas trees. Be fun to do a background of this, trim them all down, and make
a bunch of cards at once. And by the way, the You
Are Lovely sentiment is one that I’ve used
many times in videos, and it’s from this
Lovely Blossoms die set. Now offscreen I decided
to create a holiday card using that same set, so using
the same triangle images, I made the card that you see here. It was very simple
stamping and die cutting. And I also added some stitching, because remember there are
stitching dies included in the coordinating set? So that middle tree has
the stitching on it. The bow on that middle tree is from that mistletoe die
set that I showed you earlier. On this bottom left tree, I die cut the little stitching holes, but filled the holes
with some glitter paper instead of stitching. Then on the tree on the right,
I added little gemstones. These trees are fun to do because you can decorate
them in many different ways, and use any little
embellishments that you may have. Now you can see on the background there there is faux cross stitching
around the outside edge. For that, I used this Lawn Fawn Cross Stitch Rectangle Frame die set. There’s one that’s the size of a notecard, so I cut that from kraft card stock and glued it on a kraft notecard, and then added our stamped
panel to the inside. Now before we go, I just need to show you this stamp set and coordinating
die set from Concord & 9th. I didn’t get a chance to use it, but I wanted to show it to you because I think it’s so brilliant. Now there are these adorable images, but what’s really cool about the set is that everything’s
really planned out well, so you can stamp or die cut
different types of stockings. So you can add the little toe and the top to the little stockings, you can add different
things coming out of them, but really what makes this special is you can create a card like this. You see on the left you’ve
got all of those little pieces sticking out of the top of the stocking, but when you pull on the Pull Here tab, you get what you have on the
right, with a hidden greeting. I’ve done a video showing
a very similar technique with another Concord & 9th set, and I’ll link to that video here. And I’ll also link to
Concord & 9th’s video showing the card that you see here. This is a card that they did, and they let me share
it here in the video. So be sure to check out those links. I just thought this was
a brilliant product, and I wish I woulda had time
to put it in this video. But maybe I’ll use it again in the future. Okay, so, there you have several ways to look at your stamps
and dies differently, so you can take holiday products and give them a non-holiday look. All of the products that I feature here I always link to multiple
sources in my description below. Hope that’s helpful to you. I also have them on my blog, which is up there on the top right. In the middle are the couple of the videos that I talked about today in this video, and if you are interested,
please hit Subscribe so you don’t miss my videos, and also click that bell
so you get a notification. Thanks for spending this time with me, you know how much I appreciate it, so thank you, and we’ll see you soon.

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  16. No, I'm sorry. I'm Australian and we don't even really do mistletoe in Australia, but I still looked at that die-cut plant on the first card and thought mistletoe. Everything else works for me, but the mistletoe-ness of that plant is too blatant for it to work in the context you're using it.

    Need to try some of those things with white ink.

    Once I finished making Easter cards I put all the bunnies back in with my other animals, because bunnies are cute all year, dammit, but repurposing to this extent didn't occur to me.

  17. These are such terrific ideas for before & after the holidays. And I hope you can use the last stamp set in another video. It happened to be my favorite of all the ones you were showing.

  18. This video just shows me how much I actually neeeed this turnabout set.

    I try to watch the ads before to help out, Jennifer, but it was almost 3 minutes long about some get rich seminar. Give me 30 second ads, YouTube 🙂

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